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Sources: BMXup, Chase, www.eastreet.fr.st, Cream, Ride BMX UK, www.simplebmx.com, Freedom, www.cream-bmx.com, ...
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1974 Date of birth: 5 juillet 1974
Birthplace: France
early years david lombard early years
1993 2ème place espoir A rampe @ 3ème manche du championnat de France FFC, Marseille, octobre 1993.
1st place expert 19ans rampe @ Worlds, Cologne, Germany, august 1994.
david lombard
1994 Worlds.
1995 1st place master dirt & 1st place lombarexpert A rampe @ 1ère manche du championnat de France FFC, Reims, avril 1995.

2nd place B dirt @ 1995 Backayard jam, Hastings, UK, june 1995.
Lombard made second with a flip, a 1 1/2 busdriver and a close no-foot can can flip attempt. Rad.

5ème place expert A rampe au championnat de France FFC.
david lombard
Backyard jam.
1996 david lombard flip whip
Backyard jam.
1997 SUNN.
Mars 1997, David roule pour Sunn.
David: Pas de contrat, Sunn me fournit tout le matériel dont j'ai besoin et ils défrayent mes déplacements.

2nd place dirt-A @ FISE, Palavas, France, april 1997.

Backyard Jam.

Sunn, California Style, T&C, Simple.

David fait la couverture et a une interview dans BMX up #8 d'août 1997.
david lombard bmx up
Cream #6 april 2000. (à droite)

Interview dans Cream #9 de novembre 2000.

VRAC jam, Lyon, décembre 2000.
david lombard cream bmx 04 2000
2001 FISE.
15th place pro street @ FISE, Palavas, France, april 2001.
Interview in Dig #21 march 2002.

9th place pro park @ King of PACA, Gemenos, may 2002.

David roule pour la marque toulousaine Twenty.
Wedge fakie in Nagoya, Japan on the cover of Chase #17 spring 2003. Photo by Manu Sanz.

Interview pour www.eastreet.fr.st
David: Je suis au RMI depuis peu, je touche 1800 fr /mois par Carhartt et ne paie pas mon matos vélo grâce à Twenty, ma principale activité hormis le riding , c'est la pige pour Cream.

Photo pleine page dans le Ride BMX US du mois de juin.

7th place bowl pro @ King Of PACA, Marseille, june 2003.

David Lombard prend de l'altitude au bowl du Prado à Marseille sur le poster du Soul #27 d'août 2003.

Interview et couverture du Freedom #54, december 2003.

Manu Sanz, Freedom december 2003: The first things that comes to my mind when I think of David is all the good photos I took with him and the stock I still have of him. I think he's over exposed in the printed media so I try not to take too many photos of him and more of others riders. But still I end up with a few good David photo. Why is that ? He's actually "The Local" from Montpellier's bowl, even with all the young riders coming up, he's still flowing and flying around. A real bowl rider: carving, pumping, changing direction, fullspeed carving manuals almost slipping out, alleyoops airs ... etc. Always a treat to watch him in the bowl! Then, he's really active when it comes to look out for new spots and he often comes up with something different: like riding across a small river just before hitting a wallride with wet tires or doing a vertical icepick fakie on a the side of a tree at the trails ...
To make it worse, I often travel and ride with him. In fact we used to be neighboors for years, even when moving from Bordeaux to Montpellier we were still leaving in the same area. What can I do? I can't fight. He'll always come up with something good and I'll have to grab the camera...

Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac.
David Lombard prend des bols d'air en altitude; turndowns, toboggan, motocross. Il taquine également le coping en canadian sur le quarter du hip et en alley oop backward grind to fackie sur le grand quarter. Il envoie aussi un gros wall ride table out courbe à courbe, un transfert à balle du hip au plan incliné et un gros 3-6 nose dive.
david lombard

david lombard freedom bmx 12 2003
2005 www.cream-bmx.com, june 2005: David Lombard finally received his prototype frame he has designed for Simple Bike Co. The frame is called "Nimbus", size is 20,8" got spanish BB and internal headset.
2007 David left Cream ?
2008 PROPER.
www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: David Lombard moved to England and is now working at Proper Bike Co.