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Date: July 1997.
Place: New York.

Roni, Ride BMX US october 1997: Tenth place went to Brian Tunney from Washington, D.C. Brian's a really rad guy, with a whole bunch of originality. Yep, lots of good tricks... Leave me alone and go watch Props if you want to see what he did... Ninth place went to new pro and New Jersey resident (don't hold that against him), Ed Nussbaum. Ed rode like a seasoned vet, and at the end of his run, the skies parted and he was carried away on gossimer wings. I think... Eighth place went fo Sean Peters, who just can't seem to ride in a straight line. Sean spun on both wheels frantically, and all the while the Jackson 5, poured happily out of the speakers. Seventh place went to Billy Borys. Billy spent his entire run chasing a small midget dressed as a clown around the street course with a pink whiffle ball bat (at this point, I assumed someone dosed me, and therefore claim no responsibility for covering this contest...) Sixth place went to Nate Hanson, who rode slow, strong and confidently as he happily chewed a straw. Nate didn't get to ride to heavy metal, which I think made him touch a bit more often than he should, but he did tell me that he bought a new Fu Manchu CD, so I don't think he cared too much. Fifth place went to Chad Degroot, who also rode reahly well, but touches kept him back, too. Chad did backward manuals, and some strange karl kruiser type of tricks (hey, at least I'm trying...). Fourth place went to Jason Brown, who spent most of his run flipping his bars about during front wheel links. He did have some pretty wild highspeed switches, but I believe those were mostly front wheel tricks, too. Third place went to Mat "Wheatstick" Gipson, who had an amazing, almost flawless run. That was the best l've ever seen Matt ride, so third place was well deserved. Second place, for the first time in a long while, went to Trevor Meyer. Trevor seemed to be a little off, and touched down several times during his runs. He did manage to hit a ton of tricks, but touches seemed to hurt him. First place went to Andrew Faris, my favorite flatlander to watch. I would defy anyone to try to explain Andrew's tricks. He rides so differently from everyone else, and all of his tricks are amazingly difficult. Andrew touched a few times, but it didn't matter. He had clearly won, and when the placings were announced, I thought his smile was going to cut his head in half.

STUNTMEN FLAT RESULTS: 1.Andrew Faris 2.Trevor Meyer 3.Mat Gipson 4.Jason Brown 5.Chad Degroot 6.Nate Hanson 7.Billy Borys 8.Sean Peters 9.Ed Nussbaum 10.Brian Tunney

andrew faris
Andrew Faris. Photo by Marky Clark.
Roni, Ride BMX US october 1997: In eighth place was Smiley, Doug Arnoff. Doug didn't get too much time to ride, due to crashing himself into the flatbottom and being carried away on a stretcher, so eighth out of eight was all he could get. Seventh went to Mark Owen, better known as Chuck D. Chuck's getting to be pretty bad ass on vertical surfaces. Big old airs, variations, ... Sixth place went to the punkest guy in freestyle (next to Rick Thorne of course), Pat Miller. Pat once again went super high, but his lack of variations kept him to the back of the pack. Fifth place went to Jason Davies, who looks like GT's hectic tour schedule may be hurting him a bit. He rode pretty well, but lacked the flair that Jason's known for... Come on, Woody... Give the kid a break. Fourth place went to a stocked Jimmy Walker. Jimmy rode really well, spun the 540s, tweaked the lookdowns and toboggans... Jimmy rode better than I've ever seen him, and no one was surprised when he was announced as fourth. DMC was the man with third. Dennis seems to get better and better ever single contest. Flairs, huge 540s, barspin to barspin back, lip tricks... Dennis was on. Second place went to Matt Hoffman. Matt's body actually held together long enough for him to ride, and ride he did. Tons of tricks, done at huge height, back to back. Rocket switch-handers to no footed barspins, no-handed 540s, tailwhips... It was really good to see Matt riding like his old self again, and for doing so, he received second place. I guess no one will be surprised when I say Dave Mirra won, so here I go... Dave Mirra won. Dave seems to be pretty, unstoppable at this point, and NY was no exception. Really high airs, every lip trick in both directions, flips, flairs, spins, kicks... You name it. Dave won, hands down.

