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1981 DOB: april 30, 1981
Birthplace: Mercer County, PA, USA.
early years PARTICIPANT SINCE 1992.
Chris, Ride BMX UK october 2000: My friend borrowed a video from a friend down the street, it was Hoffman Head First, I remember watching Mat Hoffman, he kinda looked like a daredevil. I figured it looked dangerous and kinda fun, I figured I could do it too. So that video was probably one of the points of me sttarting BMX.

When I first started riding I think I was about 11 years old. I think the first trick I ever did was a one hander. I could stretch my arm so far in the air; it was gnarly.

No foot x-up one hand, Honda Hill, circa 1994.
chris doyle honda hill circa 1994
1997 DK.
Chris Doyle is riding for DK.
Chris Doyle, www.ridebmx.com, october 2006: I asked my mom for a plane ticket to the '97 Christmas Classic in Columbus, Ohio--I wanted to go for the DK Dirt Circuit. One week prior, Steve Buddendeck (DK's marketing director at the time) called and said that if I wore a DK jersey they would pay for my entry fee in return. That's when it all started, I was 16 years old... nine years ago.

DK Damn Kids video.
Chris: I learned double trucks when I was 16 years old. My very first one was in the DK video Damn Kids.

DK Damn Kids.
1998 1998 X-GAMES.
9th place pro dirt @ 1998 X Games, San Diego, CA, 1998.

9th place pro dirt @ 1999 DK Dirt Circuit Finals, Louisville, Kentucky.

A profile on Chris Doyle in Props 27 october 1998.
Chris Doyle, bmx.transworld.net, january 2008: I didn't pick the location, we just drove around until we found a place that looked suitable for an interview. That was some little book/toy/coffee store in Louisville, KY.
Chris Doyle, bmxunion.com, december 2007: I definitely had some good laughs after looking back at that old interview, I can't believe how young and naive I was back then, I guess most 17 year olds are. When that first interview came out I remember being really bummed and a little bit embarrassed - I was 17, I'd only been around for a year, and I didn't really have anything to say, I think I was just stoked to be in Props.
DK Dirt Circuit Finals
1999 3rd place pro dirt @ 1999 DK Dirt Circuit round 1, Colombus, Ohio.

6th place pro dirt @ 1999 DK Dirt Circuit round 3, Orlando, Florida, april 10-11, 1999.

11th place pro dirt @
1999 X-Games, San Francisco, CA, july 1999.

3rd place pro dirt @ 1999 DK Dirt Circuit Round 5, Colombus, Ohio, august 9, 1999.

2nd place pro dirt @ 1999 DK Dirt Circuit finals in Louisville, KY.
2nd place pro dirt @ 2000 DK Dirt Circuit round 2.


Ryan Barrett, Ride UK, december 2007: I moved to Erie, PA from Raleigh, NC the day after my 19th birthday. Myself, [Kris] Bennett, and [Mike] Szczesny got a place only one mile from the trails, it was the first time I’d lived with BMXers and lived the BMX life, we rode sooo much. I think the summer of 2001 in Erie was when I progressed the most as a rider.

2000 X-GAMES.

8th place pro dirt @ 2000 X Games, San Francisco, CA, august 2000.
Eighth place went to Chris Doyle who was 360ing with variations like X-to-X, turndown-to-X, and a lot more.

Interviews in Ride BMX US #50 july 2000 and Ride BMX UK # 49 october 2000.

DK Intuition video.


Fox Expendable Youth 2 video.

DK Intuition.
Poster and interview in Ride BMX US january 2001.

Chris Doyle, bmxunion.com, december 2007: I was down in Orlando for the Roots Jam. There was an after party / video premier - it was packed but it was your normal BMX gathering, you know, a ton of dudes and about three girls, all of which had boyfriends. So anyways, this girl starts talking to me and being really flirty and touchy - she was showering me with compliments left and right. Needless to say, I was stoked - she was HOT. All of the sudden this dude taps me on the shoulder and says, "yo Doyle, that's my girlfriend". I didn't know the guy and he was a bit bigger than me but he was being pretty cool, he told me that myself and Aitken were him and his girlfriend's favorite riders, he then followed it up by saying that it would be his honor if I hooked up with his girlfriend. He'd said that she was TOTALLY DOWN and that she'd been looking forward to meeting me and Aitken for weeks. I ended up turning her down, I said that I was flattered but I had a girl at home (even though I didn't at the time). The guy was a little bummed and then asked me, "where's Aitken"?

