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1969 DOB: july 16, 1969
early years Craig Campbell was born near Southend in Essex but has lived in London since he was 17. In true Wallop style, he spent a misspent youth at clubs like Delirium and The Mud Club checking out rare groove and hip hop just before house music really exploded. At the time he was only really flirting with music, however, as BMX was his first love.
Craig Campbell: I used to race. One year I got national number 4 in my age group. I slowly faded out of racing and got into freestyle. Bob Haro came to England and kinda started off freestyle in England. At first freestyle was like skatepark riding, just kind of jumping out of bowls and stuff. Then airs came in.
1981 Craig at age 12 is the first rider outside the States to receive full factory sponsorship from Haro.
Craig Campbell: It was no big deal, just get free products.
Ride UK june 2008: During 1981, Haro Bikes - actually, Bob Haro himself was looking for a new UK rider to represent the new fledgling freestyle company, and a 12 year old Craig seemed like the ideal pick: they hooked him up after a comp at Harrow Skatepark making him the first rider outside America to get a full sponsorship from Haro. And from that point on, BMX, and with it Craig's popularity, snowballed.
1984 Craig Campbell on the cover of BMX Bi-Weekly volume 4 issue 18.

UK King Of the Skatepark

British Freestyle Champion
craig campbell v4 i18
1985 Craig Campbell gets his own signature bike.
Craig Campbell: My manager of the time Peter hawkins pretty much designed most of it. The Pro-Lite was made by a company called Freewheeler. I had my signature on it and used to get royalties.
Ride UK june 2008: A certain bike brand named Prolite bestowed Craig with the first signature frame in the UK. In 1985 and 1986, the Craig Campbell Prolite model was the number one selling frame, outselling numbers two and three, Skyway and Haro, combined.

2nd @ UK King of the Skatepark

3rd @ Pro USA King Of the Skateparks final

krtschmidt.com: Craig Campbell's first and second run at the 1985 AFA King of The Skateparks finals. Truly amazing when you consider he only had three days of practice at Upland before the comp!

1986 Craig Campbell is on the cover of the french Bicross magazine #42 from march 1986.

Craig Campbell is on the cover of Freestyle BMX magazine #25 from may 1986.

Demos at the I.MBX.F. World Championships in Slough - England, august 1986.

UKBFA British Pro Freestyle Champion
craig campbell bicross mag cover

craig campbell freestyle bmx cover
1987 Craig Campbell: I worked for a year, during the period when I didn't have a sponsor. I worked in a sound mixing studio. I helped make soundtracks for TV commercials and stuff. The deal with that was I thought it was one of those jobs where I would be set up for life, but the thing that inspired me to come over to America was that Jess Dyrenforth was there, he was riding and getting paid for doing shows, so I decided to come over.

3rd place pro @ 1987 Airwalk Freestyle Championship, London, UK.
Craig Campbell encore bien en forme malgré son manque de sponsor et d'entraînement puisqu'il se classe troisième en pro derrière Ron et Josh. Craig est une sorte de maître de la provoque pour tout un gang de tox londoniens. Il termine la finale en se jetant de la plate forme du banks dans le half pipe, réservé aux skaters, pourtant séparé par un filet et exécute un 360°. Atterrés et enflammés par tant de culot et d'indisciplines, ses fans se ruent vers le half. L'audace de Craig illustre parfaitement l'esprit typiquement londonien.

Craig Campbell: I was sponsored by a guy in England who has a shop called M-Zone. I was riding a GT bike, but this guy would give me whatever parts I wanted, and all sorts of clothes.
1988 Craig Campbell is on the cover of Freestyle BMX magazine volume 2 issue 1 from january 1988.

I have been riding for Skyway since january 1988.

Craig Campbell moves to the United States.

5th place pro class @ 2Hip KOV round 1, Vista, CA., march 1988.

2nd place @ 2Hip KOV round 4, Albany, New York.

Craig Campbell early dirt jump in Freestylin #36 from may 1988.
craig campbell freestyle bmx cover
1989 Interview in Freestylin #45 february 1989.

Aggroman video.
Craig is pulling a 540 on a mini ramp.

2Hip Meet The Street round 1, LaJolla, California.
Craig Campbell: The best street comp I ever rode. It was filmed on ESPN.

2nd place @ 2Hip KOV at Woodward in Pennsylvania.
Craig Campbell:I was the first person to pull nosepicks on vert and that was the first place I did it. Joe Johnson came first, I came second and matt Hoffman got third.

2Hip KOV round 4, Long Island, NY, september 1989
Craig Campbell: The first time I ever tried a 900 was at this 2Hip KOV in NY; I spun it, landed it but my hands were really sweaty, and I just slipped off my grips, and that was the best one I ever tried, the first one.

Pull-out mini poster of Craig Campbell in Go #1 from november 1989.

2nd place great class @ 2Hip Meet The Street finals, Oregon.
Craig Campbell: Campbell has natural riding abilily and proves it at times like this street contest. Flair and flow during simple items such as peg picks on the Sub, to the mildy dangerous 360 nosepicks on the spine, to spinning 360's over the spine, all were fine.

2nd place great class @ 2HipMeet The Street 1989 year end standings.
craig campbell wall 540
Wallride 540.
1990 Craig is riding a spine in the pages of Bicross and Skate magazine #85 february 1990.

2Hip Ride Like A Man video.
Craig is pulling a 720.

BMX Plus! may 1990: The British Invasion.

Craig Campbell rides for Bully.

Craig Campbell rides for GT.
craig campbell  1990
1991 January 1991; Craig Campbell is off GT.

Craig comes back to UK.
1995 Craig DJs at some of the most respectable dance clubs in the UK.

Interview in Ride BMX UK #16 april may 1995.