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1979 DK BMX was founded in Dayton, Ohio, USA by Charlie Danishek in 1979. Charlie's son Bill and daughter Nikki were both accomplished BMX racers, and the Danishek family's love for the sport combined with Charlie's knowledge of manufacturing drove the patriarch to design and assemble his company's first product, the now legendary DK BMX stem. For 15 years after its inception, DK stems defined the state of the art in BMX. DK stands for Dad and Kids.
Bill Danishek: DK started back in 1979 when I was saving money to buy a mo-ped. There was a local track that opened nearby (Kettering Delco BMX track). I saw a flyer for that and instead of buying that mo-ped I decided that I wanted a BMX bike. With that I began converting my bike into a BMX bike. I picked up a pair of Tuff wheels, some Dorsey handlebars with the attached crossbar- which was a huge deal back then. I picked up some chromoly cranks, some rat trap pedals and I was almost good to go. The one thing that really made a bike a true BMX bike back then was a double clamp gooseneck. At this point I had run out of funds and I asked my dad to make me one. he was a toolmaker at general motors so it wasn't to hard for him to make me one, he made it for me and I broke it. We re-desgined it, constructed it, and I broke that one too. we finally got it right and the next thing we know -all the kids in the neighborhood wanted one. The first couple stems said "wild bill, movin matt, peddlin pete, humpin harold, jurnpin jrn, crankin craig, and trick nic -that was my sister nikki. They were all personalized and engraved for about the first year. Then the first actual production run was for K and G bike shop and we called the stems simply K&G stems. Through races and word of mouth more people wanted these stems. We did a run for Barry's bike shop in Florida. Then there was a huge race in Indianapolis called the Jag and we showed our stems there and that's where the DK name really started. At the time our production was done at a state-of-the-art tool center known as GM (laughing) but slowly and surely things started to pick up and we moved the whole operation into the garage at our home. That was the birth of DK right there. It was a family affair. Once we started getting our first pieces of machinery in the garage everybody contributed, me, my dad, my mom, and my sister all spent time drilling stem holes and building the product from the ground up. A lot of my friends earned their free product too -spending time assembling, polishing, and bagging. Everybody spent time in the garage.
Kurt T, www.vintagebmx.com, july 2006: The original DK stems were first out in '81, with square edges. The logo is the same on earlier square and later rounded stems - they look like someone engraved it using a stencil/template - certainly not pressed into the alloy.
Combines the standard DK clamp with a fine- by two-inch standing platform. Aircraft aluminum construction. Grip tape included. Retail price is $34.95. DK Products, Inc.
dk seat clamp
1994 In 1994/95 DK introduced its first bmx frame.
Bill Danishek: From a manufacturing standpoint it was a natural step for us. We knew the market, we had our finger on the pulse of the market. At the time we were big fans of chromoly and felt our niche market was ready for a DK frame. We felt that dirt jumpers were ready for a chromoly frame. Up to that point it had been all about racing and at the time there were a lot of aluminum frames on the market. Aluminum frames were getting recalled like crazy. We wanted a bike made for dirt jumping and racing and we did it. To this day we still have one of the best dual-purpose bikes out there -the RM59 made for jumping and speed. Thats actually where we came up with General Lee name. The General Lee (car) could go fast and man could it jump- we adapted the same theory on our first bikes.
1995 Charlie Danishek and his son Bill Danishek decided to start a independent BMX retail buisness so they opened americas first all bmx wholesale buisness in 1995.
1997 DK began supplying framesets and bikes in 1997.

1997 DK summer tour: Leigh Ramsdell, Jeff Harrington and Colin Winkleman.

Colin Winkleman is getting a signature bike called the Slightly Over Built (SOB).
Ride BMX UK october 1997: DK says: the new S.O.B frame was designed to be the strongest freestyle/street frame on the market'. In fact, the DK Slightly Over-Built frameset is basicay a Colin Winkleman signature bike, because he designed it, he refined it, and he tested the prototype for about ten months. It's also DK's first trek into the realms of super strong street ramp frames. The S O.B is built with oversize tubing all round, and we mean oversize: the downtube is 2 inch OD - and remember, this is American made 4130 cromoly, so you just know its strong. The rear end features 1 inch OD stays [just like a Zima frame] and a wishbone/pierced toptube design [like a King or Haro Blammo]. This is fast becoming the strongest way of making a back end. There is also a machined wishbone at the BB shell, and the dropouts are 1/4 inch flamcut. The headtube is also thick and machined. This frame has taken over a year to develop, and DK wanted it 100% right when it came out - it looks awesome, and no doubt it's one of the strongest BMX frames out there. Size wise, there's a 20.5 inch long topube, the rear triangle is 14.5 to 15.5 inches, and the headangle is 74.5°, so it's pretty quick steering. The headtube is 1.1/8 inch for Aheadsets. Like we said, this is American made metal, so you know it's going to go the distance. The S.O B is out right now, and the price for the frame is £303.