2nd place pro dirt @ 2001 DK Dirt Circuit round 1, Orlando, FL.


1st place pro dirt @ 2001 DK Dirt Circuit round 2, Carlsile, PA.
www.dirtcircuit.com, 2001: Chris Doyle won his first event of the 2001 season in Carlisle, PA. As you may already know, Chris is the Current Dirt Circuit Champion. With a strong second place finish in Florida along with this win, Doyle is now in the first place spot in the standings.


2nd place pro dirt @ 2001 DK Dirt Circuit round 3, Lake Perris, CA.


Summer in Erie.

2001 X-GAMES.
8th place pro dirt @ 2001 X Games, Philadelphia, PA, august 2001.

Video Props Road Fools 8.

Tailwhip on the cover of Ride BMX US september 2001.

Videos Ride BMX US "Turbulence" and "Parts".
chris doyle ride bmx us
2002 POSTER.
Poster in Transworld BMX #63 january 2002.

Cover: Ride BMX UK february 2002.

Views on BMX by Chris Doyle Transworld BMX march 2002.

8th place pro street @ La Revolution, Toronto, march 2002.

Chris Doyle rides for DC shoes.

X-up + variations, tabletop, no-footer + variations, no-hander, barspin + variations, 360, turndown, superman, no-footed can can, riding rhythm, and more.

Chris Doyle suicide double truck at Nasty's house on the cover of Transworld BMX june 2002. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

2002 X-GAMES.
3rd place pro dirt @ 2002 X Games, Philadelphia, PA, august 2002.

3rd place pro dirt @ third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series, october 3-6, 2002, Oceanside, CA.

21 questions to Chris Doyle in Ride BMX UK november 2002.


Fox Expendable 3 video.
chris doyle ride bmx uk

chris doyle transworld bmx 06 2002
2003 VIDEO.
Part in the Square One video Wide Awake Nightmare: 360 turndown to barspin, ...

8th place pro street @ Toronto Metro jam march 2003.
Chris Doyle rode so well that you almost forgot that he's supposed to be a dirt jumper. His long legs made every tailwhip trick look like some kind of superman, and his 270-whips over the hip looked incredible.

2nd place pro street @ La Revolution Contest New York may 2003.
Taj Mihelich, www.terribleone.com, may 2003: Chris Doyle probably should have won. He did lots of big tricks like he's known for (like perfect 360 tailwhip and 360 x-up to look down transfers) and also really tech stuff like fast carving hang fives and hang nothings on the mini ramp. This is a really lame pun, so I hope no one actually sts saying this to Chris, but I heard a number of specators saying that Chris was so dialed that he was "doyled".

Video Props Road Fools 11.

Chris Doyle poster in Transworld BMX july 2003.

2003 X-GAMES.
3rd place pro dirt @ 2003 X Games.
Chris Doyle, www.expn.com: The X Games in 2003 were memorable because I didn't want to be there. I felt so bad. I couldn't walk from my bruised heels I walked around on my tippy toes. I felt sick and not in the mood to ride. After my first run I was in like 17th place, on my second run I had jumped to third place and I was thinking "One more run and the weekend's over." I was sitting in first place after my third run and the weekend was over and it was such a good feeling to be done.

