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Sou rces: Soul, www.fatbmx.com, ...
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Released in 2000.
Time: 30 minutes.

Frank Duflo, Soul #12: ... rien que de la terre, de la vitesse, de la hauteur, du flow, du style et des contorsions ...

This is the all new trails video from Snap Magazine featuring the most fluid and inspiring trails riding yet. American trails featured include Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Long Island, Erie, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Ithaca, Indiana, and of course California. The riders on this video flat out rule, so if it's dirt jumping and trails you want, this is definitely the video to get right now.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2000: RHYTHM = a trails video made by SNAP magazine so expect the best Dirt riders filmed in Pittsburgh, Cali, NC, Florida "register to Vote", Iowa, Erie,Indiana, Ithaca and Long Island NY. Not only the Stuntman dirtjumpers at big contests are in this vid but also the underrated trailjumpers with their smooth styles. Of course a lot of Superstars like Aitken, Lavin, Doyle, Duncan, Nasty etc are filmed at contests but the best riding is done in the woods at real trails. The interview with Adam Strieby is cool, showing he is protecting his head with a fullface helmet at the trails and is doing backflips with a simple sk8 helmet! Long Island has always been THE place to be with local Superfly. Crandall (FBM) is there to throw in some jumps as is Kelly Baker and jackass Rick M. RHYTHM is the best Vid to see before you go out riding trails, its pretty short but it's better being short than boring.

www.tlibmx.com, 2009: Rhythm, a video presented by Snap Magazine in 2000 Edited by Glenn PP Milligan. Featuring the Port Trails with Superfly, Reid Carleton, Dan Bailey, Vinny Griffin, Darryl Nau, Rob-o, Wild Matt, Carl Fumia, Shitkat, and Nina Butraglia.
snap rythm bmx trails

How to dirt jump
The how-to video from Snap Magazine is hosted by Fuzzy Hall and shows you how to ride dirt: it shows you how to set up your dirt bike, how to build trails, features how tos from a load of riders riding trails, including TJ Lavin, Cory Nastazio, Matt Berringer, Jerry Bagley, Brian Foster and more. Watch out for Fuzzy's trails, Sheep Hills, and more trails than you can shake a stick at.
Transworld How To
Released in 2002.
Street, Flatland, Jumping and Ramps. It's all covered in this excellent BMX instructional title. For the Beginners it will cover the very basics in BMX such as Manualing, Bunny Hopping, Flying Out, Dropping In, Peg Stalls, and general bike set up. For those more advanced there is Hand Rails, 360's, Crank Flips, Barspins, Catching Air, and tons more.
Released in 2002.
METHOD shows you everything you need to know to winraces. Learn the basics on starts, jumps, turns, and rhythmsections. This essential how-to video also includes bike set-up,maintenance and training tips from top pros. Hosted by Craig Reynolds... 30 Min.
Transworld Network
We asked nine very talented and very different BMX Filer/Editors to creat eight unique sections, all for one video. Riders include Stew Johnson, Bob Scerbo & Brian Wizmerski, Blenn PP Milligan, Joe Simon, Joe "Cookie" Sederquist, Will Stroud, Chad Johnston and Chris Rye.
Brownhours, www.bmx-test.com, 01-17-2004:
To start things off, I'd like to get to the thesis statement or whatever it should be called- you should buy this dvd. The concept of this video is for 9 filmers to make their own part except for Bob Scerbo and Brian Wizmerski who share a part. As you can tell they each add their own style of filming and boring filler. Some of things I am going to say, might be out of order or wrong, so don't mark my word totally for it, I just remember the parts and how good they are, not really the order.

First up is Glenn P.P. Mulligan, great part. His section is of New York City and shows a lot of the locals. It is mainly all street riding with only two skate park clips, I think. It has a lot unknown riders that kill it. There are also a few well-known riders in there too, but not a whole lot. The music is pretty good, with a mellow beat in the background. The section's length is about medium when it comes to length and the filler is kept somewhat low except for at the beginning. It gets a 7.5/10 for being pretty damn good.

Next up is Stew Johnson's part. This section is also pretty good. It has a lot of weird riding too, which makes it better. The type of riding is pretty well balanced. It has a good amount of street and park in it, but very little trails, maybe one or two clips. The music is weird, to say the least. I don't know, you might like it, but I wouldn't listen to it on a daily basis. The filler is kept at a minimum also except for the intro. Rating - 7/10, it was pretty good, but nothing crazy.

The Bob Scerbo/ Brian Wizmerski part is up next. I was expecting some great footage, but I was disappointed a bit. Not saying this is a bad part, which it isn't. But it sure is way too short and missing some good clips. The music is pretty good, which is played by George D. and Wiz I believe. They have a good amount of filler in there, which is rather boring, but still nice. This section is mainly street and a bit of park too. Rating - 6.5/10 also, it was good, but not long enough and didn't seem right... still good though.

Following this part is Chad Johnston's part. To tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of watching flatland. As a matter of fact, it bores me to hell = I have never watched the part. I always skip through it. Sad huh? So with that being said, I will leave this part alone and say it is probably good since the rest of the parts are, but don't mark my word for it.

Then comes quite possibly my favorite part... Will Stroud's section. Now if you know me, I'm not much of a trail watching guy, nor trail rider. Just like flatland, it usually bores me to hell. But this is an exception. The part is very good. The riding is good, the music is good, and it flows together so well. I would buy this section for the $25.00 I paid for the whole video. The filler is even kept really low, which is great. Definitely a good part, I like it a lot. 8.75/10 for being really good, but missing some street riding, etc.

Joe "Cookie" Sederquist's part is up next. It kind of has two sections to it. The first part is of the place called Montage in 1997, and then Montage again in 2003. So the first part starts out with some filler and some guy talking about the riding and stuff. The riding isn't that great to tell you the truth, it just has some okay trail riding mainly. But I guess for the time (1997), it was pretty crazy. The part is pretty short, and the music is okay. Then it goes to Montage in 2003. This was a lot better. The trail riding was better, as was the park and street riding. The music was pretty good and the filler was kept to a minimum. The section gets a 6/10 for the first part, and a 7/10 for the second part. The first part was okay, and the second part was pretty good.

After that, we go to Joe Simon's part. It is probably the 2nd or 3rd best part in the whole video. It shows about 5-6 riders, I'd say. The ones that come to the top of the head are Neil Harrington, Brad Haist, Danny Hickerson, and Chris Northrup. I know I am forgetting a person or two, but oh well. They go on a Colorado road trip for the section. The riding is excellent. All quality street riding with a mix of odd tricks, make this section very well. It has good music also, and the filler has been kept really low. This part deserves an 8/10.

The final part has been given to Chris Rye. His part, in my opinion is the worst. It is swamped with worthless and boring filter and makes this section very boring. It has some really good riding, but there is barely any riding, just tons of random scenes of them riding around town. I.E. they show Kevin Porter looking at a girl in car, and the girl looking back at him, and they do that about 3 times. It is loaded with stuff like this. The music is all right, but not so great. For the riding, I will give it a 7.5/10. It is pretty good, but nothing out of this world. But for the overall part, I am going to give it a bad 4/10.

With that said, I'd say this dvd is really great, and I suggest you buy it.