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1983 DOB: july 13, 1983
early years

Morgan Wade, etnies.com, february 2010: At the age of five I got my first bike. That was an awesome birthday! My two older brothers and I always had a big yard to play in when we were growing up, so I made use of it and quickly learned how to ride without training wheels. One of my earliest memories of riding was around that same time when my whole family went on a bike ride through old back roads a few miles from our house. At one point on our little ride, there was a huge hill… well… it was huge to me at the time. I started down it and quickly got up to speed when my handlebars started shaking. This is known as the speed wobbles. I believe that was my first ever superman, the only problem was that it was the OTB kind. I did a lawn dart strait into the asphalt and proceeded to do a sweet palm slide for another ten or fifteen feet. Meaty palms and road rash at the age of five is no fun, I remember riding home in pain from all the scrapes and bruises. This must have been early training for the future.

Morgan Wade, etnies.com, february 2010: At age seven I received the nickname “Crash & Burn” from a Sheriff in Canton, Texas. My Dad has been a construction superintendent for the past thirty years and at that point he was building jails, including one in Waco Texas that has held good old Willie Nelson a few times, but that’s another story. Dad was building the Canton jail and in doing so he was working closely with the Sheriff there. In the early stages of the project they had to level off the building site to pore the slab on. This made for some fun times on bikes when we got to go to work with Pops. There were a few spots on the job site where the dirt was raised up about six to eight feet to make a level surface, and at one edge there was a little lip. My brothers and I would hit the lip on our bikes and launch down to the bottom of the hill. One day, my Dad and the Sheriff were out on the pre-slab, talking about whatever it is superintendents and Sheriffs talk about, when they noticed me riding my bike as fast as I could across the top of the slab area. I hit the edge of the dirt and flew up in the air, then disappeared over the edge. My Dad said that they just stood there not saying anything for a minute, looking at the edge of the dirt where I disappeared. I popped up with my bike, hopped back on it, and proceeded to do it all over again. The Sheriff looked at my Dad and said, “Now I understand,” then said, “I was beginning to think that was an abused child”. Every time he saw me I had different cuts and bruises. Apparently he thought my Dad was doing this to me. He then dubbed me “Crash & Burn” because, evidently, I didn’t land rubber side down as much as I would have liked to. I think I still have that problem to this day. I could go on and on about all the crash stories I have over those years because there are tons, but that was all before I even knew what “BMX” was.

Morgan Wade, etnies.com, february 2010: In 1990 or 1991 my Mom took my brothers and me to the Texas State Fair in Dallas. We were lucky enough to get there in time to see the first of three BMX stunt shows by the Sprocket Jockeys. The riders were Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, DMC and, I believe Steve Swope was on the mic, but it might have been Thorn. It was the best thing I’d ever seen! We definitely made it back for all three shows that day and witnessed Mat do an array of ridiculous (to this day) vert tricks with the grand finale of a no-handed 540. On the third show that day, Mat hung his front wheel on the deck of the vert ramp while doing the no-handed five. He went down really hard. I remember thinking, “How can someone get up from a crash that bad?” I can still see it clearly in my head; he came around out of the 540 and clipped his front wheel sending him strait to the bottom on his face. Mat is such a good showman that he didn’t even hesitate; he just got right up, waved, bowed and limped off the ramp. I know he had to have been in so much pain when he made his way back over to his trailer. I’ve always admired that about him; he was more concerned with letting everyone know he was alright rather than sitting there hamming it up for the crowd. I really couldn’t have had a better introduction to BMX. Years later I feel so honored to actually know and be friends with all the guys that gave me a preview of where my life was taking me.

First “real” BMX bike.
Morgan, bmx.transworld.net, october 2009: It was a Schwinn Jay Miron Powermatic, all chromed out! Mmmmm…
Morgan Wade, etnies.com, february 2010: I got my first “real” freestyle bike when I was fourteen years old in 1997. My older brother, Ben, and I built a quarter pipe in the yard right around the same time, and rode the crap out of it every day. When I wasn’t riding our super sweet eight-foot wide, seven-foot quarter with a foot of vert on it, I was out on the street in front on my house riding flatland. The city of Tyler built the first free public skate park in Texas about a year and a half later. This is when I figured out that ramps were what I had the most fun on—given, that has changed a bit over the years. I met a whole crew that turned out to be some of the best roll models a kid could ask for. Clean cut, completely drug-free guys that were always looking out for me and the other younger kids in the group. We had a few racer/trail dogs, about four or five old school “freestylers” and seven or eight new school kids myself included. The guys I spent the most time with were the older, all around freestylers: Chip, Nathan, Sport, Luke Duke, Nacho and Bass. Most of my favorite memories of riding while growing up were with those guys. I learned a lot from them over the years. They were the ones that would keep me in check if I started acting stupid or got out of line. I love those guys like brothers and wouldn’t trade those few developmental years for anything.

