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Bob Osborn, BMX Action february 1978: Bicycle Motocross Action is being sold in over 700 bicycle shops in all the states of the Union. But that's not all. We are also on newsstands in 35 states to the tune of 40.000 copies. And beside that, we have more than 2000 subscribers in 48 states including Alaska and Hawaii. And beside that, we have subscribers in Canada, Australia, France, Holland, Japan and South America. We also number proudly among our subscribers more than 50 school librairies. Not too shaby for one year, huh ?
stevie skibel bmx action 06 77 issue 7 - february 1978 (shared by Simon - download)
DG Racing's Stevie Skibel on cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Tests on Two Wheeler's Pro.
Event coverage from the Mongoose/NBA Coliseum #2, JMC/IBMX Colorado Summernationals, Pepsi Cola/NBA Georgia Summernationals, South Pacific BMX Championships.
Stevie Skibel, Charlie Litsky.
Starting Your Own Track.
Race Tech "If your head is only worth $10".
48 pages.
bmx action 04 78 issue 8 - april 1978 (shared by Simon - download)
Open Class Maniacs from the USGP on cover.
SE Summer tour
Tests on MKS Pedals.
Event coverage from the Mongoose NBA Grand Nationals, RC Cola/NPSA Northwest Nationals in Beaverton Oregon, Torker/NBA USGP.
Superstars The Bobby Encinas story.
Smoother running races and happier racers.
48 pages.
randy bmx action 06 78 issue 9 - june 1978 (download)
Randy testing the Cook Bros on cover.
Tests on Cook Bros.
Product analysis: the new Addicks sprocket.
Superstars Stompin Stu Thomsen, NBA's National #1 racer..
Do it yourself: BMX starting gate.
Irvine BMX park.
Skyway advertisement for the Tuff I showing the new colors.
bob haro bmx action 08 1978 issue 10 - july august 1978 (shared by Simon - download)
The car is owned and driven by Bob Haro. From left to right are, Donny Jones, Randy Emrich (in the window) and R.L. Osborn.
Tests on Mongoose A team replica and Cafe Racer/Trasher.
Competition: Torker/ABA Winternationals and NBA Western states championships.
Stars David Wilson and his machine.
How can we start a track.

Bob Haro, www.facebook.com, november 2015: My first cover in BMX and in BMX Action Magazine was not of me riding but rather with my not so cool first car. Bob Osborn had us pack into my tiny Honda 600 loaded with bikes and the mighty BMXA test team. At this time cool muscle cars were popular and my car was like birth control to a young teen aged boy. In this photo I'm driving and RL is waving out the window while Donny Jones hangs out the passenger window. I believe the other kid / rider is Emmerick but I may be wrong. To say we had a blast working at the magazine and making magic happen for the soon to be popular sport of BMX would be an understatement.
david clinton bmx action 10 78 issue 11 - september october 1978 (shared by Simon - download)
David Clinton blastin into the first turn, Harry Leary and Scott Clark at a national in Southern California on the cover.
ABA Springnationals from Pheonix AZ., and the Great Pikes Peak Descent, two guys riding their BMX bikes down hiking trails at Pikes Peak, Laguna-aluminum GT alloy test, Jeff Ruminer interview.
56 pages.
brent patterson bmx action 12 78 november december 1978 (shared by Simon - download)
Brent Patterson on cover.
1978 BMX Buyers GuideThis issue covers racing from the NBA Springnationals at Watsonville, Ca., NBA U.S. Nationals from the L.A. Sports Arena, and the ABA Summernationals in Amarillo, TX. Also has the 1978 #1 racer of the year award, a huge Buyers Guide, and part 2 of the Great Pikes Peak descent.
clint miller bmx action 01 79 january february 1979 (scanned by Michael Gamstetter 0803 - download)
Clint Miller on DG at Corona on the cover.
Shawnee Nationals covered.
Fork Shootout.