Dear Pro with DK's Chris Doyle in Transworld BMX october 2003.

www.squareonebmx.com, 2003: Doyle lives in Pittsburgh, PA, but is originally from Raleigh, NC. Perfect and dialed are two words that come to mind when asked about Chris's riding. In every contest he enters, he places near the top. The crazy part is, the stuff he does at the comps is the same stuff he does every single time he rides. And this consistency doesn't just stop at the trails. Chris can shred the park and the streets with the best of them. Speaking of shredding, Chris has also been known to tear up the dance floor at numerous clubs throughout the country, and keep a close eye on your girlfriend if he's around, because he's quite the lady killer. He can also be found getting extreme on off road terrain in his Nissan X-Terra, but it takes a little persuasion for him to getcrazy enough to get stuck. Other sponsors are DK, DC, Pro Tec, and Old Spice or something like that.

Square 1 Wide Awake Nightmare.
Chris Doyle superman over a concrete spine in Hawaii on the cover of Transworld BMX may 2004. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

Chris Doyle poster in Transworld BMX june 2004.

1st place open dirt @ 2004 Worlds, Cologne, Germany, june 2004.

No foot cancan at the 2004 worlds in Cologne on the cover of Freedom #59 summer 2004.

2004 X-GAMES.
2nd place pro dirt @ 2004 X-Games.
Chris Doyle is normally one of the sport's most consistent riders, and he feared that would work against him in this contest. With smooth style and tweaked 360 variations, Doyle delivered two runs worthy of the silver.

Chris Doyle at the Toronto Metro jam on the cover of Props 52, summer 2004.

20 questions in Transworld BMX september 2004.

Tip Plus System video. Filmed and edited by Will Stroud.
chris doyle transworld bmx 05 2004

chris doyle freedom bmx

chris doyle props 52

Chris Doyle section off System.
2005 Transplants in Ride BMX US march 2005.

8th place pro street @ 2005 Toronto Metro jam.

Set up in Ride BMX US may 2005.

DC shoes poster in Ride BMX US june 2005.

2nd place pro dirt @
2005 X-Games.

Props Road Fools 14.
2006 RIP SECTION 22.
Chris Doyle, bmx.transworld.net, january 2008: That place was amazing. Mark Arnold, Mike Cottle, Greg Sumida, Punjab, Casey Goodman, Justin Kendall, Wade Odrey, Gravel Sandwich Tony... Those were just a few of the names of guys you could find there on a daily basis. When any set of trails gets plowed it hurts the scene and it definitely did ours. Most of the names that I listed above I hardly see anymore simply because the trails aren't there.

Chris Doyle, www.fatbmx.com, april 2006: It's the best thing ever! I've been riding the new CDL and it's perfect. I had 100% control over what I wanted to do with it and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. For me, it's the perfect frame. Jered Raflik at DK was the biggest help with designing it. Thanks Jered!

Chris Doyle, www.fatbmx.com, april 2006: I ride for DK bicycles, DC shoes, Pro-Tec Helmets, Square One, Bicycle Union, Maxxis tires, and Sun Rims. I have a good relationship with all of my sponsors, but as we all know, good relationships take time and patience. All of my sponsors have put a great deal of faith in me over the years and shown alot of loyalty towards me... It's only appropriate that I show them the same kind of support that they've shown me. I'm not one of those pros that's always on the prowl for the bbd (bigger, better, deal). I think it's better to have a relationship with my sponsors that is based on trust... not money.

Chris Doyle, www.ridebmx.com, october 2006: Duo is owned by myself, Cory Muth, and Steve Buddendeck.


Chris Doyle is off DK
Mark Losey, www.vitalbmx.com, october 2006: Chris Doyle called today with some news we were not expecting. After nine years, DK has terminated his contract. Doyle had been with DK since he was 16 years old, so this came as quite a surprise. Chris said that the reason he was told had to do with Duo, the grip and tire company he is involved in with Cory Muth and Steve Buddendeck. The news definitely came as a shock, but Chris said that he is a little excited about trying something new after nine years. We wish him nothing but the best.
Chris Doyle, www.ridebmx.com, october 2006: I was told that it all stemmed from my involvement with Duo. They said that they did not want to pay me to start my own brand that would compete with DK. Keep in mind, Duo will only make grips and tires, DK does not make tires and they make two sets of grips (maybe three). In a nutshell, I got kicked off for grips. I think that they wanted to kick me off and save themselves some money and this was a good excuse for them to do so. It was totally surprise! It was one of those things that you never worry about and then totally blindsides you on some idle Monday. I was pretty bummed at first, but I'm getting over it pretty fast. I think the decision to fire me will end up hurting DK much more than it will hurt me. One person said, "DK without Doyle is like Disney Land without Mickey Mouse". I thought that was funny.
7th place pro dirt @ 2007 Dew tour round 5, October 18-21, Orlando, Florida.
www.dewtour.com: One of the most stylish, consistent dirt jumpers of all time, Doyle nailed his 360 turndown, 360 whip, and 720.

