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Sources: www.bangpictures.com, www.pedalbmx.com, Ride BMX UK, www.theflatlander.com, Ride BMX US, ...
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Tout démarra en 1983, lorsqu'un groupe de jeunes break-dancers appelés "Cardboard Lords, découvrit le bicross. Kevin Jones et Mark Eaton, originaires de York en Pennsylvanie, formaient peu de temps après les Plywoods Hoods (voyous en contre-plaqué) et s'amusaient sur des bosses en terre ou sur des parkings avec leur petit velo.
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK january 2005: The Dorkin video series revolutionised how riders - remember, this was before freestyle coverage on TV and way before the internet - looked at freestyle. Riders suddenly could see and understand the latest cutting edge tricks: "so that's how Jones got into that position, and he's rolling backwards!" Dorkin videotapes were gold-dust and copied from copies of copies and passed around, dealt with in corners of freestyle contests like illegal contraband. This was the real deal. From these videos came a generation of freestyle riders, influenced into new thinking, pushing the sport further. And from these Dorkin videos came more videos, and the BMX video genre itself was born.
Dorkin' in York
Mark Eaton produced the first Eaton Film ever released, called Dorkin' in York in 1988. Each of the 500 copies was made one at a time. The video was packed with so many strange, innovative tricks that no one could believe it.

Tirée à seulement 500 exemplaires, la première vidéo faite par un rider, vit le jour en mai 1988 sous un nom qui deviendra légendaire: Dorkin' in York. Kevin Jones commençait déjà les rolling tricks comme Elbow glide ou Death Truck alors que les autres en étaient encore à pogoter sur les cylindres de 5cm de long qui faisaient office de pegs.

Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Dorkin' in York, released May 1988 Dorkin' in York was the first homemade underground video made by riders for riders. Rolling tricks had arrived in flatland freestyle, and the rolling combinations Kevin Jones and Mark Eaton were doing just blew riders' minds. "The quality was horrible!" Eaton says. "We had no clue what we were doing".
Dorkin' 2
Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Dorkin' II, released November 1988. Six months later, the second bomb dropped' more original new ground tricks and rolling links by The Plywood Hoods. A 15-year-old flatlander by the name of Dave Mirra made his first-ever video appearance in Dorkin' II "It was tighter than the first one," Eaton says.

6 mois plus tard, Dorkin 2 sortait et nous présentait un petit jeune jusqu'alors inconnu, Dave Mirra qui n'avait que 14 ans. Un p'tit gars qui s'averra très prometteur....en flat! Et oui, si nous pûmes admirer ses premiers aerials, son niveau en flat en disait long aussi: 10 whiplash, squeakerson to backward decade, ect.
dorkin york 2 bmx video
Dorkin' 3
Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Dorkin' Ill released June 1989. More advanced rolling combos and trick break-throughs like Jones' hitchiker and backpacker made the third video a huge favourite among serious riders. Included key footage from the 2-Hip's Meet the Street at Woodward. PA. Dave Mirra's first vert ramp riding section amazed people who thought the kid only rode flat. dorkin york 3 bmx video
Dorkin' 4
Released in 1991.

Go march 1991: The fourth dimension of Plywood Hoods dementia features the blood-curdling groundwork of Kevin Jones, Mark Lungmustard Eaton, Chase Gouin, and John Stapleton in hard-hitting Hoods tradition. Ramp antics this time were taken care of by Dave Mirra and Jay "I'm not afraid to die" Miron. Directed by Lunger and The K, the production level surpasses that of the previous three vids with editing trickery that will make you wonder how many cameramen these guys actually had on the sets. If you're serious about flatland, this critter is a must. Soundtrack: Public Enemy, Jimi Hendrix, Suicidal Tendencies, Led Zeppelin, Jane's Addiction ... to name a few.