Bob Haro doing the rock walk.
Clinton interview.
Drawing contest.
Hot scoop: Trick riding.
sal zuener bmx action 03 79 march april 1979 - $1.25 (download)
Sportin' #1 on the cover is Sal Zuener on Thruster.
Trick Riding: bowl aerial by Stu Thomsen,
Test: JAG BMX bike (built by Mongoose)
1978 NBA/Mongoose Grand Nationals Los Angeles, CA
NBA/CYC fall Nationals Corona, CA voted as the best ever BMX race.
May 1979 marked the first of the "monthly" issues.
red baron curnell bmx action 05 79 may 1979 (shared by Simon - download)
Red Baron and Curnell on the cover.
1978 World Championships, Indianapolis
Tests: DG Racing, Rooster BMX bike
Product analysis: GJS BMX frame
1978 ABA/JAG Grand Nationals, Las Vegas.
Small pictorial on Timmy Judge. "The Judge," who had some pretty hefty NBL titles from back east and was full-factory Thruster, did the unthinkable. Well, maybe thinkable, but never done before-a one-footer. Fiola and you guys... you know who to thank.
john crews bob woods bmx action 06 79 june 1979 (shared by Simon - download)
John Crews riding a Patterson Sentry and Bob Woods from Vegas on the cover. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Tests of the Schwinn Sting and SX1000, a Kyle Fleming interview, Product analysis of Pedalproof Wheels, and Race coverage from the Robinson/NBA Winternationals at Las Vegas.
72 pages.
harry leary bmx action 07 79 july 1979 (shared by Simon - download)
Harry Leary doing "THE LEARY" on JMC on the cover. My first cover. It was the beginning of a good thing.
NBA/Mongoose Super Nationals Saddleback, CA.
Bike test: WEBCO Professional BMX Racing bike,
Product analysis: JMC frame & forks.
Track designs: scientific gate starting.
Basic: Track Designs.
Trick Riding how to.
72 pages.
mike buff bmx action 08 79 august 1979 (shared by Simon - download)
On the cover is Mike Buff on a new model of Mongoose.
This issue covers racing from the ABA Washington State Championships (yes....a state race). Also has a CYC Stormer & a Mongoose Pro Class test, a Bell Moto 3 helmet analysis, 1979 Racer of the Year award voting (first NORA Cup), how to build a starting gate, and a how to on coaster wheelies with Bob Haro.
bobby encinas bmx action 09 79 september 1979 (shared by Simon - download)
On the cover is Bobby Encinas, winner of Bicycle Motocross Action magazine's #1 racer award.
Candidates for the 1979 racer of the year award.
Cycle Pro Trophy bike test.
Product analysis: Skyway Tuff wheel II.
BMXL Mexico/USA international race at Tecate.
The new Supergoose bike test.
Cruisers: Schwinn Spitfire.
tim judge bmx action 10 79 october 1979 (shared by Simon - download)
Tim Judge, Thruster factory rider, doing his famous one-footer on the cover.
Laguna cruiser report.
Profile of Gary Renteria.
Trickriding: 360 roll out by Curtis Louie.
jeff bottema toby henderson bmx action 11 1979 november 1979 (shared by Simon - download)
The two new Raleigh hombres, Jeff Bottema and Toby Henderson, on the cover.
The magazine features several pages of photos and written reviews of frames, forks, necks, handlebars, cranks, pedals, wheels and just about any other equipment that was available at the time. Also features a photo gallery with Bob Haro, Toby Henderson and others, a centerfold photo of Jeff Bottema, tons of great writing and advertisements.
rl osborn bmx action 12 79 december 1979 (shared by BMX Collector - download)
RL Osborn on the Raleigh test bike on the cover.
Tests: Raleigh R-11XL,
Cruiser report on Huffy Beach Buggy,
Product analysis of Thruster frame and fork,
Trick riding: Fakies
Racing: Tacoma ABA FallNationals.