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19 Date of birth:
early years
1979 Local Torrance hotshoe racer Mike Buff joined the BMX ACTION test team in 1979. Buff soon crossed over to freestyle and in the absence of Haro, the longtime teaming of R.L. Osborn and Mike Buff began. As the “Nerd herd”, R.L. & Buff were vital in setting BMX trends during the 80’s, from jumping styles in bike tests to the 4x4 vehicle craze, to clothing fashions and hairdos.

Mike Buff on a new model of Mongoose on the cover of BMX Action august 1979.
mike buff bmx action 08 79
1980 COVER.
Mike Buff on Scorpion on the cover of BMX Action november 1980.
mike buff bmx action 11 80
1981 COVER.
Mike Buff flying on his PK on the cover of BMX Action july 1981.
mike buff bmx action 07 81
1983 ACS Mike Buff Z-rims.

That's Incredible
TV show featuring RL Osborn racing a horse through an obstacle course. Also includes footage of Mike Buff in a skatepark and bunnyhopping 16 people laying down.
mike buff 1983
Mike Buff on his quadrangle @ Murray World Cup (c. 1983). Photo by Peter Cowley.
1984 COVER.
On the cover of BMX Action october 1984 is Mike Buff at the Murray World Cup.

Mike Buff was out for a quarter of the year with a broken ankle. Everyone missed him.
mike buff bmx action 11 80
1985 Mike Buff blew minds when he quit the BMX ACTION Trick Team to go to CW and their lavender love crew ... the BMX world was shocked! He was replaced by Ron Wilton.

Interview: Bicross magazine #33 june 1985.
1986 Mike Buff rode for CW back in 1986 on the freestyle team.

Mike Buff finally takes down his backyard ramp.