BMX Plus!: The "Plywood Hoods" have done it again: They've released another from their ever-popular Dorkin' videos-Dorkin' 04. Besides showing clips of all the dorks in York, they slap in a really cool clip of Matt Hoffman's backflip fakie, with classic background music. Of course, you'll get to see the newest footage of Kevin Jones' latest combinations and psycho tricks, but you get one extra feature. He's the newest resident of York, Pennsylvania, Chase Gouin, and you the viewer will get to see this hot up-and-comer pull a quadruple decade and a bunch of insane combinations. So, to fatten up Kevin Jones' pocket and to get your fourth Dorkin' video, send a check or money order for $20 plus $3 shipping to Dorkin' 04, c/a Kevin Jones, Dept. BMXP, 601 E. Hillcrest Rd., York, PA 17403.

Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Dorkin' 4, released September 1990. Eaton started putting more effort into achieving new effects with video, and production value took a jump with Dorkin' 4. The latest, hardest tricks of the time were unveiled. Canadian Chase Gouin had emigrated to York, PA, and was showcased as an up-and-coming new talent. Eaton fortified his own flatland riding with some sick street sequences.
dorkin york 4 bmx video
Dorkin' 4 1/2
Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Dorkin' 4-1/2, released August 1991 "We were doin' a lot of new stuff, so many new tricks that we had to put a video out," Eaton says "It had been a year since Dorkin' 4 came out so 4-1/2 was a little mini video before 5, because we had all this stuff " Bar flip, foot-switch and scuffing-with-either-foot tricks had come out and 4-1/2 was thirty minutes' worth of it, A teaser for... dorkin york 4 and a half bmx video

Outro of Dorkin 4 1/2. Kevin Jones 52 whiplashes.
Dorkin' 5
Released in june 1992.
50 minutes long.
Sixth video from the Plywood Hoods.

5) Kevin Jones.
4) Chase Gouin. Both Hoods are Dorkin' 5's outstanding pro flatlanders guaranteed to leave your pulse rate flatlining.Illogical yet free-flowing connections, sleight-of-hand-and-foot jump-switching, and ballsy moves the world has never before seen, all presented in a fast-paced Eatonian/Jones-mixed format.
3) Mark "Lungschlucker" Eaton. Grinds a-la-Eaton, miniramping cold-lamping, and some ground. The Boy of Lung outdid himself with a hodge-podge soundtrack (you name it, including Yorkers LIVE) and right-on-the-money fidge edits.
2) Speaking of fidge, wait 'til you see the commercials they've got going in this one. Just you wait.
1) Take a Polaroid of the part where Kevin "The K" Jones is goopin' it up (lackadaisically consuming junk Food) and WIN a Free K-autographed 32-ounce bag of Martin's BBQ chips! Send all entries to GOOPMAN, 601, E. Hillcrest Rd., York, PA 17403.

Ride BMX UK: The Plywood Hoods are infamous for making excellent videos - and this is the sixth video from them. In fact (4 1/2 came between 4 and 5). Dorkin' Five is their latest instalment in a long line of ground breaking riding videos from America.
Mark Eaton takes care of most of the camera work, and it's pucka. Five starts off with a roots section and then moves on to brief glimpses of flatland god Kevin Jones, Mark himself, Dave Mirra, John, and Geoff Martin. They concentrate on flatland, and it's pretty incredible stuff (hit the rewind & play buttons several times).
Reading, PA, skatepark keeps growing and now it has a bg spine complex, which Eaton shreds on (front wheel manual on the spine). Then the video moves onto longer sections of featured riders: Chase Gouin (one footed backpackers, switch foot pinky squeaks, forward death truck flipped round to regular death truck without the front wheel touching), Dave Mirra (BS footage, no footed x-up 360 over a spine), Kevin Jones section (riding a new Peregrine bike - just watch his ground riding, OK?). Eaton on street, Geoff Martin (spinning), and finally to finish off Five there's a roots section.
Filming is fresh (following camera work). Editing is sharp and sweet, and music is good with all sorts of great tracks. Five concentrates on flatland (65%ish flat) and in usual Plywood Hoods tradition the riding is sooooo good. Dorkin' FIve - try and get one. £22 for about 50 minutes, from Backyard.

Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Dorkin' 5, released June 1992. "It was really progressive," Eaton says "It broke a lot of new tricks, new riding styles a whole bunch of new switches. It's the milestone video of all of 'em." Eaton premiered Dorkin' 5 at a movie theater the night of the 1992 York Jam. It was the first time anybody had ever premiered a BMX video at a movie theatre.
Released in 1993. This video was premiered after the 1993 York jam.
35 minutes long.
Features the latest in east Coast flatland lunacy from: Geoff Martin, Leif Valin, Chris Young, Mark lungmustard Eaton, Kevin Jones (backward backpackers), Chase Gouin.
Special guest footage of: Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Joe Rich, John Luc-E Englebert.

Ride BMX UK april 1994: In the world of BMX videos, Mark Eaton ranks as one of the best video producers going. Eaton [a.k.a Lungmustard] has been making Dorkin' videos for a good few years - the latest instalment `Hypnosis' is number six in the series which has truly stamped York, Pennsylvania, onto the freestyle scene. Such is the vibe from the videos that York is the flatland Mecca and Dorkin videos themselves are widely considered to be visual bibles on the ground circuit: Dorkin 4 for example undoubtedly pushed flatland into a new age when it was released a few years back.
It has been said that Dorkin videos went off the boil for a while, but with the 35 minutes of Hypnosis Lung has well and truly proved that he can still make damn good bike videos. The new one features the usual PA crew: Geoff Martin, Lung himself, Chris Young, Chase Gouin, Luc-E, Joe Rich, Leif Valin, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Kevin Jones, and a few others. It rolls on, rider after rider with their own sections, with good all-round coverage. Luc-E and Joe Rich prove their worth on dirt [very interesting film and angles], Geoff, Leif and Chris are fine flatlanders, and Lung has some innovative street tricks up his sleeve [barspin hops over stuff]. Dave and Jay have killer vert/skatepark sections. Chase nails ground tricks solid - some incredible links there for sure. And unless you actually live in York, the only other place you're likely to watch Kevin Jones ride is on one these videos: a bit of a hermit, Kevin has some flatland tricks which make you want to wet your pants - backwards backpackers for example. Not only does K pull off impossible tricks with ease, he does it with more smooth-flowing style than Torvill and Dean combined. The K still rules.
What's more, Eaton doesnt just take along a nice Handycam with him to sessions: throughout Hypnosis you can see unusual angles and moving camera, along with [the best part of all] cine film. Cine film is rare in these Beadle days and the film processing is expensive as shit, plus rolls of cine film are only a limiting few minutes long, but it's well worth it: the result looks killer. Along with snappy editing, great music, and the excellent familiar Dorkin' vibe, this is the best video I've seen in quite a few months.

Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Hypnosis. released June 1993. Riding had progressed and Eaton's skills at making videos were getting better so he broke away from the Dorkin' name with Hypnosis. He was also shooting more 16mm film. The name came from the idea of riders being "hypnotised " by Dorkin' videos to the point that they actually wore out their tapes by pausing and slow-mo'ing certain tricks over and over...

KalaYasuda, www.youtube.com, april 2011: Geoff Martin - DORKIN_07_Hypnosis ca.'93
Riders: Kevin Jones, Mark Eaton, Chase Gouin, Leif Valin, Jesse Puente, Edgar Plascencia, ...

Chris Halverson, www.theflatlander.com: Have you ever seen a video by Mark Eaton? Well, if you have then you know they're damn good. But if you haven't, well, then, you're missing out. Wheelies, is no exception, and in fact, it's probably one of the best ones ever. Kevin Jones, Chase Gouin, Leif Valin, Jesse Puente and others are the showmen in this one. I don't think I even know where to begin to describe these guys' styles. KJ does the fastest mega-spin I have ever seen, and Edgar Plascencia's run is freaking awesome. No one else can do his tricks, no one! Leif shows off his incredible buffness and upper body strength with his amazing upside down wheelie and other pedal tricks. And Chase, well... His riding completely speaks for itself, it's just unreal. Actually, the entire video is unreal so go buy it. Now.

