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Sources: Ride BMX US, Dig, Freedom, Ride BMX UK, leastmost.com, ...
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1976 DOB: november 10, 1976.
early years brian castillo bmx 1993
1995 Brian Castillo is riding for S&M.
1996 Brian Castillo designed the new S&M Castillo bars.
1997 Interview: Ride BMX US february march 1997.
1998 Brian is riding for Primo.

Canonball on the cover of
Dig #7 spring 1998.

Table on the cover of Ride BMX UK #35 june july 1998.

Brian left S&M in october 1998. It seemed that Brian was about to start his own company with Primo's help.
brian castillo dig bmx spring 1998

brian castillo ride bmx uk june 1998
1999 Assisté par Lah Wang (ancien président de Primo), Brian Castillo crée la marque Volume au début de l'année 1999.

Icepick between a set of doubles on the cover of Ride BMX US #43 september 1999.
Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: During issue 43, Brian Castillo decided to icepick grind a homemade bar between a set of doubles, about night feet up. We got a good sequence on the first day, but after looking at the photos we decided that it needed to be shot again with a medium-format camera for the cover. Castillo wasn't too happy to shoot again, but the next day he met me back at the trails and went to work. It was cloudy on the second day but the photo still came out great. Then in some strange twist, we wound up using a single frame out of the original sequence as the cover instead. The other photo didn't get wasted, though, since Brian used it on the cover of the Volume catalog.
Brian Castillo, Ride BMX US july 2006: The cover photo of the September, 1999 issue of me icepick grinding a handrail between a set of doubles is probably my favorite. I started Volume Bikes that year and getting the cover with that shot meant a ton to me at the time. I always wanted to try a street trick at the jumps. The original shot that came out was way better than the cover shot, but Brad [McDonald] didn't like the gloominess of it or something. I looked dark and scary in that shot and I was wearing a Metallica shirt, too. Man. I love that shot.

Interview in Props #32.
Jason Morris, leastmost.com, february 2010: Some video parts are built to the stand the test of time, and so are the characters in these videos. Brian Castillo has been holding steady with Legend status for over 10 years. The Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts bossman was featured in the November 1999 issue of Props. Interviewed by the crew that accompanied him on Road Fools 4, this profile is filled with laughs and some amazing riding. At the time, Volume Bikes was still in its infancy. Knowing now what Volume and Demolition has become in the BMX world only reinforces the respect he deserves for his vision 10 years ago.
Franck Duflo, Soul novembre 1999: L'interview de Brian Castillo nous révèle un personnage réservé, sans cesse entrain de gesticuler, se gratter l'oreille ,de rigoler et de se faire traiter par ses potes sur son régime alimentaire et sur les girls. Par contre, côté riding, il met tout le monde d'accord par son originalité, son flow, son amplitude. Une bonne leçon d'un grand maître du street.
brian castillo ride bmx us september 1999

Brian Castillo Props Interview from Least Most on Vimeo.
2000 Brian Castillo quitte le team Primo et après Volume, s'apprête à lancer Demolition, sa propre marque de pièces.
2001 Cover and interview: Ride BMX US april 2001 brian castillo ride bmx us april 2001
Brian Castillo smith grind on the cover of Transworld BMX april 2002. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

Freedom #45 june 2002

Demolition video.
brian castillo transworld bmx 04 2002

brian castillo freedom bmx 06 2002

Brian Castillo part in the Demolition video.
2005 Backchat with Brian Castillo in Dig may 2005.
Volume Bikes - Brian Castillo Day in the Life from VOLUME/DEMOLITION on Vimeo, march 2009.