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ABA stands for American Bicycle Association.
MERLE MENNEGA founded ABA in 1977, and ran it until he sold ABA to Bernie Anderson and Jamie Vargas in 1985.
ABA tried holding freestyle contests at their Nationals and met with little succes.
BMX Action november 1987: Yup. You read the headline right., the American Bicycle Association is entering the freestyle scene in hopes to give the AFA some comp. And also to give you guys some comp, if you get my drift. ABA's Brad Fanshaw will be the dialed dude behind the freestyle program, which already saw its first competition in So. Cal. Brad told us their freestyle events will be slightly quiet for the remainder of '87. At least until the ABA Grsndnationals in Oklahoma City-that's where they'll start going fullbore! Along with this year's race will be a full-on freestyle contest in the pit area. And with it will be the largest pro purse in freestyle history! This means every hot freestyle pro should be there. While we're mentioning the Grands ... rumor has it that this year's track might be total supercross style-jumping up into the grandstands, looping around a few rows of bleachers, and then dropping back off into the arena. It's also expected to be nationally televised. And, the guys with a bottomless budget, Vision Street Wear, will be sponsoring it. Yup... the traditional Thanksgiving weekend (10th Annual) ABA Grands will be one you won't want to miss!

BMX Action november 1987: M.J.C. round III was held at ABA's Mile High National in Colorado. The ABA put up the 100 dollar purse themselves, this time. And finally, ACTION's terrifying tester, Mad Dog, got to square off with the smoothest guy in Utah, Tim "Fuzzy" Hall -both featured on this month's cover. Over the doubles, the Dog built up to his latest thrill -a 360. Fuzzy, not to be outdone, tried a 360 for his first time, landing it super smooth. Then, to the eardrum-breaking cheers of the crowd. M.D. went for something he's been thinking about but hadn't ever attempted -a 720. He completed both rotations and ALMOST pulled it off. A slight hang-up of the front wheel threw him. It seemed like the crowd was on Fuzzy's side-cheering for smoothness over insanity. That was, until Mad Dog pulled off a fully-extended no-hander no-footer. Chris "Mad Dog Moeller held on for his third win.

BMX Action november 1987: Then came the Lumberjack Nationals in Eugene, Oregon for Round Four. This time, M.D.'s main comp was 14-year-old Brian Hernandez -an Irvine "Wall'' local and part-time trainee of the Dog. Despite Chris doings double cancan, a can-can Hannah, a 360 into the crowd, and a clean nofooter/one-hander, Hernandez wowed the packed sidelines with numerous no-handed variations. It was real close, but the ABA decided the crowd screamed louder for Hernandez. Applause meters should be ordered.
ABA is going to start sanctionning freestyle contests. Current ABA vice president Brad Fanshaw will be heading the new division. The first contest will be held in conjunction with the Eastern Gold Cup Championships in september 1987, the Western Gold Cup Championships in october and the ABA Grand Nationals in november.
Reno, Nevada, october 24-25.
20 or so entrants.
Pro flatland: 1.Dennis McCoy 2.Dave Vanderspek

18 and over expert flatland: 1.Kevin Jones 2.Karl Rothe 3.Greg Davies 4.Michael Perkins

Open expert ramps: 1.Mike Golden 2.Jeff Cotter 3.George Holguin
New York, november.
Report, pic (1), results.
Finals, Oklahoma city, OK., november 26-28, 1987 in conjunction with the 10th annual grandnationals of BMX.
The Freestyle Nationals series consists of six contests plus the finals. A rider's four best finishes and the finals (which count double) go toward the year-end rankings. All classes earn the same points. A first is worth 15, a second 12, third ten, fourth eight, and a fifth is worth six. Plus, everybody in the class (no matter how they finish) gets one point for each rider entered in the class.
1988 ABA freestyle nationals round 1, Velodrome, Compton, California.
Report, pics (2), results.
KOD round 1

Media: GO #8 june 1990

The first K.O.D happened in San Antonio, in conjunction with the Lone Star Nationals.
Chris Moeller did a clean 360 for the warm-up, an absolutely perfect bar spinner (dubbed the "bus driver" since he practices it while cruisin' his VW bus), and the most extended no-hander witnessed by the free world. (...) Topping his third try and ending the contest, Mad Dog pulled out all the stops with a killer attempt of a tail whip air. Unsuccessful and way off, but rad.
1. Chris Moeller
2. Rich Barlett
3. Eddie Cerone
4. Shea Pierce
5. Erik Abadessa
6. Robbie Morales
7. Todd Corbitt
KOD finals

Media: BMX Plus! january 1991

A total of 15 KOD finalists have been invited to the ABA Grands to compete in the Finals.