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www.kingofconcrete.com: The King of Concrete is the longest running BMX freestyle contest in the history of the sport so far. Founded in 1988 as a development from the King of the Skateparks competition it was seen as a progressive move from the 'quarterpipes in sports arena' type competitions. In an era of 'pro - invite only' contests, the KOC stands out as one of the only contests which caters to the younger, 'up and coming' riders as well as the top professionals.
Geoff Catlow is the founder/creator of the King of Concrete and principal organiser for the event. Having 20+ years of involvement in BMX dating back to the early UKBFA days, Geoff and son - Effraim have always been there trying to further the sport to the benefit of the riders.
From supporting riders such as Jamie Bestwick in his early years to representing the UK on the IFN comittee which organise the Worlds each year, the Catlows and the King of Concrete organisers have contributed more to BMX than many people realise
Southsea resident Geoff Catlow decided to run a contest at the local skatepark in Southsea, a small town right next to Portsmouth on the south coast of England.That first event was lowkey: a small number of riders turned up to ride flatland or ramp contests. The weather was pretty lame, a gale was blowing (hut Greg Guillotte still got way high on the vert ramp), yet one could tell that the event had potential -the embers were glowing.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: Following a few years of King Of The Skateparks contests, the first official 'King Of Concrete' took place in '88 Greg Guillotte ruled vert, despite the force nine gale and all-day rain.
greg guillotte 1988 koc
Greg Guillotte.
Date: 1989
Medias: Invert volume 1 issue 4, Trouble zine #8

The contest was given a label, King Of Concrete, and more planning was involved, more riders turned up, and a couple more classes were invented, namely bowls and mini ramps, which proved to create some of the raddest riding seen yet: Mad Jon (Taylor) attempting handplants on the miniramp and Zak (Shaw) attempting rock and rolls on the roof of the building adjacent to one of the howls (12 feet up and 9 feet away from the howl). Fire was raging.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: King of Concrete had already become the place to pull the big moves of the year. Jon Taylor was one of the first 'madmen', he even dropped off the roof into the mini - no-one's done it since.
john taylor 1989 koc
John Taylor.
Date: august 25-26, 1990.
Medias: Ride zine #10, FAT zine #15.

Word had been circulating and sponsors came forward to donate bigger prizes, European riders had caught wind of the KOC event, and overall the buzz was electric months before the contest took place. Another new category was made: street, using the various flyoffs, handrails, fun-boxes, and the like. This time the park was becoming overcrowded-and also a new pool was there, a perfect bowl shape ...nine foot deep with metal coping. Fire was unstoppable.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: 1990 saw the new cereal bowl construction and it was ridden to death. Chief bowl rider on the day was this guy, simply named 'Juice'. Check the style on this one footer, because Juice ruled.
juice 1990 koc
Date: august 24-25, 1991.
Report, pics, videos.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: The 1991 vert contest was one of the biggest ever the sky was blue, the sun was out, and the contest went off, Haro's Steve GeaII with a customarily stretched no footer, smooth as you like.
steve geall 1991 koc
Steve Geall.
Date: July 25-26, 1992. The same weekend, one of Matt Hoffman's BS contest happened in San Jose, which is why there weren't that many americans here for the KOC.
Riders: Hal Brindley, Chase Gouin, Phil Dolan, Geoff Martin, Thomas Loison, Effraim Catlow, Jamie Bestwick, Ian Morris, Zach Shaw, Dennis Wingham, John Taylor, Gerry Galey, ...
KOC: Zach Shaw.

Report, pic.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: 1992 and Jonny Foreigners are turning up in force including Americans. James Shepherd turned up with Jason Davies, and a truckload of new mini tricks: stylish front wheel manual.
james shephred 1992 koc
James Shepherd.
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: You can't get enough of this guy - Jerry Galley has always gone big, and '93 KOC was one of his rare contest appearances. Big, bio, and extremely inverted, landed silk-smooth [obviously]

Results, pics, video.
jerry galley 1993 koc
Jerry Galley.
Date: august 27-28, 1994
Médias: News FFC n°25, Props #4, Ride BMX UK #13 october 1994 & #14 december 1994.

Results, pic.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: 1994, and flatland is getting bigger and better. Pro flatland is developing fast: this guy, James White, made the trip each year to compete - two footed coasting backyard. He won in '94.
james white 1994 koc
James White.
Date: august 26-27, 1995

Results, pic.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: 1995 was all about this wan, Haro's Dave Mirra. Miracle Boy brought the big tricks to Southsea KOC - here's his frawestand icepick on the brand new sub-box ramp, during warm-up.
dave mirra 1995 koc
Dave Mirra.
August 24-25, 1996.
Report, results, pics.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: Sven Fanghanel ruled the contest in '96, despite having a surname no-one could pronounce. He owned mini, jumpbox, bowls, and also the street contest. Check the click on this big turndown.
sven fanghanel 1996 koc
Sven Fanghanel.
Report, results, pics.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK october 1997: Ten years on, and Zach Shaw is as rad as ever, 1997 saw the ten-year veteran win the Overall King of Concrete title - it couldn't have gone to a better man. Big upside-down invert on vert to 3rd.
zach shaw 1997 koc
Zach Shaw.
Ride BMX UK october 1998: More people than ever made it down to the KOC event., with rider entries up and more spectators than ever before, easily making it the biggest KOC to date. The guy who ended up winning the overall prize of King of Concrete was none over than Pil. Highlights were:
Great vert ramp -Red Bull's 30ft wide vert ramp was used instead of the traditional shaky metal thing.
Mark Theaker pulling a tailwhip 360 pedal to pedal during the funbox comp.
Alex Bender pulling a clean fufanu on the head-height handrail behind the new spine ramp complex made for the comp.
Simon Tabron pulling a dialled 180 flair as the finale for his vert run.
Phil Dolan's entire flatland run.
August 27-29, 1999
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August 25-27, 2000
Results, video.
August 24-26, 2001
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August 24-25, 2002
Geoff Catlow: Please note: Due to a lack of sponsors this year, there will not be any price money, all the money we have will go towards the street course, and funding for the contest, if you are coming for the price money you are coming to the wrong event. Just come for a good time, like the old days. Thanks for your support.

Street amateur: 80 inscrits.

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Reportage, results, video.
Reportage, results, pics.
2005 King of Concrete August 26/28th, Southsea Skatepark.
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