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1984 DOB: may 11, 1984.
early years Born in Panama, Edwin moved to Brooklyn at the age of four. It wasn't until the age of 12 that Edwin's interest in BMX was sparked while watching the X Games on TV. He received his first bike on his 13th birthday and delved into the endless Brooklyn cityscape, quickly creating a name for himself with a riding style he has made his signature.
Edwin, www.ridebmx.com, 2003: The first real BMX bike I got was a GT "Dyno" from my mom on my 13th birthday. (...) When I got my first bike, I had brakes for a while, then they just popped one day and I didn't want to put them back on because I didn't like working on them. To build a bike without brakes is so much easier.
Wall ride to x-up in Ride BMX US december 2000.
Jeff Zielinski, Ride BMX US #100: Edwin Delarosa's first photo in Ride was a wallie-to-x-up in issue 55, and his mom was bummed because you couldn't see his face. She even told me to make sure his face was visible the next time we shot a photo. Edwin's friends in school didn't believe it was him, either.
edwin delarosa ride bmx us 12 2000
Edwin Delarosa coverage in Dig march 2001.
Jeff Zielinski: Edwin and I first met briefly last winter when I was working on an article about street riders in New York City. Shortly after that he took a lengthy voyage to his homeland of Panama. Next spring we met again when I began filming for the upcoming Animal video. I don’t know if it was the unbelievably good feeling of the first warm spring day, the everlasting energy of a 15 year-old, or just some kind of natural abilities, but he rode so well that he was on the Animal team by the day’s end. Good thing too, because over the course of the next few months we would spend countless days together riding, filming, shooting photos, and more importantly, having fun and becoming good friends. The photos on these pages give you a glimpse of how amazing Ed is on a bike, but tell absolutely nothing about how generous, considerate, and friendly he is. If he finds ten bucks, then you’ve both got five. When your back hurts, he’ll carry the bag. If you miss the train, he’ll ride home with you. If in some absurd chance Edwin’s riding skills don’t take him far in life, his personality definitely will.

Edwin, www.ridebmx.com, 2003: It was the weirdest thing ever for me. I was about 16 at the time, and those were the guys I looked up to. I must have watched their videos twice a day, so to go from a kid that watched the videos to going on a trip and riding and hanging out with them was the best thing in the world for me. I told all my friends about the trip. Four months prior to that trip, the Sombra crew came to New York to ride for a couple of days and that was the best, so to go on a trip with them after that was even better.

Ells Bells Rebirth video.
2002 Backyard jam round 1, Telford International Center, UK.

10th place pro street @ 2002 Backyard jam round 2, July 13-14, 2002, Hastings, UK.

Etnies Forward video.
Edwin, www.ridebmx.com, 2003: I wasn't supposed to have a part in the video in the first place. I had just gotten on the "A" team and I just happened to be in Cali at the time. I met up with {Dave} Parrick and I filmed the part that was in the VHS in like two days because the deadline for the video was already up. After the video came out, I went back to Cali for a week, and Parrick came to New York for like five days and I filmed the part for the DVD.

Ells Bells Finding Shades video.

Interview in Ride BMX US october 2002.

Props Road Fools 10.

Etnies Forward.
2003 Toronto Metro jam, February 28th - March 2nd, 2003.

Edwin Delarosa Animal signature shirt.

Dear pro with Edwin Delarosa in Ride BMX US december 2003.
2004 Animal Can I Eat ? video.

Interview in Ride BMX UK may 2004.

Delarosa's Fit bike check in Ride BMX UK december 2004.

Animal Can I Eat ?
2005 Set-ups with Edwin Delarosa in Ride BMX US march 2005.

Lotek Edwin DeLaRosa's signature shoes
2006 Interview in Cream #16 janvier 2006.

Backchat with Edwin Delarosa in Dig #50 january 2006.

Vista, CA - DC Shoes announced in early January that it has signed 21-year-old professional BMX rider Edwin Delarosa as the newest addition to its BMX team. Endorsing Edwin is a big move for the company since this is the first time a high profile, strictly street rider has been signed to the DC roster. DC has assembled an unparalleled Professional BMX Team over the years with Edwin coming in as the newest addition in more than a year and a half. In addition to DC, Edwin's other sponsors include Red Bull, Zoo York, Fit Bikes, sKavenger, Animal and Dan's Competition.

Animal All Day video.

Tom White and Edwin Delarosa in Barcelona on the cover of Dig june 2006. Photo by Ricky Adam.

Pro Q&A with Edwin Delarosa in Ride BMX US june 2006.

Fit Life video.
edwin delarosa tom white dig 53

Animal All day.

edwin delarosa fitlife
Edwin on the cover of FIT life.
Edwin De La Rosa does a bunnyhop truckdriver that is out of this world on the cover of Ride BMX US april 2007. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

Edwin Delarosa and Nigel Sylvester by Armen Djerrahian on the cover of Cream october 2007. New York 2007.
edwin delarosa ride bmx us 04 2007

edwin delarosa cream bmx 10 2007
The life and times of Edwin in and around New York City in The Albion #1 april 2011.