Morgan Wade, etnies.com, february 2010: When I was sixteen and seventeen, I started to go on riding trips with the Tyler Posse all over the state of Texas. We would make trips to all the local contests and go down to Austin and Dallas to ride the parks, street and trails. The first contest I ever entered was a local comp at Eisenburgs Skate Park in Plano, TX. I never imagined that I would end up riding in contests like the X-Games, Metro Jams, Backyard Jams and the Worlds. When I think about it, it really baffles me that I went from short trips all around Texas to crazy ones all over the World! It’s the biggest blessing that anyone could ask for to get to travel like I do for the simple reason of doing something I love.

6th place stuntboy park @ 2000 CFB round 3, Woodward, PA., july 2000.

The BMX world got its first glimpse of Morgan in Road Fools 5, when the cast and crew filmed Tyler’s city park. His first trick? An alley-oop 540.
6th place amateur park @ 2001 CFB round 2, Perris, California, may 2001.

Morgan Wade, www.facebook.com, august 2011: Back rail Fufanu in my DKNY's, Pro Design's, wife beater, & unbuckled Pryme fullface. On my Eastern Hercules, with Odyssey Street forks w/peg bosses, Odyssey hazard 14mm front & rear axels w/12 guage spokes & Alex triple wall rims, Odyssey Milk Bars, Solid Hardcore cranks w/the one inch spindle, 44 tooth Sharp sprocket w/quarter inch thick teeth & The Sharp Hardcore chain! AKA my 45lb bike!!! Dave's Skatepark, Lufkin Texas 2001.
morgan wade 2001
32nd place pro park @ 2002 CFB round 1, Merritt Island, FL., march 2002.

Morgan placed 12th out of 26 at the EXPN Invitationals in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Morgan makes the video of the T1/FBM jam for Props 43.
Morgan Wade placed 2nd out of 89 riders at an Underground Products contest in Florida.

7th place pro park @ 2003 X-Games, Los Angeles, august 2003.

8th place pro street @ Vans Triple crown round 3, Oceanside,CA., september 2003.

Morgan Wade superman-whip at Woodward West on the cover of Ride BMX US #91 december 2003. Photo: Zielinski.

Soul video #23 winter 2003/2004.
On voit dans cette vidéo des images du jeune Morgan Wade à la UGP Roots jam où il rentre un énorme whip one hand et un whip superman.
morgan wade ride bmx us 12 2003
Morgan Wade interview in Ride BMX US #94 march 2004.

Props Megatour 3 in Texas, march 2004.

Morgan Wade Interview in BMX Plus! april 2004.

1st place pro park @ 2004 CFB, may 2005.
Morgan managed to outdo even himself, flairing the new "jersey barrier" gap, tailwhipping anything he wanted and doing what was quite possibly the largest pocket air ever

7th place pro park @ Vans Triple Crown Stop #1, Salt Lake City, Utah, may 2004.

His first Pro win was at the 2004 Roots Jam.

14th place pro park @ Vans Triple Crown Stop #2, Denver CO., june 2004.

2004 X-GAMES.
6th place pro park @ 2004 X-Games, Los Angeles, august 2004.
Morgan Wade sailed around the course at mach speed. His best move was a bike flip, in which he flipped the bike over, front-to-back, in midair. Morgan pulled the trick over both the box jump and the spine.

The Brad Blanchard bikeflip had been a complete huck-and-hope until 2004. Senad Grosic laid claim to the trick over a box and Morgan Wade let one fly over the spine during the X-Games X in Los Angeles.
Morgan Wade, Ride BMX US, december 2004: Nathan Wessel was trying it on the vert ramp and I thought it was pretty cool. He said, "Why don't you try it?" so I tried it twice in the foam. Once I threw the bike away and I thought it wasn't going to work, but then Nate said something about how to throw the bike. I tried again and pretty much landed on the pedals in the foam. I just wanted to see how it felt, because I had never tried it before. Fifteen minutes later I pulled it on the resi and 15 minutes after that I pulled it on the box to pedals.
It's way easier over the spine. It's just a little bit of a low awkward landing, that's all. You don't jump forward: you just go straight up, do it, and go straight down. Going over the box you have to drift over the whole deck, so it makes it a little difficult to get the rotation right.
When I first learned it I had both gloves on and it was working since my grips were worn in real well. But then when I put new grips on I couldn't do the trick anymore because my hands were sticking to my grips. I went to get a drink of water and a light bulb went off in my head. I put my hands under the fountain, got my gloves soaking wet, and then pulled it first try. So that's the key-get your gloves wet, with new grips, anyway. Eventually I took the gloves off and just got my hand wet. Sweat works better. anyway, because it doesn't dry out as fast as water.
I tried a 360 bikeflip into the foam, but it didn't work out. It seems like you could try a regular three and come around like a three-whip. I don't know how you'd hang onto the bike.

Morgan Wade's Mutiny Sinister inspection in Transworld BMX september 2004.

1st place pro park @ 2004 Gravity Games.

