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Publisher: American Bicycle Association.
Tim Lillethorup worked at ABA from 1981-1984. He was editor of ABA Action and also the test rider.
Tim Lillethorup, www.bicyclechannel.com, 1999: I moved to Arizona in 1981 to work as an Editor for American Bicycle Association publications, ABA Action and Bicycle & Dirt Magazine.
aba action bmx march 1978 volume 1 issue 1 - march 1978
March of 1978, the American Bicycle Association launched its very first membership publication.
aba action bmx 1978 volume 1 issue 2 - april 1978
The second ever edition of the ABA membership paper landed on doorsteps in April of 1978.
aba action bmx 1978 volume 1 issue 3 - may 1978
With coverage of ABA's very first Winternationals (held in Azusa, California, sponsored by Torker, and held under very wet weather conditions), you can see how quickly the ABA National circuit was growing in this; the third issue ever of ABA Action.
aba action bmx 1978 volume 1 issue 4 - june 1978
It was the Summer of 1978 and ABA BMX Racing was spreading across the Western hemisphere like an out of control wild fire. Check out issue No.4 and find out just how David Clinton made BMX history.
volume 1 issue 5 - july 1978
By July of 1978, there were a growing number of BMX tracks coming on board to run ABA-sanctioned races - as you can see by the expanding list of riders points in this 5th edition of ABA Action. CYC's Ronnie Ames - who was leading National points at the time, is featured on the cover.
volume 1 issue 6 - august 1978
aba action bmx 1978 volume 1 issue 7 - september 1978
Throughout the years, the ABA has paid tribute to the Girls of BMX with a special feature cover. Well, folks ... here is the very first one; in the 7th edition of ABA Action.
volume 1 issue 8 - october 1978
The 1978 season was winding down fast, and the anticipation for the first ever ABA Grands in Las Vegas was beginning to heat up - including making it the major cover blurb of the October edition of ABA Action.
volume 1 issue 9 - november 1978
The November 1978 issue of ABA Action covered the Fallnationals - the last-chance race to get in some precious points for the two National No.1 titles - Amateur and Pro. Check out the early BMX action from '78 in this 9th issue of ABA's membership paper.
volume 1 issue 10 - december 1978
Who would become the ABA's very first No.1 Pro and No.1 Amateur?! The anticipation had climbed to an all-time high! Would it be Stompin' Stu? Greg Hill? Harry Leary? ...you'd have to be in Las Vegas for the first ever Grands to find out - or read about it in ABA Action.
volume 2 issue 1 - january february 1979
volume 2 issue 2 - march 1979
aba action bmx 1980 january february 1980
Stu Thomsen ABA number one pro.
Richie Anderson.
aba action bmx 1980 march 1980
aba action bmx 1980 april 1980
aba action bmx 1980 may 1980
aba action bmx june 1980 june 1980
aba action bmx 1980 november 1980
Vans/SE Pro Spectacular.
aba action bmx april 1981 volume 4 issue 4 - april 1981
aba action bmx 1982 january 1982
Kuwahara Grandnational.
aba action bmx february 1982 february 1982
Kevin McNeal interview.
aba action bmx june 1982 june 1982
Texas Gold Cup.
november 1982 november 1982
Jeff Kosmala on the cover.
Oregon Gold Cup.
Grandnationals preview.
New Jersey National.
january 1983 january 1983
march 1983 march 1983
aba action bmx december 1983 december 1983
aba action bmx april 1984 june 1984
September 1984 American BMX'er-that was the first issue of the name change from ABA Action.