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The MacNeil video
Edited by: Stew Johnson
Time: 40 minutes
Riding: Mostly Street / Dirt / Park

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2004: The MacNeil team are one international bunch. Over the years Jay Miron has traveled all over the world and met lots of killer riders. Some of them are making up the MacNeil squad. With so many talented riders on board it is hard to make a DVD fail. Tough part is to get the right amount of footage from every rider to finish the video. It took a while to collect all the tapes and many different filmers were used on the MacNeil video. The editing was left up to Stew Johnson who is one of the best in the field. If his name sounds familiar to you but you don't know where to place it, think Props, RoadFools and you get an idea of the clean-cut smooth and clear editing. Good thing about this video is the multiple camera angles they use for front, side or rear view. The different terrain that is ridden is great as well. It doesn't stop in the USA or Canada, this is as international as it gets. Alistair and Ruben's part are incredible but team boss Jay Miron shows what he's got as well. There's actually no weak part in this video, all riders are great. Dom "French pussie" Mach's riding is loose cannon style for sure and Freimuth's part is so tech that you'll need the remote control a few times in his section. If you can't handle to party you'll never make it to the MacNeil team. If you can only party and can't ride a bike damn well you won't make it either. It's an interesting international bunch captured on a good DVD.

CharlieCrumlish , thecomeup.com, april 2013: Dom Mach’s Macneil Section. If I had to sum up this section in one word, it would be “legendary”. Back when this shit came out, everyone talked shit on Dom’s riding for being sketchy. It has been said that a genius’ work is never appreciated in it’s time, and with moves like gap to fufanus, manual to canadian nosepick drop ins, nac nac x-ups, and 360 to smith to double peg to un-luce I think it’s fitting to use that word to describe Dom Mach. Mandatory watch for you kids who don’t know…

Jay Miron's part from the first MacNeil DVD.

Dom Mach, first Macneil video.