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Editor: Dave Spurdens.
bmx racer + freestyle 08 1984 vol.1 no.1 - august 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Nicky Dalton.
Nottingham National.
Jamie Vince.
Freestyle: Cutty Sark Capers.
Byron Friday.
Birmingham National.
Top girl: Donna Dufy.
Profile: Craig Burrows.
Freestyle Association?
Club focus: Ipswich.
Buckmore National.
Freestyle test.
Profile: Gary (Morocco) Fenwich.
bmx racer + freestyle september 1984 vol.1 no.2 - september 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Tim March of March racing talking.
Alice Temple.
Euro championships: Birmingham.
Bike test: Kuwahara Nova.
Glyn Lewis.
BMX family: The Stabiellis.
Simon Hayes.
Bradford National.
Top girl: Melanie Vauvelle.
A Freestyle Association ?
Club focus: Hillington Hawks.
Bike test: Turbo-Lite.
bmx racer + freestyle 10 1984 vol.1 no.3 - october 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Anthony Howells.
Glyn Lewis.
Paul Miller.
Whitehaven National.
Kuwahara: 3 No 1's.
Bike test: Scorpion ZX3000.
Family BMX: The Maws.
Freestyle moves.
A week in the life: Andy Ruffell.
World championships: Japan.
Bike test: Navajo (Pro) Chief.
Top girl: Emma Willams.
Andy Welsh: BMX Nomad.
Profile: Martin Jose.
Club focus: Hindley Three Sisters.
Freestyle radness: The Bitchin Base Boys.
Interview: Pete Loncarevich.
Profile: Charlie Reynolds.
Deddington National.
bmx racer + freestyle 11 1984 vol.1 no.4 - november 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Puch meeting.
Poole National.
Top girl.
Family BMX.
Bike test: CW Pistol Pete.
Plymouth National.
King of the Skateparks.
Gary Llewellyn.
Profile: Darren Wood.
Dale Holmes.
chritmas bmx racer + freestyle 12 1984 vol.1 no.5 - december 1984 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Chris Simmons.
Wigan National.
Craig Campbell Freestyle.
Simon Bailey.
Robinson RSR bike test.
Pete Middleton.
VDC bike test.
Border TV Freestyle.
vol.1 no.6 - january 1985
bmx racer + freestyle 02 1985 vol.1 no.7 - february 1985 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Neil Ruffell testing the CW Freestyler on the cover.
bmx racer + freestyle 03 1985 vol.1 no.8 - march 1985 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Picture of Andy Ruffell after just signing with Raleigh with his new car - a Sierra XR4i
Safety at the track
UKBMX National at Hounslow
Testing the C.W. Racing pit bike - a mini BMX (pit bikes are used to get around the pits my racing drivers) - this one is put through its paces in true BMX style
How to do a front and back brake stand
Freestyle action with Trevor Cowell on his DP Firebird Freestyler
bmx racer + freestyle 04 1985 vol.1 no.9 - april 1985 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
jess dyrenforth bmx racer + freestyle 05 1985 vol.1 no.10 - may 1985 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Jess Dyrenforth on the cover.
Wayne Llewelyn, Eric Rupe interview, Jess Dyrenforth, MRD Freestyler test, Shweppes Grand Prix, Slough BMX Club, Scorpion International race.
vol.1 no.11 - june 1985
vol.1 no.12 - july 1985
bmx racer + freestyle 08 1985 vol.1 no.13 - august 1985
Kellogs race series.
Eddie Fiola at the Worlds.
Lowestoft freestyle.
Torker test.
Kellogs freestyle.
and more...
bmx racer + freestyle 09 1985 vol.1 no.14 - september 1985 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
Profile on Simon Hayes.
Interviews with Nicky Matthews and Steve Bigland
Eurpean Action from Barcelona
Domestic action from Bournemouth
Freestyle Picture Collection 1985
bmx racer + freestyle october 1985 vol.1 no.15 - october 1985
The 4th IBMXF Worlds from Whistler
Interview with Tommy Brackens
Race Report Nottingham Aug 85
Schwppes 8 from Newcastle
bmx racer + freestyle 11 1985 vol.1 no.16 - november 1985 (scanned by Moley 0802 - download)
bmx racer + freestyle december 1985 vol.1 no.17 - december 1985
vol.1 no.18 - january 1986
King of the Skateparks finals.
vol.1 no.19 - february 1986
vol.1 no.20 - march 1986
bmx racer + freestyle april 1986 vol.1 no.21 - april 1986
The #18 rider on the front cover is factory Torker rider Chris Welsby at the Kelloggs series in Birmingham.
UKBFA contest, Craig Schofield interview Eric Rupe, Neil Ruffell.
vol.1 no.22 - may 1986
vol.1 no.23 - june 1986
vol.1 no.24 - july 1986
bmx racer + freestyle 08 1986 vol.1 no.25 - august 1986
todd tc corbitt bmx racer + freestyle 09 1986 vol.1 no.26 - september october 1986
Todd TC Corbitt from the 1986 World Championships on the cover.