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Sources: BMX Plus! july 2000, Ride BMX US august 2000, www.hsacentral.com, soulbmx.tv, ...
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Event: BS/B3 round 1
Date: spring break, march 23-26, 2000
Place: Lake Havasu, Arizona.

soulbmx.tv: ESPN Lake Havasu, Soul BMX video issue 14.
Nathan Penonzek fait des cross footed jugglers. La marque Ares de York Uno et Takashi Ito apparaît pour la première fois. Trevor Meyer roule sur un GT Show spécialement rallongé.

Brian Tuney, www.hsacentral.com: The Andrew Faris attitude is beginning to rub off on many in the pro flatland class. That attitude, of going out and trying your hardest tricks and generally going for it full force, is starting to pay off for a few riders. Namely, Alex Jumelin and Dan Rigby. Both of these riders have always been phenomenal at everything they do. But as contests go, they normally go all out and try their hardest tricks, which may not be as dialed as their other tricks. Lake Havasu was different though. Dan Rigby placed third with g-turn opposite rolling backpackers and g-roll walkovers to dump trucks. I can't say enough about Dan's riding except that I'm glad he's doing so well. He deserves third place and so much more. And as for Alex Jumelin, we have the same scenario. Brutally hard links, fast and furious on a bike with 20 spoke wheels. Alex has had a habit of not wearing a shirt at contests, which always makes him sunburnt to a crisp. And since he's French, he gained the nickname 'French Fry.' So the French Fry busted and was rewarded 2nd place for his efforts. This was his best placing to date stateside in a contest. First place, of course, went to Trevor Meyer. Trevor spent his winter wisely and it showed, with front wheel squeaker megapsins and the always improving turbine style, on a six foot long aluminum bike. Weird, but good.

STUNTMEN FLAT RESULTS 1-Meyer, Trevor 2-Jumelin, Alex 3-Rigby, Dan 4-Wilhelm, Matt 5-Thomason, Art 6-Penonzek, Nathan 7-Uno, York 8-Weed, Gabe 9-Degroot, Chad 10-Faris, Andrew 11-Tunney, Brian 12-Catlow, Effraim 13-Ito, Takashi 14-Cerra, Stephen 15-Gomez, George 16-Smith, Day 17-Anderson, Patrick 18-Behnke, Aaron 19-Huffman, Bryan 20-Peters, Sean
Carlo Griggs roule mais ne participe pas au contest. Hoffman roule de nouveau mais sans frein et fait double peg grab 540°. John Parker roule pour Hot Wheels et rentre double tailwhip. Jay Miron double tailwhip to pedals et 540° tailwhip. Jamie Bestwick first ever attempted flair pulled clean.

Brian Tuney, www.hsacentral.com: This was, by and large, the absolute best vert contest I have ever witnessed thus far in my life. It was that good. Everyone on deck seemed to feed off of each others' energy, and this made the riding insane. I couldn't begin to figure out where to start, so as with flatland, I'll stick to top three. Rounding out that top three was the Canadian Beast, Jay Miron. Jay is king bad ass at whatever he does on a bike. This time out, he pulled a double tailwhip air. Now this is about as hard as it gets, but Jay upped the ante by doing it mid run, and then continued his riding with a 10-foot 540. Jay also did his half-boomerang, half-tailwhip air straight to pedals at height. As Steve Swope might say, "Boom!" Second place went to the guy responsible for the contest, the Condor, Mat Hoffman. Name any combo air, and Mat did it. The topper on his variation stacked minute long run was a no-hand to no-foot 540 to double tailwhip to 540. It was awesome. First place bucks went to Jamie Bestwick. Jamie can be summed up in one word: flow. He flows back and forth, regular and opposite and carves the entire length of the ramp. And he also pulled his first flair to finish it off, followed by Jamie dismounting, dropping to his knees and thanking the heavens. Now you know why Jamie has a signature bike in case you were wondering.

STUNTMEN VERT RESULTS 1-Bestwick, Jamie 2-Hoffman, Mat 3-Miron, Jay 4-Mirra, Dave 5-McCoy, Dennis 6-Parker, John 7-Tabron, Simon 8-Davies, Jason 9-Nyquist, Ryan 10-Burgess, Jim 11-Thorne, Rick 12-Eggleston, Jay 13-Miller, Pat 14-Geisler, Stephan 15-Shaw, Zach 16-Nolli, Rob 17-Laird, Mike 18-Saito, Seiji 19-Brumlow, Dave 20-Cousert, John 21-Miller, Thad 22-Sigaty, Rob
Ryan Nyquist 720°. Tom Haugen 360° tailwhip to x-up. Dave Mirra 11ème ne se qualifie pas faute d'utiliser toute l'aire de street.

Brian Tuney, www.hsacentral.com: Moving to the final event and most anticipated event of the weekend now, pro street, in which I'll stick with my top three run down for continuity's sake. But first, I'll mention the new course for 2000. Real street is quickly replacing the vert/park rider's street course that ESPN has usually gone with. Ledges, stairs, rails and banks replaced the quarter pipe everywhere course, and I think that overall this made most riders strive to be more original. hose that made the top three adapted everything they had in their trick arsenal to this course and rode awesome.Taking third was Dave Osato, who pulled a half-boomerang half-tailwhip bunnyhop on the rail bank. Dave also went for a flyout to manual to tailwhip bunnyhop back in and came dreadfully close. I'm certain that he's already done it at home. It was good stuff.Second place was all Ruben Alcantara's. Ruben has the absolute, most controlled style I have ever seen. Here, he pulled a tailwhip over the box, landed atop a narrow ledge and rode down. He was attempting to land feeble, but he took what he could get. He also let loose with tabled 360 bunnyhop lofts over the bank to bank wedge and many other maneuvers that he probably made up as he rode the course.First place was a lesson in versatility, and Jay Miron was the teacher for the day. Jay flowed the entire course, with superman seat grab 360's, jump to grinds and jump over to grind down the big rail. Now I say versatility because Jay can adapt his style and tricks to anything, and this is what first place is all about, in my opinion. And no, you're not as much of a dick as you think you are.

STUNTMEN STREET RESULTS 1-Miron, Jay 2-Alcantara, Ruben 3-Osato, Dave 4-Haugen, Tom 5-Mihelich, Taj 6-Kimbrough, Seth 7-Nyquist, Ryan 8-Nolli, Rob 9-Heino, Josh 10-Escamilla, Mike 11-Mirra, Dave 12-Cooke, Allan 13-Voelker, Dave 14-McCoy, Dennis 15-Mackay, Colin 16-Kagy, Chad 17-Crisman, Bruce 18-Laird, Mike 19-McMurray, Troy 20-Ardelean, Mike 21-Homan, Van 22-Shellkopf, Chris 23-Thorne, Rick 24-Harkin, Kenan