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Australian magazine 100% devoted to old school and vintage bikes.
Andrew, www.ozbmx.com.au, january 2010: I thought it was about time there was a magazine that was totally devoted to Old School BMX. 100% Vintage. So I went and created one.
classic bmx 01 issue 1 - january 2010
Dave Paul's gorgeous Hutch Trick Star.
The Team Haro Reunion show from the BMX Worlds in Germany.
The man who waited 28 years to own his dream Mongoose Supergoose.
The 2009 Roberto's Old School Show & Shine.
Mark Gray's 1985 Haro Master.
The 2009 Knox Vintage BMX Show.
Plus the following killer feature bikes: 1983 National Pro, 1983 Profile Champ Pro, 1983 GT Pro.

Andrew, www.ozbmx.com.au, january 2010: Just launched today this is your opportunity to purchase issue No.1 of Classic BMX magazine. Multiple copies available. All who dib dobs will receive a mag. $12 posted. Classic BMX includes feature bikes, cool BMX collections and Vintage BMX shows. Issue 1 includes the following feature bikes :
1.Hutch Trick Star
2.Mongoose Supergoose
3.National Pro
4.Profile Champ
5.GT Pro
6.Haro Master
As well as coverage of :
- Robertos Show & Shine
- The Knox Vintage BMX Gathering
- The Team Haro Reunion
With article contributions from: Matt Waldron (JMCGT), Xavier Wise (OZBMX), Mark Gray (BMX Plus - Restoration Nation), David Paul (RADBMX UK).
64 pages, A5, full colour, loaded with photos. All killer, no filler.
classic bmx 02 issue 2 - july 2010
KOASTY, www.bmxsociety.com, july 2010: On the cover is an aussie member, Kosy. He has been around since 2005 and raced as a kid. He owns the PK at the back of the issue also. Nice guy and has a lot of enthusiasm for old school bmx.
KDFKID, www.bmxsociety.com, july 2010: We are granted exclusive access to BMX Addict Juan Mattos's amazing collection (you just won't believe the photos),
We visit the Florida Spring Fling Old School BMX gathering,
Watch as Skyway devotee Craig Fisher (Skywaydays) jumps over his entire Skyway collection on one of his 8 TAs,
We get up close and personal with the stunning 2009 Rockford Best of Show winning GJS Freestyler prototype,
And salivate madly over Waza's 140 bike Mongoose collection.
All this as well as full features on: 1982 PK Ripper, 1984 CW Phaze 1, 1979 Roger DeCoster, 1985 Skyway Street Beat, 1983 JMC Standard Short.
A5, 64 pages of raddness, full colour, loaded with detail photos for the restorer. All killer, no filler.
classic bmx 03 issue 3
- Bill Saucier's Profiles
- Coverage of BMX Society's 2010 Old School BMX Reunion & Show
- Joe Lee's 24 karat gold Haro Master (you may know him as joe6187)
- Mike Molen's Skyway junk store score
- Rick Coolidge's 1975 Goose
- The debut of the comic Rad Dad!
- Coverage of the 2010 Aussie Vintage BMX Gathering
- Billy Grigg's original CW Phaze 1
- Coverage of the very first old school BMX reunion in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
- Coverage of Rockford 2010
- Greg Lines' 1981 Kuwahara KZ
A5, 64 pages of raddness, full colour, loaded with detail photos for the restorer. All killer, no filler.
classic bmx 04 issue 4 - may 2011
This is our Nomura special issue. We profile Wade Nomura and the genesis of NRP and feature two of the hottest Nomura 20’s on the planet.
We find out who the hell Norm Kiproff is and swoon over his monster Hutch collection.
Chase the Torker Man’s Dream; the hunt for the Torker 2, 540 Air, High Intensity.
‘One Brand Man’ Marcos Figueroa loves any BMX as long as it’s a Haro, is from the years 1985 to 1988 and is minty factory fresh. We check out his favourite ‘85.
We welcome Waza on board with the first of his ‘How To’ tech articles. In this issue he takes us through a step by step rebuild of Skyway Tuff II.
Also featured are the latest old school shows from around the world, including Scot Breithaupt’s 40 Years of BMX Cyclebration, the OS-BMX Thailand Gathering and the Knox Vintage BMX Show.
Plus much more vintage BMX goodness ( How to rebuild Tuff Wheels, BMX cartoon, ...)
64 pages, A5, full colour, loaded with photos. All killer, no filler.

classic bmx 05 issue 5 - 2011
classicbmxmag.com: We meet Hollywood Mike Miranda and talk Pro racing and Pink Hutchs.
We’re granted exclusive access to quite possibly the largest old school BMX collection on the planet. The spectacular Jeff Haney collection.
Visit the 2011 BMX Society Bellflower Show.
Meet Mongoose legend Jeff Kosmala and check out his freshly restored original World Championship winning Kos Kruiser.
Celebrate 25 years of the movie RAD.
Check out the 3rd Old School BMX Meeting from Zeven , Germany.
Waza talks us through the Tools you’ll need for your vintage restoration.
We fully feature the following killer old school rides:
Count em, three Skyway 24 Cruisers. Yes three!
1985 Aero Reflex.
1977 DG Racer.
Plus much more vintage BMX goodness!
eddie fiola classic bmx 06 issue 6 - november 2011
classicbmxmag.com: We meet ‘The King’ – Eddie Fiola.
Visit the 2011 Australian Retro BMX Grands – 70 racers on pre-1986 bikes; it’s a recipe for old school awesomeness!
We jump the General Lee over a Torker. No, we really do.
Wanna know where Mike Buff’s personal CW California Freestyle is? It’s in Issue 6.
Checkout the Rockford BMX Show.
Adam Connor collects old school BMXs to relieve stress, we see how the therapy is going by checking out his collection.
Juan Mattos shares some basic finishing tips for your next build.
We feature Cam Small’s gorgeous 1984 Zeronine Works Pro – it’s pure eye candy.
You can’t keep a good man down. After serious illness Craig Fisher is back. We catch up with him in the winner’s circle once more.
Our tech article shows you the correct way to remove a three piece crank - no hammer required!
Plus much more vintage BMX goodness.
classic bmx 07 issue 7 - march 2012
Classic BMX No.7 - now hittin' the streets.
• We feature arguably the most significant single BMX bike of our time, the Rick’s Bike Shop Redline Looptail, and enlist the help of BMX legend Rick Twomey to tell its story.
• Visit the Knox Vintage BMX Show and the 1st China/Hong Kong BMX Show.
• We witness a murder, as Noel Griffiths takes to the track in his freshly restored Nomura Alloy.
• Feature a killer Skyway TA with a fresh freestyle twist.
• Learn the little known history of G-Boy BMX and gather four of these super rare bikes for our feature.
• We meet a man called Supa Roo, who almost singlehandedly carries the torch for this ‘Little Aussie Battler’ BMX brand.
• Super early and super rare: two super phrases that perfectly describe Thornton Smith’s 1983 ELF Cruiser. Check it out in issue 7.
• Waza puts together his Mega Mag Wheel Guide. So many wheels, so many choices.
• Plus much more vintage BMX goodness.