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1982 DYNO.
Bob Morales is the founder of Dyno. Dyno's first product line included BMX jerseys, racing pants and T-shirts.
Bob Morales, BMX Action june 1987: Gary Turner thought it sounded good. It was either that or Targa.

Dyno participated in the first Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada and Bob Morales became the youngest company owner to exhibit at a bicycle industry trade show.
dyno bmx1983 catalog 1983 catalog. (download)
1983 1983 CATALOG.
4 pages. Plates, brake guard, Morales-Fiola jerseys and T-shirts, D11 racing pants and jerseys.

Bob Morales: Dyno moved out of my garage into a small warehouse in Huntington Beach, California. Dyno added BMX number plates and other accessories to its product line. Dyno sponsored the "SE Racing" and "GT BMX/Freestyle" teams and ran full page color advertisements in BMX magazines helping Dyno to become well known in this new growing sport throughout the entire world.
1984 AD.
Ad from BMX Plus! february 1984.

Dyno business continued to grow and added new products as well as employees. The annual sales grew to about $250,000.
1983 ad
1985 GT.
Bob Morales: GT Bicycles made an offer to buy Dyno. I accepted their offer because Dyno was severely undercapitalized and in need of investment. I negotiated a contract with GT to design bicycle frames and components and to consult on a marketing strategy for them.

Bob Morales, www.facebook.com, december 2013: After I sold Dyno to GT Bicycles they asked me to design a new freestyle frame. This is the prototype that the production is based on. Hand built by Gary Turner from GT frame components and tubing this is the very first Dyno frame prototype. It does not feature the bend in the top tube at the seat stay / platform junction that the production models have. After initial testing I felt it was not unique enough and I suggested the bend in the top tube to give clearance to the seat stays platform and to give it an original design feature. After initial testing to confirm strength and handling, this frame went on to be used by me as a test bike for other GT and Dyno products I designed and developed for them. This frame was also later used to develop the first Kore product the Thrashguard (The first bolt on bash guard). Kore Bicycle Components was a company I started after I left GT in 1987.

The new Dyno Compe complete bike is built on the new Dyno D-30 Frame Set.
Ad in BMX Action september 1985: Start with the right frame of mind. To get your freestyle act together you've got to line up the right equipment. Start with your attitude, nothing gets you into attack mode better than knowing you have the best, the all new Dyno frame set, the latest, hottest, most rad freestyle technology going. 100% chromoly wrapped, bent and welded into the exclusive Dyno D-30 FS design. As unique and individual as freestyle itself. You can spot the Dyno from another county, with its outrageous frame geometry, but take a close look you'll see the quality it takes to build a champion. The special Dyno drop-bend on the top tube leaves an excellent platform. Dyno drop-outs are totally unique and totally trick. The Dyno fork and head geometry has been engineered with a sharper angle for quicker steering and does Dyno have colors ? Dumb question.
Bicross magazine: Dyno commence à produire des BMX. Quelques années après la conception du GT performer, Bob Morales dessine ainsi le premier cadre et fourche DYNO. Empattement court (950mm), petite plateforme, prix élevé.
dyno compe prototype

1985 frames
Automne 1986, GT rachète à Bob Morales les parts que celui-ci possède encore dans la marque Dyno. Bob se consacre alors entièrement à l'AFA (American Freestyle Association).

Dyno Compe 2 bike test in Freestylin june 1986.

Freestylin december 1986: Here they be. The all-new, ready to shred, build to last, amazingly neat (drumroll please)... Dyno handlebars. Check how the crossbar support the upper part of the handlebars... say goodbye to bending.
dyno 1986 catalog
1986 catalog (download)

dyno 1986 handlebars bmx
1987 1987 CATALOG.

There are four complete bikes in the Dyno line; the Comp ($179.95), the D-Tour, the Pro Comp and ...

Rotor et potence Spin Tech.
1987 catalog
1987 catalog. (download)

spin tech
1988 Dyno tour, Urban assault, with Dino DeLuca, Dave Voelker and Brett Hernandez, june 11-august 20.
dyno bmx 1988 catalog
1988 catalog. (download)
Dyno picked up the 15 year old Dave Mirra after seeing him ride at the New York King of Vert contest (september 1989).
1990 1990 DYNO CATALOG.

dyno 1990 catalog
1990 catalog. (download)

1990 dyno slammer
1993 1993 CATALOG.
Gary Ellis and Dave Voelker on the cover of the 1993 GT/Dyno catalog.
ellis voelker gt dyno 1993 catalog
1996 1996 CATALOG.
Dave Voelker and Gary Ellis on the cover of the 1996 GT/Dyno catalog.
ellis voelker gt dyno 1996 catalog
1997 1997 CATALOG.
1997 GT/Dyno catalog.
gt dyno 1997 catalog
GT was liquidated and the brand name sold to Pacific Cycle in 2001.
2004 Pacific Cycle continued to sell Dyno bicycles as "entry-level" bikes until the Canadian firm Dorel Industries acquired Pacific Cycle in 2004. The Dorel-owned Pacific Cycle has not since marketed any products under the Dyno brand name.
2007 D. Wiseman, april 2007: The Pacific cycle/Dyno bio suggests that the Dyno brand has not been marketed since 2004. We purchased an entry level Dyno for our son recently from toys-R-us with a manufacture date of Sept. 2006.
DYNO team
Ruben Castillo 1989 - ....

Chris Day 1987

Dino DeLuca .... - 1988

Scott Freeman (march 1988 - .... )

Tim Fuzzy Hall (1989)

Dave Mirra 1989 - ....

Trevor Meyer

Dave Voelker Dyno moved ramp star Dave Voelker to full-factory status after Dave's win at the 1987 AFA West Palm Beach contest.