Lee Musselwhite, server.byke.org/ukflat : This vid may seem old now as it was made in a good few years back but the riding in it is absolutely shit hot. It is made by Mark Eaton the legendary plywood hoods film maker. This vid is probably one of the best Eaton films ever. the vid is packed with amazing riding from the likes of Kevin Jones who basically IS flatland personified, busting out no footed death trucks x Hitchiker pivots a full on flailed perverted decade landing in a megaspin without scuffing and immediately turbining forward so he's spinning at warp speed, and load of other assorted rolling madness. Jesse Puente and Edgar Plasencia team up for one big section alternating between them, Jesse doing his signature insane front and rear wheel spins and Edgar does real wicked things like xfoot whiplashes to backwards halfpacker!! and loads of around the bike rear wheel walking and spinning stuff. Leif Valin puts in his 2 cents worth in as well gliding an upside down wheel on both pedals! then actually pedaling in this position and still maintaining balance. along with various on the pedal tricks. Chase also has some some good clips doing all his good stuff at high speed, but doesn't have an actual section unlike many other previous Eaton films. Quality music throughout, as if continuing where Ride On left off. All in all the entire vid is really well put together and total incredible. definitely a timeless clasick and one for the collection.

Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Wheelies, released June 1994. Wheelies marked the first York Jam and premiere that Eaton was able to have the video finished with copies on hand at the premiere. The special effects he achieved by using just a camera, VCR and CD player as his 'studio equipment' were extraordinary. Wheelies was 30 minutes long and, like Hypnosis, it was tied together tightly with a theme (i.e., the wheelie)

KalaYasuda, www.youtube.com, august 2011: Mark Eaton's section from his Dorkin' 8 creation, Wheelies, 1994. ,Talk about flat and street fusion, Mark is a pioneer of the concept. Also David Letterman's stunt double. Cool.

KalaYasuda, www.youtube.com, august 2011: Two of the West Coast's Flatland Fugitives, Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia, had a section in WHEELIES (Dorkin' 8) by Mark Eaton, 1994. DJ Lucky Lung threw a nice mix into the soundtrack.
Running time: 35min
Great riding and great production.

Flat riders: Leif Valin, Kevin Jones, Chase Gouin, Sean Peters, Scott Powell, Matt Gipson, and Brian Tunney.

Ride BMX US #31 december 1997 january 1998: Mark Eaton makes really well put together videos. Great filming, great editing, and an indistinguishable Eaton-remixed soundtrack always seem to be the contents that make up an Eaton production.
Balancing Act is no different. Once again, Mark has filmed some of the greatest riders on the face of the Earth, guys like Dave Mirra, Chase Gouin, Kevin Jones, Shaun Butler, Jay Miron... The list goes on. The quality of film is pretty amazing, too, going from digital to 16mm film stock to super eight... It's all over the place, and edited together in that typical Eaton style. Balancing Act is on it.
My only complaints about this video is the excessive foam pif action and the recycled X-Games footage, but even that is put together really well. It's just something that l'm not too interested in, that's all. So, if you've ever liked an Eaton video before, then you'll definitely like this one. Check it out, baby...

BMX Plus! february 1998: Mark Eaton was responsible for one of the first freestyle videos of all time (Dorkin' York), and Balancing Act is another one of his masterpieces.Eaton's films always contain some serious flatland action, and this one is a mindblower. Leif Valin, Chase G. and Scott Powell all have some unreal riding segments, and this is the only video out that shows what flatland ruler Kevin Jones has been pulling lately.
Balancing Act has a lot more than just flatland, though, including ramp, dirt and street riding from guys like Joe Rich, Kenan Harkin, Joe "butcher" Kowalski, along with an unreal Dave Mirra section in the end.
Flatlanders, ramp riders and dirt riders will love this video. The Kevin Jones and Chase G. sections are worth the price of admission by themselves.

