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BMX zine from New England USA.
Nick Ferreira, holeshot issue 1, 2007: This zine is for the kids riding bikes in the streets, with kids, wives, husbands, jobs, bills, and another life. It's for the kids building jumps in the woods, sitting in a sweaty car with their best friends and their bikes, the skatepark rats, and local rippers. It's for the two mile per hour barspinner and the forty mile per hour gap jumper, and everyone in between. For the BMX track parents and Jose Yanez and Vic Murphy and Mark Gonzales and for riding fast in the city. It's not much but it's a Holeshot.
Frenchie, thecomeup.com, december 2014: The first issue of Holeshot came out in October 2007 thanks to the creative mind of Nick Ferreira and those zines where pretty awesome. This was the Lotek/Mosh era, when pegless riding, slammed seats and big bars where the trends. The stories and graphics were always sick.
First eight issues are available online : www.nickferr.com/holeshot.html
gary ellis holeshot bmx issue 1 - october 2007
Gary “the Lumberjack” Ellis on the cover.
Top 5's: John Ouellette.
Daniel Webster interview.
Tim Packard.
John Maul interview.
holeshot bmx issue 2 - february 2008
Zines: Stunk zine, Giraffe brothers, Local Cobras, Elk zine.
How to: have fun at an indoor skatepark.
Letters to the editor.
Reviews: Dig issue 62, Ted Van Orman's Life? magazine, The come up DVD, Don't quit your day job 2.
Ryan Homer.
Coleman Lopes.
Top 5's: Matty Aqua Zap.
holeshot bmx issue 3 - august 2008
Dave Froh.
Reviews in 5 words.
How to make a zine.
Tijuana park.
Ted Van Orman.
Daniel Burton.
Martha's Vineyard.
BMX legends.
holeshot bmx issue 4 - december 2008
Brian Tunney, www.expn.com, february 2009: A few years back, I can recall very long sessions with my friends at the local skatepark. Sessions that lasted deep into the night, with our circle of friends ignoring most of the skatepark, choosing only to ride one of the bowl's transitions, and jumping out of it to flat, while trying whatever haphazard variation we could think of. Some of us learned new tricks, some of us slammed pretty hard and all of us probably bent our forks a little bit. That didn't matter though. We were having fun, riding bikes as a group of friends, without any other care in the world. That's what Holeshot issue 4 made me think about. And not just because there's a testament to the flyout on said pages. It's because Holeshot, and editor Nick Ferreira, seem to appreciate the simpler things in BMX, such as flyouts, roadtrips, exploring new spots, the power of the Gonz and yes, even Portuguese sausage. Well okay, maybe Portuguese sausage (known as linguica) isn't on the short list of simpler things in BMX, but it encompasses part of Nick's world, and since it's his zine, you get a linguica recipe. It amazes me that I'm even talking about sausage on a BMX Web site, but I digress.
Issue #4 of Holeshot is straight up awesome. It's black and white xeroxed zine, full of New England-infused parables, photos from Andrew Burton, Kyle Emery-Peck and Ted Van Orman, plus a varied assortment of both BMX and non-BMX randomness. Not only that, the cover has both a lion and mozzarella sticks on it. I would highly encourage everyone to finish reading this write-up, go over to the Holeshot site, order a copy, wait till it arrives in the mail, turn off your computer and spend an hour reading it from cover to cover. I'm sure all of us riding bikes has a similar story as the one I alluded to earlier, and it's a good bet that Holeshot #4 will serve as a reminder of those simpler times. So get off the Internet, call up your friends, go have some fun riding and don't forget to buy some sausage on the way home. (Soysage if you don't eat meat...)
holeshot bmx issue 5 - may 2009
Ryan Green.
Ron Pitcher.
Isaac Reancon.
Scott McQuinn.
BMX $$
How to enjoy a beer.
Hang'n brain with Matt Gaspar.
holeshot bmx issue 6 - december 2009
Nick Ferreira, holeshotbmx.blogspot.fr, 2009: Issue 6 is available now in the store for the low price of $4.00. It's 56 pages with a color cover (shot by Kyle Emery-Peck), digital offset black and white interior, and stapled. It ships for 1 dollar in the US and 2 dollars International. Here's the breakdown of what's inside:
Miguel Esparza Interview, Las Vegas, Hangn Brain by Matt Gaspar, San Francisco by Kyle Emery-Peck, The Taunton Massachusetts BMX "Team"- Team Shed, Portland Oregon, Matt Plassman, plus all the little tid bits that make Holeshot what it is. Not to mention sweet photos by contributing photographers like Andrew Burton, Steve Crandall, Mike Michaud, Ted Van Orman, Mike Hines, and more. Matt Matteson returns with a "Stay Fit" Review as well.
holeshot bmx issue 7 - april 2010
HYL Zine by Steven DaSilva
5 Word Reviews
Hangn Brain with Matt Gaspar
Zac Costa & Reptiles
AM:PM / Photographs by Edwin DeLaRosa
South of the Border
Will Bissell
Goonz / Fall River
Special Learn How To Have Fun Print edition
plus random photos, stories, etc. from Nick Ferreira as well as contributors like Kyle Emery-Peck, Ted Van Orman, Sean Ryan, Paulo Martins, Jackson Allen, and Jon Wilson!
holeshot bmx issue 8 - october 2010
Schwinn bikes 1996-2001
club portugese homeboy
dean sleeper
perma summer article
hank hill bike check
and a bunch more
issue 9 - box set
BMX Bikes Wanted - Nick Ferreira

Lively Visions - Blazeguard

Fall River - Vinny Martin

Untitled - Jake Honesto

Uncle Buck - Matt Gaspar

10 Photographs - Kyle Emery-Peck

Hyde Pride - Andrew Burton

Suburban Shred II or Holyshit DVD-R

Over The Bars sticker

Club Portuguese Homeboy sticker

Vintage Odyssey cap (be creative)