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Publisher (éditeur): ABA (American Bicycle Association)
BMXer is the Official Membership Magazine of the ABA.
Formerly ABA Action magazine.

ababmx.com, 2003: The BMXer rules. No other BMX magazine covers every single ABA national event. We are there, each month, bringing you at least two big races in every issue. No other BMX magazine comes close to giving you the complete story at a race; from amateur action of all ages to girls and cruiser classes. Besides in-depth race coverage, the BMXer is always on top of the latest products and bikes. If something is happening in the world of BMX, whether it be hot scoops or inside gossip, you'll read it here first! Other unique features that the BMXer brings you each month: ABA Points Standings, Race Schedules, Track Directory, Reader Mail, Product Reviews, No.1 Rider Interviews, Racer Profiles
kevin hull american bmxer 09 1984 vol.1 no.1 - september 1984
Sept '84 american bmx'er-that was the first issue of the name change from aba action.
First pics of Jose Yanez' backflip.
kevin hull american bmxer 11 1984 vol.1 no.3 - november 1984
Freestyle poster: GT's Eddie Fiola.
kevin hull american bmxer 12 1986 december 1986
Kevin Hull on the cover.
november 1989
Mike King on the cover
december 1989
James Prichard on the cover
january february 1990
Rick Palmer & Shane Wimberly on the cover. This is the issue that has the ABA Hall of Fame inductions of Cheri Elliott, Eddie King and Jim Melton.
march 1990
marty christman american bmxer 04 1990 april 1990
Marty Christman on the cover.
june 1990
july 1990
David Milham & Bryan Reust on the cover.
dave cullinan jaydee finney david milham american bmxer 08 1990 volume 12 number 7 - august 1990
Dave Cullinan, Jaydee Finney and David Milham on the cover.
Summer Nationals.
charles townsend american bmxer 09 1990 september 1990
Charlie Townsend on the cover.
october 1990
Anthony Reyes and Chris Acaccia on the cover. It has an article on Darrell Young also.
november 1990
Mapuana Naki, Jessica Robinson, Amanda Edwards and Becci Campbell on the cover.
december 1990
Gary Ellis on the cover.
american bmxer 03 1991 march 1991
january 1995
may 1995 may 1995
09 99 september 1999
october 1999
gOrk, www.bmxextreme.com, august 1999: I am leaving ABA. Right after the Gold Cup Finals West, I will pack up the U-Haul and make the big move to the completely opposite climate of Seattle, WA. After ten years (almost to the exact day), I accepted an awesome job working for SBS; who owns and distributes Redline and Torker bicycles. In this position, I will be in charge of putting out their monthly 40-page flyer (which goes to all dealers), as well as directing their ad campaign, sponsorship and team. Needless to say... I am STOKED. I've got that "new job" psych and this position will be a great challenge. The October '99 issue of the BMXer will be my last mag, and Reno's Black Jack Nationals (this weekend) will be the last race I cover for the ABA.
09 99 june 2000
Todd lyons on the cover.
12 2001 december 2001
01 2002 january february 2002
january 2005 january 2005
september 2005
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2005: If BMX racing is your thing you're probably aware of the "BMXer" that comes out every month (except for February). The BMXer is the official paper from the ABA and is being sent out to all members of the ABA. It's possible to subscribe for $ 26,= USD but that probably only counts for people living in the USA. The September issue that we picked up at Interbike (it's the Interbike issue) has 152 pages of BMX racing reports, news, race schedules, ads and results. The Nationals that are covered are: Land o' Lakes in Minnesota, the Westshore Nationals in Canada, the New England Nationals in Rhode Island and the Mile High Nationals in Colorado. Also a race report from the ABA "World Championships" can be found on page 32. The paper inside is more like newspaper quality, the type that gives you black fingers. The cover is glossy full colour and sports Bubba Harris with the #1 plate.