Brian, www.theflatlander.com: Well, the man who started it all, does it again with Balancing Act. Mark Eaton is an absolute, consummate professional when it comes to his work and definitely has a solid grip on film making. From great shots, unique angles, shrewd editing and a refreshing soundtrack; Balancing Act, as a film, is 100% pure quality.
Now, onto the riding....What Eaton does for BMX videos, the legendary Kevin Jones does for Flatland. Kevin's spot in this video is nothing short of classic and a must-see for anyone who has ever rode a bike. He is the smoothest flatland rider of all time, and proves just that in Balancing Act. Jones has no problem making multiple one footed whiplashes look routine; rolling bar spin transitions look easy; and McCircles with his foot on the top of his frame seem simple. Besides the fact that nearly all of the tricks he pulls in this scene he invented, there is no struggling to maintain balance through any of his wild links and you never doubt his total control of the bike.
Leif Valin also holds his own with impressive pedal tricks, original scuffing work, and sublime rolling maneuvers. He's always a pleasure to watch ride. And then there's this guy Chase? Hmm...yeah I guess he's pretty good for someone who rides flat without brakes. The tattooed, crew-cutted, brakeless wonder busts out links that aren't even worth describing; it couldn't possibly do a viewing of his talented madness any justice. So with that, just get yourself a copy of Balancing Act and study it.
Flat riders in this video include: Leif Valin, Kevin Jones, Chase Gouin, as well as Sean Peters, Scott Powell, Matt Gipson, and Brian Tunney.

Tread magazine #4: Balancing Act Once again Mark Eaton has decided to bless the freestyle world with one of his divine creations. I think Mark could have left out everything in the video except Chase's and Kevin's parts and just called it The Good Video, and then he could have called those two remaining sections The Book of Chase and The Book of Kevin. Oh, but I must not forget their very worthy apostle, Leif Valin, who with his own style and grace also kicks some flatland ass in this video. I heard that in some test viewings all the footage of Chase, Kevin, and Leif proved fatal to some flatlanders, so Mark decided to lessen the shock by breaking things up with sections of ESPN contests, Kennan Harkin, Mike the snow bunny" Ocoboc, Dave Mirra, and the Superdome kids. From what I hear it took Mark much longer than seven days to create this flatland masterpiece, but I'm sure you'll agree, it was worth the wait.

Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Balancing Act, released May 1997. Brakeless flatland riding was introduced by Chase Gouin in Balancing Act. Dave Mirra and Kenan Harkin both pulled double flips on the resi box at Woodward. Videos that Eaton had made for Hoffman Bikes and Haro, along with other projects, account for the three-year gap. His new ideas and studio access made for an even tighter, better quality video with a cool circus-like theme.
kevin jones dorkin balancing act bmx video
Dorkin' 10
Produced by Mark Eaton.
Released in 2001.
Reviews: www.agoride.com, BMX Action april 2001, Ride BMX US april 2001, ...

www.agoride.com: Environ tous les ans, sortait une nouvelle Dorkin qui nous faisait découvrir des petits prodiges comme Jay Miron, Joe Rich ou un certain Gouin, Chase de son prénom. Cette nouvelle vidéo était toujours un évènement, notamment au niveau du flat. Car si on pouvait voir Dave, Chase et leurs potes dans d'autres videos ou aux contests, la présence de kevin -l'inventeur du flat moderne- était une exclusivité et ainsi lorsque l'on voyait une nouvelle vidéo de Marc Eaton, on savait quels allaient être les tricks que nous ferions dans le futur. Depuis, chacun à pris un chemin different, parfois même opposé comme Dave Mirra le "Miacle boy" qui est devenu la Star des X-games et des médias tandis que Chase est résté le rider le plus underground et harcore de sa génération, Kevin lui est tout simplement devenu un légende. Dorkin 10 est donc l'évolution de tout ce beau monde mais nous montre aussi des nouveaux riders comme Andrew Farris ou Martti Kuoppa. En vrac: Wheeling to Death truck sur la pédale pour Kevin, Backward x-up pegs wheelie to pervert to switch feet forward pegs wheelie to pervert pour Chase, du street comme vous n'en avez jamais vu pour Marc et pour finir, un beau double back flip to flair de la part de Mr Mirra.

