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eddie fiola freestylin 01 86 issue 9 - january 1986 (shared by simon 0910 - download)
On the cover is Eddie Fiola in the process of wasting the pro class at Del Mar. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Hutch Wind Styler and Skyway StreetBeat tests.
Air: A guide to aerials.
King of the skateparks round 3, Del Mar.
Boston contest.
AFA Masters round 4, Huntington Beach.
Aerial Tips with B. Blyther and RL Osborn.
Inside is Mark Gonzales on skateboard and a photo of Christian Hosoi in pool.
Trick page: The 360 drop in with Dennis Langlais.
FREESTYLIN' goes monthly.
rl osborn freestylin 03 86 issue 10 - march 1986 (download)
RL Osborn on the cover,
RL 20 II Test (includes specifications and parts list), how to build a half pipe, Last clash at Pipeline: contest coverage of AFA King of the Skate Parks at Pipeline, RL Osborn interviews Eddie Fiola, trick how-to's.
martin aparijo freestylin 04 86 issue 11 - april 1986 - $2.50
Martin Aparijo cowboy on the cover of the Assault issue. Photo by Windy Osborn.
This issue features 86 GT Pro Performer Test, Early Street Riding How-To's, Kick Ramp How-to's w/Dizz Hicks and Mike Buff ... and much more!

This is the only issue in the Freestylin' series titled "FREESTYLE".
Mark Lewman, www.facebook.com, november 2012: We tried to drop the lack of G and just go with a name that was simple and more descriptive. Bob Osborn was a classic simple-is-better guy. We published the one issue and then the legal department of Hi Torque sent us a cease and desist because even though BMX Plus! wasn't publishing under that name, they owned the trademark on the title for a magazine.
dave vanderspek freestylin bmx 12 issue 12 - may 1986 - $2.50
Dave Vanderspek on the cover.
The Meyer (Drob & Brothers) interview, Hanter Test, Scooter article, Skate Trix how-to, NFA & AFA Contest Finals, 1986 Rider, Bike & Team of the Year Ballot, Ceppie Maes 'Antrider' how-to
brian blyther freestylin 06 86 issue 13 - june 1986 (shared by simon 0912 - download)
Jeff Kendall inverting and Brian Blyther cancaning on the cover.
In it a picture of 14 years old Mathew Hoffman catching some serious air, and a letter from him telling readers about his Mountain Dew sponsorship and the RAD shows his team put on.
Dyno Compe 2 test.
Curb Dog Dave Vanderspek interview.
The Great T.O.L. Skate and Bike Invite jam.
CW crew (Dizz Hicks, Gary Pollack, Ceppie Meas, McGoo, Greg Kove)
Flatland how-to's.
Photo Contest notice & rules.
Robert Peterson bar extender.
tony adams freestylin 07 86 issue 14 - july 1986 (shared by simon 1105 - download)
Tony Adams from San Diego and Gator Rogowski (sk8) appear on the cover of this issue.
Gator skate pictorial.
AFA Masters round 1 at the Velodrome.
Ground Rules: how to set up a flatland routine.
VERTSEARCH: San Diego scene.
Torker 2 Test.
NOISE article with Black Flag.
josh white freestylin 08 86 issue 15 - august 1986 (shared by simon 1008 - download)
Josh White on the cover. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Mike Dominguez article. Seattle Scene, Josh White feature pics & words, AFA Masters Round II in Oklahoma, Christian Hosoi interview, 'Shows' Pictorial, Rick Moliterno freestyle how-to: fork wheelie with nice shorts, RL how-to: the backwards infinity roll, Zines.
ceppie maes freestylin 09 1986 bmx issue 16 - september 1986 (shared by Simon - download)
Ceppie Maes on the cover. Photo by Windy.
Orientation: The day at the Freestylin' Office.
Pictorials: Todd Anderson, Josh White, RL Osborn, Pete Augustin, Jason Parkes, Maurice Meyer, Dave Vanderspek, Eddie Fiola, Lew, Randy Tischmann invert on the TOL, Mike Tokemoto, Andy Shohara decade kickturn, Doug Randazzo cancan invert, ...
Oleg Konings how-to of Insanity-Roll.
Special: Street How-to's.
Last bite: Dizz.
pete augustin freestylin 10 86 issue 17 - october 1986 (scanned by Brahim 0509 - download)
Pete Augustin on the cover.
AFA Masters Series Round 3, Colombus Ohio.
1986 Skyway Street Beat,
Diamond Back Strike Zone Test with Mike Dominguez as test rider,
Camarillo local scene pictorial,
Dave Nourie trick page: The Organ Grinder.
eddie fiola freestylin 11 86 issue 18 - november 1986 (compiled by simon with thanks to ray j. 1306 - download)
Eddie Fiola on the cover.
2nd annual product guide.
New York city street scene.
Tony Magnusson profile.
'86 NORA cup results.
Martin Aparijo interview.
AFA championships, New York city.
rick moliterno freestylin 12 86 issue 19 - december 1986 (compiled by simon with thanks to juan m. 1312 - download)
The cover shot is Rodney Mullen and Rick Moliterno. Skateboarding takes half cover of FREESTYLIN' not to mention many pages inside.
Official scoot review: Schwinn Free form pro.
Haro Rampage Tour with Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther, Dave Nourie, Rich Sigur, Don Cook, Spike Jonze, Jon Peterson and Nick.
Brittania/GT US Tour, GT Euro Tour, Asian Tour and Dyno.
Hutch invasion tour with Woody Itson, Rick Moliterno, Bob Schmelzer, Frank Scura and Gibey.
The Redline summer bash with R.L. Osborn, Todd Anderson, Winkle, Andy Brusik and Myrtie.
Undergrounders: Chris Day.
Alternative: Snowboarding.