Chris Doyle flows through some dirt jumps and floats a stylish 360 invert on the cover of Ride BMX US november 2007. Photo by Ryan Fudger.

2nd place street pro and 2nd place dirt pro @ Vibrations Urbaines, 3 et 4 novembre 2007, Pessac, France.
Chris Doyle, www.databmx.com, 2007: The contest was really fun. It was laid back and didn't have that "serious contest" feel to it.

Interview in Ride BMX UK december 2007.
rideukbmx.com, november 2007: We’ve been working on this one for nigh-on a year. But then, with someone as badass as Chris Doyle, it’s worth taking your time to do it properly. Here we present Mr Doyle’s first pro interview since his major sponsorship change...
Ryan Barrett, Ride UK, december 2007: Do you know how much pressure it is to write about one of your closest friends? “He’s an awesome guy” just isn’t going to cut it. I mean, you can’t settle for anything less than perfection. I feel a huge responsibility to showcase who Chris really is. Not only his obvious talent on a bike, but also his character outside of BMX. I have known him for half of my life, so I feel accredited to paint this picture for you. To describe Chris in a few paragraphs is unfair; there is more depth to him than these words can go into. I will abbreviate his life into three sections: on the bike, off the bike, and what Chris is about.
On the bike… I’m not going to spend too much time describing his riding abilities. His killer combination of style and tendency to go big have kept us all captivated for over ten years. He rewrote the book on consistency at dirt contests during his rise to BMX fame. He dominated the DK Dirt Circuit series in the late nineties with way overclicked 360 turndowns and suicide double trucks. His ‘daily reg’ (a term given to him in the early days of riding the 401 trails pertaining to his trick list that he would do every time he rode) still lives on today in a more relaxed style.
Off the bike… Chris is a fairly regimented person. I’ve known him for so long I can guess his grocery list! He likes to eat healthily. Usually starts his day with a few bowls of cereal or, if he is feeling crazy, scrambled eggs with turkey bacon. He loves movies; at the cinema or his extensive DVD collection. With his love for movies also comes his love for quoting movies. He will recite any line from any movie at the appropriate time to make it seem as if it was his own thought. Only the film-savvy will pick up on these subtle lines. He does not like cheese. He keeps his house and his truck clean. He is very punctual. He is a big supporter of the Penguins NHL hockey team. He even named his dog Crosby after their star player.
What Chris is about… One thing that I respect most about Chris is that he keeps it real. He has stayed true to himself since the day I met him over 15 years ago. No pressure from friends or popular trends have swayed Chris from his path. Not many people can say that. Chris is a stand up guy. I hope these anecdotes have clued you in to who Chris is – more than just a bike rider.
chris doyle ride bmx us 11 2007

On the cover of Ride BMX US may 2009: When Chris Doyle got to this spot he figured he’d either do a 180 or a superman—two completely different tricks, and Doyle is one of the only dudes we could picture doing the latter one any justice. Chris “BD” Doyle, superman personified in Long Beach, California. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
chris doyle ride bmx us 05 2009
No-handed 360 on the cover of Ride BMX US issue 169 december 2010.
bmx.transworld.net, october 2010: Seeing how Chris Doyle spins these jumps at the Potoczny’s trails in Pennsylvania every session, the D-Man felt like he had to up the ante a bit for this photo and let his hands fly, too. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
chris doyle ride bmx us 12 2010
360 invert on the cover of Soul BMX magzine #77 october 2012.
chris doyle soul bmx 10 2012