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rl osborn bmx action 01 81 vol.6 nu.1 - january 1981 (shared by Simon John 1006 - download)
On the cover is RL Osborn bunny-hopping through the Ring of Fire during the BMXA Trick team show at Anaheim. Photo by Windy.
Test of the Diamond Back BMX the first ever tested.
The demise of the NBA.
Product analysis of the GJS seatpost clamp.
Race coverage from the ABA Vans Pro Spectacular (big pro race with big bucks) and ABA Anaheim national, both from Anaheim, CA.
Centerfold is of Harry Leary in a slide while giving the peace sign.
Trick riding: ramp stall by Bob Haro.
bmx action 02 81 february 1981 (scanned by Michael Gamstetter 0803 - download)
Open Expert main in the Aussies vs. Yanks Challenge in Brisbane, Australia on the cover.
Austrailian vs. American Internation Challenge at Brisbane, Australia.
1980 BMXA NORA Cup Results
Jeff Kosmala and the (Mongoose) Kos Kruiser
Product Analysis: Bullseye Roller Bracket.
Dear Wiz.
The best part of the issue has to be the Hot Shots section with some awesome pictures of Mike Buff, Pete Loncaravich, Scott Breithaupt, and more.
denny davidow bmx action 03 81 march 1981 (scanned by Simon John 0902 - download)
Denny Davidow on the cover.
Product analysis: Laguna 101, tire comparison, Ultima Cinelli bike
ABA Mongoose Grand Nationals,
NBL Kuwahara Grand Nationals
The factory pro's,
Greg Hill interview,
Tips... two-pedal starts.
jason jensen torker bmx action apr 81 april 1981 (scanned by Simon John 0812 - download)
Racin' Jason Jensen of Torker on the cover. Photo by Oz.
Hot shots: Harry Leary, David Lee, Greg Hill, ...
Product analysis: Red Line pro-line II kit.
Indy world championships.
Carbohydrate loading.
Complete racer: Jason Jensen.
Trick riding: No-footer curb endo by R.L. Osborn.
Hot tips: Centerpull rear brake.
jeff watson bmx action 05 81 volume 6 number 5 - may 1981
Jeff Watson, master of vertical surfaces from Rancho Skate Park in California on the cover,
test of the Schwinn Sting Competition, interview with Anthony Sewell, Product analysis of the CW Trickery frame and fork, and Race coverage from the ABA Northwest national from Seattle, WA. Also this month has an Aerial trick how-to, and coverage on rollers. Pictorial and poster of Jeff Watson.
kramer osborn breithaupt bmx action 05 81 june 1981
Cover pic is Perry Kramer, R.L. Osborn, and Scott Breithaupt testing PK Rippers.
This issue has racing coverage from the ABA Winternationals at Chandler, AZ., a P.K. Ripper bike test, product test on a Bell BMX 3 helmet, an interview with Kelly McDougall, and a how to on 1/4 pipe construction. Also a how to on landing a Bike shop sponsorship.
mike buff bmx action 07 81 july 1981 (shared by Simon John 1003 - download)
Mike Buff flying on his PK on the cover. Photo by Oz.
Houston Astrodome race.
Supergoose & Robinson Tests.
Quarterpipe how-to's.
Interview with Brent Patterson and John Crews.
2nd annual word contest.
Rancho NBA Nationals, San Diego probably the finest and fastest downhill track in the world !
116 pages.
stu thomsen bmx action 08 81 august 1981
Stu Thomsen on the cover. 106 pages.
ABA/Skyway Springnationals at Fremont
ABA/Rondo Classic at St. Paul, Minnesota
IBMXF Race in England.
Testing: Hutch X-Long Pro.
john piant bmx action 09 81 september 1981 (scanned by Simon John 0905 - download)
Missouri's finest John Piant on the cover. Photo by Oz.
Racing from the Jag/ABA Bmx 500 in Costa Mesa and the Cook Bros/NBL War of the Stars in Nashville.
Hot Shots.
Product Analysis: The new Pro-Tec helmet.
Tests on the Torker cruiser and Huffy Pro 3 Thunder.
Trick Riding How To: 180 to a rollback.
Race Inc Junior variations with Mike Scott and Robert Emrich's trick bikes.
Odds and Endos.
96 pages.
andy zirzow bmx action 10 1981 october 1981
Andy Zirzow on the cover.
Racing: RedLine Summernationals in Amarillo.
Trick Riding: Advanced Bunny Hopping.
Racing Tips: Front Brake Secrets.
NORA Cup Candidates
Gigantic Buyers Guide Issue: includes tons of ads, info, and photos of the "Who's Who" in BMX in 1981. Think of it as the 1981 "BMX Bible"
132 pages.
harry leary bmx action 11 1981 volume 6 issue 11 - november 1981 (shared by Simon John 1101 - download)
Diamond Back's Scary Harry Leary on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
BMX crossword.
Bike tests: GT Pro kit and CW Twenty-Four.
Racing: Diamond Back/NBA Summer Nationals in San Diego, Kuwahara/NBL War of the Stars in Pittsburgh.
Dave Marietti profile.
Captain Cosmo Photo Contest Winners.
ACS Stem product analysis.
Hot shots: BMX Action Trick Team aerial, Woody Itson.
Bob Morgan no-hander no-footer.
scott clark bmx action 12 1981 december 1981
Scott Clark on the cover riding for Team Murray.
Trick Team Tour highlights
Diamond Back Pro testing
Novice training tips
ABA Fall nationals
Cruiser report: Powerlite 24
132 pages.