11th place pro park @ Vans Triple Crown Stop #3, Huntington Beach,CA., september 2004.

Morgan gets the last part of the Ride Drop the hammer video.

Pro Q&A with Morgan Wade in Transworld BMX november 2004.

Morgan Wade bike flip at the X Games on the cover of BMX Plus! december 2004.
morgan wade
Vans triple crown #1. Photo by George Crossland

morgan wade bmx plus 12 2004
2005 Morgan Wade double loop sequence in Ride BMX US january 2005.

1st place pro park and 5th place pro dirt @ 2005 CFB, may 2005.
It was no surprise Morgan Wade won 1st place in pro park. Morgan went super high in the large pocket and 720'd the volcano among all the other nutty Morgan tricks.

Morgan Wade at Woodward East with a dipped 360 transfer on the cover of Ride BMX US #109 june 2005. Photo: Ryan Fudger.

Morgan is on the cover and gets an interview in Props 56, summer 2005.

Pro street worldchampion in Pragues, june 2005.
It was Morgan's first European contest and he made it count. He will be a regular from now on because he has put himself on the map winning pro street. He rode a double rail and tailwhipped out of it and did his first ever curved wallride to tailwhip in Prague. His tailwhips are from a different league and his quarterpipe air was sweet.

Morgan, www.snafubmx.com, june 29, 2005: I have some really bad news... I don't think I'm gonna be able to go to the Rebel Jam anymore. On thursday Joe Simon, Aaron Ross, Gaz, Matt Roe, Joel Moody, myself, and this kid Adam Royee that works at Empire went to Dallas to ride this new concrete skatepark in Allen Tx. It was awesome! We were ridin around havin a good old time filmin some stuff and then I went for this air on one of the quarters... Hung back wheel and went straight to my face! No good! A few hours and twenty stitches later they let me out of the hospital... Got a concussion and a rather large gash on my lip. I should be all good but the Dr. said I can't ride for two weeks. This actually means a week to a week and a half, but I've been pretty out of it since it happend and I don't think I'll be ready to ride by the time the comp comes round... I was really looking forward to riding the park and visiting germany for the first time! I'm actually really bummed out about it... I was thinking that I could maybe come just to hang out because the ticket is already there, but the more I thought about it the more I realised that I don't think I can handle the flight right now the way my head is pounding. I think I just need to heal up a bit and rest for a while. Anyway everything is fine inside and I should be alright in time for the "Poo Tour" in Denver...

June 2005, Morgan Wade is the newest heavy hitter on the Etnies team.

Sponsors: Etnies, UGP, SNAFU, RiffRaf and Mutiny.

Morgan Wade in Prague on the cover of Soul BMX video 28. Photo: Kay Clauberg.
morgan wade ride bmx us 06 2005

morgan wade props bmx 56

morgan wade soul bmx video 28
2006 Morgan Wade wins the bmx park silver medal at the 2006 X-Games.
Fat Tony, www.ridebmx.com, august 2006: Morgan Wade is awesome. His fun personality combined with his powerhouse riding and huge tricks makes it impossible to stop smiling while watching him ride. He started off both his runs with a pocket air transfer that was close to 25 feet long. The middle of his runs consisted of plenty of bangers like flairs and a 360-whip. At the end of his second run, Morgan pulled another pocket air transfer and secured his second place finish.
One-handed superman tailwhip on the cover of Dig september 2007. Photo by Sandy Carson.
morgan wade dig bmx 60
2009 UNITED.
Morgan is riding a United frame.
Morgan, bmx.transworld.net, october 2009: I’ve always liked United, and Corey Martinez’s bike setup. Ian Morris hooked it up and flowed me a frame so I’d have something new to scoot around. I’m psyched! I really just wanted to try something new since Mutiny was over, and I’m glad to give my support to T-Nez and United in the frame area!

Natalie and Morgan Wade on the cover of Cream september 2009.


Morgan, bmx.transworld.net, october 2009: The only reason I didn’t have brakes at the Dew Tour is because I lost all the tabs and mounts that came with the frame! I went to put them on the day before I left and couldn’t find the parts… Still can’t actually… But I didn’t have much of a choice, so I just went with it! Honestly, I showed up in Orlando not really knowing what to expect. I rode Simpel Session brakeless back at the start of the year, but that course was more street than it was transition. I’d never ridden dirt brakeless though, so that was a new adventure for me. In both park and dirt, I really couldn’t tell any difference… It was a lot of fun and I pretty much felt like I rode the same as with brakes. At least three people came up to me after the contest and told me not to put them back on because they liked the way I rode without them better. They may not go back on… I haven’t decided yet!
natalie morgan wade cream bmx 35
If it can be looped, Morgan Wade is your man. Here is conquering Wyoming’s Hell Hole on the cover of Ride BMX US november 2012. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
morgan wade ride bmx us 11 2012
2013 ON HB.

morgan wade bmx plus! 08 2013