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First UKBMX British Freestyle Championship.
BMX Action Bike february 1985: 1984 was the Year of Freestyle. And there was only one way to end it: with the first UKBMX British Freestyle Championship. Anyone and everyone who was hot on a bike entered. London's Sobell Centre provided the arena. The format for the show was the brainchild of Andy Ruffell, a.k.a. Holeshot Promotions. Organisation was down to UKBMX and Cohn Kefford and co-sponsorship was down to Holeshot and your fave magazine BMX Action Bike.
Report, pics (2), results.
United Kingdom Bicycle Freestyle Association
BMX Action Bike december 1985: A new freestyle association has been formed without a single freestyler being directly involved. Two of the prime movers behind the UKBFA are Peter Hawkins and Colin Kefford who ran BMX Beat. So far all previous attempts to set up freestyle organisations in the UK have failed, mainly because most riders nether bother to join.
Freestyle BMX february 1986: The UKBFA was set up on 14th December, 1985 to promote both the riders and the sport. In order to do this, the association will be running competitions at both regional and national level, entry to which will be confined to UKBFA members. Becoming a member of the association also carries additional benefits which include: insurance cover, a dealership discount scheme and travel discounts to major events. An additional £2 puts you on the mailing list for regular copies of the associations newsletter which keeps you in touch with everything that's going on in the world of freestyle.
Freestyle BMX february 1986: Competition categories for 1986 have been altered slightly from last year. Age groups will now consist of Under 12, 12/13, 14/ 15 and 16+.
Within these age groups, riders will be divided into classes according to proven ability and experience. 15s and under will be split into Novices (those new to competition freestyle in '86) and Experts (those who rode the National series in 1985 and novices who elect to ride as experts after competing in a minimum of four competitions). In these age groups, only those classified as experts will be allowed to ride in National level competitions.
Four classes will operate in the 16+ age group: Novice, Expert. Master and Professional. To compete in the Master Class, riders must fulfil the following conditions:
1. Age: competitors must have reached the age of 16.
2. Performance: those who have finished in the top ten places on the National series 1985 in either the 14+ Expert class or the 16+ class.
Three types of competition will operate in 1986. The first will he a National Series of six rounds, starting on 16 February in North Tyneside, to Carlisle, Newcastle, Lowestoft, Poole and finishing in Cardiff on 29 June.
In addition there will he five individual competitions: King of the Skateparks (3 August); Display Team Championships (7 September); BMX Beat (27/28 September); Champion of Champions (12 October); and the Holeshot Championships (30 November).
Finally, the Regional Championships, consisting of six rounds will start on 16 March, finishing on 21 September. The first three from eage age group/class in each region will be invited to compete in the Champion of Champions meeting in Coventry on 12 October.
Report in Freestyle BMX UK august 1988.
Round 5 of the 1986 UKBFA Nationals at Poole sports centre, june 7th, 1986 featuring The American HARO TEAM '86 and Britains top UK stars. Riders include; Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther , Dave Nourie, Craig Campbell, Pepi Winder(RIP), Paul Zak, Paul Hudson, Carlo Griggs, Jason Lunn, Glynn Lewis, Macky (Stephen) McIntosh, Andy Shohara and others.
Report in Freestyle BMX #28

Carlo Griggs pedalpickers, double boomerang, 8ft aerials with variations.

12 and under 1.Gary Anderson 2.Nicky Smith 3.Effraim Catlow

12 plus 1.Carlo Griggs 2.Steven Mackintosh 3.Karl Denton

14-15 1.Jason Hassell 2.Allan Sibley 3.Adam Dubley

16 plus 1.Mike Cameron 2.Donovan Pennant 3-Damon Niholls 4.Simon Smith

Masters 1.Andrew Reardon 2.Dave Young 3.Nick Martin

Professionals 1.Craig Campbell 2.Pepi Winder 3.Glyn Lewis 4.Mason Smith
Open, Farnham.
Medias: Freestyle magazine april 1989.
National round 1, 22nd april 1989
National, august 12th-13th, 1989, Birmingham NEC.
National, september 30th, Farnham.
BFA National round one
Place: Manchester.
Medias: Invert june 1990

FLAT A PRO 1.Gary Neal 2.James Hudson 3.(tie)Gary Forsyth
B PRO 1.Lee Clarke 2.Rob Alton 3.Amos Burke
15 PLUS 1.Mark Atkins 2.Sean Clark 3.Effraim Catlow

RAMPS A PRO 1.James Hudson 2.Scott McNicoll 3.HowardRadcliffe
B PRO 1.Mik Hudson 2.David Frame 3.Brian Wills
17 PLUS 1.Rob Seward 2.Mike Seward
15 PLUS 1.Mark Atkins 2.Effraim Catlow 3.Sean Clarke
BFA National
Date: june 27th 1992.
Place: Spitafields, Central London.
Medias: Invert august 1992.

FLAT A GROUP 1.Andy Mann 2.Effraim Catlow 3.Howard radcliffe 4.Brian Wills 5.Mark Atkins

Mike Canning is indeed burly. The landing may have been harsh, but he did pull a no foot one handed 540. He's a happy man.
RAMPS A GROUP 1.Simon Tabron 2.Mike Canning 3.Mark Atkins 4.Jason Davies 5.Rob Seward 6.Brian Wills