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Brian Castillo, Ride BMX US august 2002: We set out to make the best possible product that will withstand the abuse of our team riders and still be affordable to kids.
With the name "Demolition" I try to portray a wild and crazy image to appeal to wild and crazy kids who can relate to what we're about. All of our riders fit the "wild and crazy" image, which is what I'm looking for.
2000 Début 2000 Brian Castillo quitte Primo et crée la marque Demolition.
Brian Castillo, Ride BMX UK september 2005: I really didn't want to limit myself to one company - parts and accessories are easier to move and I really didn't want to have it under the same name and image as Volume. Separating the two brands have been good, as far as picking up shops or distributors that only want parts.
2002 Demolition video, late 2002. demolition video
2004 November 2004, Custom Cycle supply to distribute Demolition
Brian Castillo, BMX Business News, november 2004: We don't have too many dealers in that region. We have only heard good things from people about their sales team. In the past with KHS, our dealers really don't cross over too much. So to add another distributor that wouldn't really cross into our path would only benefit our sales. We still maintain all of our core shops but it's harder these days now that the BMX industry is slowing down. I think only doing in-house sales is limiting yourself.
Brian Castillo since march 2000.

Kris Bennet since march 2000.

Jason Enns since march 2000.

Mike Escamilla is riding for Demolition since the company's beginnings.

Nathan Wessel since october 2000.