Jared Souney, Ride BMX US april 2001: Produced by Mark Eaton / Bang Pictures
Flatland, street, skatepark, ramp, dirt, roots, breakdancing
Entertainment Quality: (out of a possible five)
Production Quality: (out of a possible five)
Holy Shit! "Dorkin' Ten" is an absolute must-see video for anyone with any interest in BMX freestyle. Whether you've seen all the previous Dorkin' videos or you're just starting out riding, you need to see this video, now. "Dorkin' Ten" is a look back at twelve years of Plywood Hoods videos, and well over 15 years of riding. Don't think this is all ancient riding, though. New riding from CHASE, Kevin Jones, Leif Valin, and others will leave you shitting your pants -perhaps even literally. This video documents what freestyle is, why it is, and where it's going, simply by taking you into the lives of the Hoods, past and present. This one is amazing.

Rob Wagner, www.theflatlander.com: Mark Eaton, Kevin Jones and the rest of the Plywood Hoods have been cranking out the Dorkin' In York video series since 1988. These videos have showcased the incredible riding skills of Kevin and Mark as well as buddies like Dave Mirra, Chase Gouin, and Jay Miron (all of whom had sections in Dorkin' videos before they became some of the most well-known names in freestyle.) It's been over three years since Eaton and friends have released a Plywood Hoods video (the last was 1997s Balancing Act,) but Dorkin' In York 10 has just been released, and it is an absolute masterpiece.
Eaton is going places in the videomaking world and this video shows why. More experienced riders will appreciate how footage and songs from all of the Dorkin' videos are remixed flawlessly...while those that are new to riding (or just have never seen any Hoods videos before) will have their minds blown by footage of tricks pulled ten years ago that they probably never thought had ever been done! There's flatland, ramp riding, street riding, interview sections with Eaton...and of course some good old Cardboard Lords breakdancing. There's new footage of Kevin and Chase....enough to prove (at least in my mind) that they are still the best flatlanders in the world. Also included is some new stuff from Leif Valin, Brett Downs, and even Andrew Faris and Martti Kuoppa...all terrific flatlanders in their own right!
It's definitely the first freestyle video that makes me feel kind of melancholy watching it. Not only does it give you such a sense of the "good old days" of riding when it was just about FUN (and this is what Eaton was trying to capture with this work,) but...this is officially the last Dorkin' video. While I hate to see my favorite video series of all time end...at least the Hoods are going out on top. Number ten is a perfect grand finale.
In short, I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that it's the single best BMX freestyle video ever made. Thanks guys.