STUNTMEN VERT RESULTS: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Mat Hoffman 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Jimmy Walker 5.Jason Davies 6.Pat Miller 7.Mark Owen 8.Doug Arnoff
jason davies
Jason Davies.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX vert Matt Hoffman run 1.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX vert Matt Hoffman run 2.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX vert Dennis Mc Coy run 1.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 vert BMX Dennis Mc Coy run 2.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX vert Dave Mirra run 1.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX vert Dave Mirra run 2.
Roni, Ride BMX US october 1997: The course was pretty different than usual. It was packed in pretty tight, and the lines seemed pretty hard to get, so a lot of people seemed to be having a hard time with it. But, as always, everyone adapted as best they could, and a contest was held. Tenth place went to Jason Enns, who is one bad techno mofo... Jason did big hip tailwhips, toothpicks to barspins, icepicks on the sub... All that stuff that those Canucks seem to be into. Ninth place went to Colin WinkeImann, who to my surprise, never went for any insane/retarded huge gaps. Colin rode well, though, using big flips, 360s and all sorts of stuff to his advantage. His bike did pull a perfect flair during the contest, but he wasn't on it. I'll get to that later... Eighth place went to Rob Nolli, who did nose wheelies to barspins, flips, supermen and all that other good stuff. Seventh place went to the most normal kid on DK, Mike Ardelean. Mike seem to get better everytime I see him, and NY was no ,exception. Huge superman seatgrabs, toothpicks to fulI barspins, truckdrivers... You get the drift. Sixth place went to John Parker. John doesn't enter street too much, but when he does, he goes off. Bike problems seemed to hold him back, though, so sixth was all he could get. Fifth place went to the only guy at the contest with a green goatee, Ryan Nyquist. Ryan spun the hell of his handlebars during jumps, over hips, with the bars backwards... He'd be lost without his gyro. Ryan also did his crazy no-handed nosedive thing, which was cool. Fourth place went to Ron Kimler. Ron had a super clean flow, and was doing some wild moves like back wheel bonk over the sub box from the box jump and a lauch to double peg on the sub from the landing of the box jump. Schwinn should be mighty psyched that they picked this guy up. Third place went to Dennis McCoy. Dennis seems to have flairs down. So down, that I saw him do several through the weekend. Besides that, he did crazy nosewheehies to 360 reverts over the box, 720s, truckdrivers and all sorts of other goods. To use some ESPN lingo, DMC is yo mad phat. Second place went to Matt Hoffman, in his first street contest in over two years. To put it simply, Matt went huge. Matt did transfers and lines that were easily five to ten feet higher than most, and did no-handed 540 and tailwhip transfers from the vert wall to one of the quarter. Matt mixed old (fastplants and stuff) with new (sub box tailtaps and nosepicks) and at one point, to the delight of Big Island an I, he even did his patented grip and peg stall on the vert wall. To end it all, he did a perfect flair on Colin's bike after wrecking his back wheel. Not bad on a borrowed bike. It's nice to know that superheros sometimes still exist. And once again, first place went to Dave Mirra. Dave did giant flairs, decade jumps, trucks... Actually, what didn't Dave do? Dave is getting so damn unstoppabIe it's not funny. Wait until you see it on video... Dave's runs are simply amazing.

STUNTMEN STREET RESULTS: 1.Dave Mirra 2.Mat Hoffman 3.Dennis McCoy 4.Ron Kimler 5.Ryan Nyquist 6.John Parker 7.Mike Ardelean 8.Rob Nolli 9.Colin Winkleman 10.Jason Enns

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX street Matt Hoffman run 1.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX street Matt Hoffman run 2.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York BMX street Dennis Mc Coy run 1.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX street Dennis Mc Coy run 2.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX street Dave Mirra run 1.

www.dailymotion.com/benbmx: B3 New York 97 BMX street Dave Mirra run 2.