General Lee frame designed especially for dirt jumping.
Ride BMX UK october 1997: As for the new General Lee frame, this is DK's bike designed purely for trails and dirt jumping. Whilst the DK Pro frame is perfect for trails and racing, for those riders wanting something a little stronger then this is it. The General Lee was designed by DK's jumpers, but basically comes with the same geometry as the DK Pro XL, a bike which rode killer anyway. Extra features which are built into the General Lee making it trail safe include a thicker machined headlube, a new dowtube gannet, a pierced toptube wishbone, and fatter seat stays. It also comes with new 1/4 inch flameout dropouts. This frame hangs right up there with the awesome Standard Trail Boss and if you want another closer look at the General Lee, then take another look at the photo of Adam Volk on the front cover. Obviously this bike is spot on for jumping. Volk rules. The General Lee also comes in great colours orange or back, with great retro graphics fresh from Hazzard County - and it goes without saying that this bike is made in DK's factory in the USA with American 4130 cromoly steel. Price £210. Distributed by Hot Wheels.
dk 1997 sob

dk 97 general lee
1998 DK Damn Kids video.
2000 Steve Buddendeck, bmxultra.com, december 2000: I run DK's Promotional program. Everything from selecting riders to soliciting team sponsorships to creating ads to shooting photos to planning our videos to writing reports to designing jerseys to planning our website to setting up the DK Dirt Circuit series to running each event. Pretty much everything DK does promotion wise I'm involved with. It gets to be too much and I get burned out a lot. Luckily I have two really talented artists, Ben and Andy, working with me now, plus an assistant named Amy who helps me out. Cory Muth takes care of our website now and helps a lot with the contest series. He's going to create the new DK video too.
2001 The General Lee is now made in Taiwan.

Press release, december 2001: Bike and component maker DK Products hired Revolution Advertising to lead its promotions and to develop DK's BMX brand.
2002 President: Bill Danishek.
2005 Unity in Germany is the distributor of DK Bicycles since october 2005. Next to Germany, Unity will distribute the brand in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
2006 DK 2006 CATALOG.
Brian Kachinsky on the cover.

www.bmxonline.com, june 2006: The revised version of Chris Doyle's signature frame (dubbed the CDL V2) is ready to go. What's different about this one? Version Two comes with an integrated headset, Spanish BB shell, and a larger diameter top tube. Made in USA with 100% 4130 chromoly tubing. Double-butted top tube and single-butted seat mast. Chainstay-mounted U-brakes allow clearance for 25/9 gear ratio. Straight clip cable guide. Small, peg-size 3/16" thick drop outs. Rear end length: 14". Weight: 5.3 lbs. Sizes: 20.75" and 21.25" top tube lengths. Colors: Green, brown, or orange with all-new CDL graphics.

Mark Losey, www.vitalbmx.com, october 2006: Chris Doyle called today with some news we were not expecting. After nine years, DK has terminated his contract. Doyle had been with DK since he was 16 years old, so this came as quite a surprise. Chris said that the reason he was told had to do with Duo, the grip and tire company he is involved in with Cory Muth and Steve Buddendeck.
DK 2006 catalog
2007 DK 2007 CATALOG. DK 2007 catalog
Brian Kachinsky' signature frame.

Pro, August 22nd, Springboro, Ohio.
2013 TEAM.
Nina Buitrago july 2013: It was a good 6.5 year run, but I have chosen to go in a different direction, and I have made the decision to leave Dk Bicycles. Thanks for everything!
Mike Ardelean 1997, DK is now sponsoring Midwest top jumper Mike Ardelean. - december 1998 and then riding for Huffy.
Aaron Behnke 2002 - ....
Chris Doyle 1998 - october 2006
Dave Freimuth summer 1997 - december 1998 and then riding for Huffy.
Nate Hanson december 1997 - december 1999
Jeff Harrington 1996 - april 1998
Brian Kachinski
Robbie Morales 1995 - summer1996: DK president Bill Danishek informed Robbie Morales he was no longer going to be their AA Pro .
Leigh Ramsdell 1996 - november 2000: Leigh is leaving DK and riding for Eastern.
Brett Walker press release, may 2009: After riding for DK for close to five years, Riverside, CA's Brett Walker and DK Bicycles have parted ways on good terms. According to Walker, "With the economy, they had to do what they had to do."
Todd Walkowiak april 1998 - july 2000 Todd quit DK and is now riding for Mongoose.
Colin Winkleman end of 1994 - .... product designer, bike mechanic, pro rider.
Neal Wood summer 1996 - ....