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Marque californienne créée par Brian Castillo en 1999.
1999 Assisté par Lah Wang (ancien président de Primo), Brian Castillo crée la marque Volume au début de l'année 1999.
Brian Castillo, Ride BMX UK september 2005: I was originally going to do something with Zach at Kink and he said Jimmy Levan was interested in doing something also. A couple of meetings later and I decided it wasn't the best decision for me. I think the only way I would be happy is to do it myself.
I don't really know where the name Volume came from. I went through a ton of names and Volume sounded the best with the image that I wanted to portray.
2000 Début 2000 Brian Castillo quitte Primo et crée la marque Demolition.
Brian Castillo, Ride BMX UK september 2005: I really didn't want to limit myself to one company - parts and accessories are easier to move and I really didn't want to have it under the same name and image as Volume. Separating the two brands have been good, as far as picking up shops or distributors that only want parts.

Compton dirt jumping frame.
2001 Dinosaur frame.
Designed by Brian Castillo toptube (20.5") chainstay (15")
Mike Ardelean
Kris Bennett april 2001, Kris left S&M in good terms and wound up on the Volume team three weeks later.
pro model 2001: the Flatline.
Brian Castillo
Mike Escamilla april 2001, after months of just riding a Volume frame, Mike Escamilla is now officially on the team; pro model 2001: the Mexican.
Andrew Faris february 2001, Andrew leaves Schwinn for Volume: I just didn't feel a good fit at Schwinn.(...) Volume is not concerned with summer tours and contests, wich is good for a guy like me.
John Heaton thecomeupbmx.net, december 2008: I heard John Heaton is off Volume. And he’s not on their team page, so it seems to be so.
Ryan biz Jordan march 2000 - ....
Will Taubin 2001.
Rob Wise .... - 2010 twitter, may 2010: Rob is leaving Volume and on to greener pastures over at GT. We’re definitely bummed to lose one of our heavy hitters and good friend. Everyone here at Volume is happy for Rob and the opportunities that lie ahead for him. Rob will still be with our sister company over at Demolition and continue to kill himself for the upcoming DVD, Last Chance. He’s out but… not really.”