Jim Birtwhistle, server.byke.org/ukflat: I got my Ride mag through the other day and saw an ad for Dorkin 10. I had seen some other Dorkin Videos before and this is a compilation of all the best bits, In short I had to buy it. For any of you that don't know about Dorkin videos they were the first proper BMX video to be released by riders showing riding that everyone wanted to see in freestyle. How it got started is explained by creator Mark Eaton himself on the video, he talks through some other concepts and visions he had but they are kept short and interesting.
Dorkin Videos started coming out in the 80's and started something amazing, the start of BMX freestyle videos. This compilation never fails to blow me away somehow.
It starts by showing a mixture of clips old and new. Then it goes into how it was all started by himself and Kevin Jones and shows clips of a young LucE, Joe Rich and a very young Jay Miron to mention just a few. Despite this the main part of the video is probably flatland with sections on Chase, Kevin, Dave Mirra and Mark. Between these there are random clips from other Dorkin Videos such as Hypnosis and Wheelies.
The main ideology of the video is to bring the feeling of riding to people by showing a 20 year history showing all types of people bikes and styles and how everything has evolved, from Dave Mirra doing whiplashes outside his house at 14 to his double backflip.
Chases section is dope, super fast, impossible tricks such as switch foot nose wheelie on the pedal brakeless all as smooth as butter. Kevin's section leaves you thinking he must have done something new every hour of the day, He's got so much variety in styles and tricks, a few things you may have thought new skool you may well see being done on white mag wheels. He invented so much by himself you just gotta see it. Mark Eaton's section the same in being dope but very different riding with stuff you just don't see today such as feeble to whiplash on top of the ledge put down and picked up into upside down wheelie all in one go.
Overall this video stokes you out like no video can, from Kevin to Martti this videos got it all in freestyle. With a few appearances on National T.V. as the cardboard Lords breakdancing amongst other things and a few funny moments in this video make it a classic, Tied together with a good old / new school soundtrack of a variety of music.
Only one way to do this video justice, Go buy it before it sells out god damm it BUY IT. Rating: 5 /5

Mike Daily, Ride BMX UK february 2001: Dorkin' 10, released November 2000. "I made the tenth one the final one," Eaton says. "I wanted to make it a compilation, almost like a history of the videos. My ideal goal was to have a video that had rad riding and a really good story of the whole thing " The low-fi feel of the original Dorkin' videos is mixed with high-tech computer effects and seamless transitions for the ultimate retrospective. The history of the videos is documented in interview segments with Eaton, and brand new footage of Gouin, Jones and Mirra makes Dorkin' 10 a must-see for anyone into freestyle riding.

www.ewirezine.com: With Dorkin' in York 10, Mark Eaton went about trying to "capture the feeling of riding" instead of making a "best of" Dorkin' video, and I think he accomplished this quite well. The video has parts with Mark explaining the history behind the Plywood Hoods (the riders who "star" in the Dorkin' videos), and has footage from the early days (Hoods and non-Hoods, riding and breakdancing). Most of the older stuff is from previous Dorkin' in York videos (including old Velodrome and 2-Hip contest footage), and it'll bring back a lot of good memories for you older riders (like me). If you're a newcomer to riding, it might be interesting to see how things used to be.
Riders include the main Hoods — Eaton, Kevin Jones, Chase Gouin, Brett Downs, Mike Daily, and Dale Mitzel — as well as some of the many riders who have appeared in previous Dorkin's: Dave Mirra (who kids might be surprised to see flatlanding), Jay Miron, Joe Rich, Luc-E, Leif Valen, John Stapleton, and others.
Watching the old footage shows you how far ahead of their time Jones and Chase were. The more recent stuff proves that they're still progessing and pushing flatland forward. Chase's cross-footed jumplash combos and on-the-pedal rolling tricks — all done brakeless — is nothing short of amazing. Jones does many tricks he invented (which is almost all modern tricks), including a pedaling wheelie into a deathtruck on the pedal, never using the back pegs at all.
The editing throughout the video is great; older, classic stuff is nicely mixed in with newer footage. Musically, there are several "Eaton Mixes" throughout the video (only Mark can get away with mixing Big Daddy Kane into Steve Miller). Dorkin' 10 really does come off as a "riding video" rather than a video of riders and tricks. If that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, just see the video and you'll understand.
dorkin 10

DVD Box Set
Mark Eaton, www.pedalbmx.com, october 2003:The Dorkin' DVD Box Set will be available December 1st. I have been working on it for months -this thing was a monster. I went through all the original footage and RE-EDITED Dorkin' 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.5, 5, Hypnosis and remastered all 10 (including Wheelies, Balancing Act, and Dorkin 10) to DVD. There will also be commentaries and bonus segments including a York Jam video from all the York Jams (with footage going back to the first MT Rose Jam in 1990). This will be a 3 DVD set and will probably retail for $85. Make sure to get it at your favorite mail order shop or you can buy it direct through the Bang Pictures website.