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The magazine credits in issue 1 read as follows:
Editor Nick: Williams
Technical Editor: Julian TYhompson
Writers: Mike coxhead, Paul Ward
Stunt Photography: David Lowndes
Cartoonist: Gordon Gillick
Designed by: Engand and Cook Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent
Published by: Tonan Ltd, 8 Havelock Road, Hastings, East Sussex
Printed by: Development Workshop, Diss, Norfolk
Distributed by: Diamond Magazine Distribution Ltd, nit 1 Burgess Road, Ivyhouse Lane Hastings, E. Sussex TN35 4NR

The opening page of the first issue reads as follows:
Where? Here. In BMX Biker Monthly. This exciting new cycle of yours is taking you right into an exciting new sport. Here's the exciting new magazine to go with it. Welcome to the world of BMX Biker. There's a lot going on so keep in touch.Are you doing it right? Or are you doing it wrong? How about the stars? What have they got lined up for'84? What's going through their heads when they hit that first berm We've got the answes ad more. Practical tips to keep you going smooth. Ideas to work on when the going gets tough. We'll be putting the focus on freestyle and giving you the low-down on the stunting game. Watch out for wheels of fire our great new cartoon. And you can hardly miss the pages and pages of action packed, full-colour pictures of the top riders on the boil. Club details Star interviews. News. BMX Biker Monthly keeps you right up to the minute with all you need to know. There's more--but what's the point in going on. Turn the page. Find out for yourself.
1 issue 1 - 1983
Get On The Right Tracks, Baby: Fists shaking?PC's plodding? Making life hard for you? Here's how to beat it.
The File On Chris Young: He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. But who is he, this Skyway star ?
If It Cruises It Bruises: Hard facts to help you keep the body beautiful and in one piece.
Stunt A Month: You've seen it, now, do it. The easy step-by-step road to freestyle city.
Wheels of fire: Meet Andy, hero of our new comic strip. He's aiming for the stars
Get That Club Going: Feeling lonely? Kids who club together go places. Here's hoe to get started.
Clint Miller- World Pro Champion: Double page colour action pull-out
What D'ya mean I can't race? Practical tips to keep your cycle hot and beat the race scrutineer.
Blankety Blanks: Great new contest. Great prizes
Chris Simmons- Still Chasing Number One: Top rider tells all. His past problems and his hopes for the future.
Meet The Burners: Low-down on the Raleigh team riders.
Chain Mail: Letters, letters, and more letters
Nuts'n Bolts: News and views. What's happening. It's all here
Club Contacts: Your hotline to the nations organisations.
2 issue 2 - 1983
Andy Ruffell "I'm still hungry"
3 issue 3 - 1983
Tim March - good guy or bad boy ?
4 issue 4 - 1983
5 issue 5
bmx biker 06 issue 6 (scanned by Peter 0711)
Guide to wheels.
Birmingham National.
Ruffel and friend.
Hotline USA.
Date line: Ireland.
Picture power from the Bradford National.
Pro-lite Privateer test.
Nottingham National.
How to framestand.
bmx biker 07 issue 7 - 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
The club scout checks out... Bradford.
Picture power from the Whitehaven National.
The up front: Back hop.
Jason Maloney.
Redline factory team.
Ipswich National.
eddie fiola bmx biker 08 issue 8 - 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Eddie Fiola on the cover.
Stunt-A-Month shows you how to do an 'Endo Peg Hop'.
Craig Campbell is crowned 'King of The Skatepark' with some great pics!
Check out his white Skyway TA with white Tuffs.
Romford in Essex was the glamorous location of this classic competition.
The Freestyle Gallery rocks!
Andy Ruffell and co feature in the dull racing section...zzzz
bmx biker 9 issue 9 - 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Tim March: No-one was going to catch me.
The Border TV Freestyle championships.
National action from Wigan..
Learn the reverse back peg hop.
bmx biker 10 issue 10 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Featuring Andy Ruffell's move from Team Ammaco to the Raleigh factory team with Andy Ruffell centre picture.
Testing the Ammaco Koolstyler.
Learn the rollback 180.
Pictures from the Freestyle open: Jess Dyrenforth and Neil Ruffell.
bmx biker 11 issue 11 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
The 360 peg spin.
MRD: Neil Stephens and John McInns.
Wayne Llewellyn.
How to make the team.
Tim March.
bmx biker az special: the A-Z of freestyle
andy ruffel bmx biker 12 issue 12 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Andy Ruffell front cover recently signed for Raleigh. Picture was taken at Holeshot 1985.
The British Freestyle Championships: Craig Campbell (Skyway), Glyn Lewis (DP), Terry Jenkins (Haro), Mason Smith (Rickman).
Stunt a month - the one-hand cross-up endo.
Bike maintenance section: Bearings, chains, tyres.
DIY guide - brakes stripdown.
Article on Britains biggest BMX Club - Birmingham Wheels with pictures of Ruffell, Robinson and Llewelyn in race action.