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www.bmxmasters.com: In 1984 the first BMX race took place in the Cologne Jugendpark. The track was built with some wooden obstacles by a youth group. This was the starting point of a long relationship between the location and this kind of sport: since then a minimum of one event has been organised every year. The youth centre ‘Cologne Jugendpark’ played a very important role in the development of BMX freestyle sports in Germany. It was one of the first locations, which offered permanent and free practise facilities for BMX riders. After several important and successful contests and masterships, this year is the 22th anniversary of BMX in the Cologne Jugendpark: After German freestyle masterships in 1987, 1989, 1992 there was the first world championship in 1996. 2000 and 2002 the BMX Worlds was again organised in Cologne in cooperation with the Jugendpark. Nearly 15,000 spectators and 600 riders from 20 nations joined the Worlds in 2002. With the Suzuki BMXWorlds 2004, organized by the agency spielbetrieb, it was the 5th time that this important event took place in Cologne (therefrom four times in the Jugendpark). This event was a total success: Over 550 international top riders from 27 countries entertained an audience of about 22,000. Worldwide there is no other institution, which organized a competition series for such a long period.
Basic data of BMX in the Cologne Jugendpark:
1984 – first BMX race
1985 – 1989 every year two BMX contests
1987 – 1st German BMX Freestyle Mastership
1989 – 2nd German BMX Freestyle Mastership
1990 – 2002 one BMX contest a year
1992 – 3rd German BMX Freestyle Mastership
1996 – 1st Freestyle World Championship
1998 – 4th German BMX Freestyle Mastership
2000 – 2nd Freestyle World Championship
2002 – 3rd Freestyle World Championship
2004 - 4th Freestyle World Championship - Suzuki BMXWorlds
2005 - 1st Suzuki BMXMasters
2006 – 2nd Suzuki BMXMasters
From June 23 to 26, Cologne Jugendpark.
BMXMasters is back! One month later than usual – from July 21 to 23, with a duration of three days, the BMXMasters will again take place in the Cologne Jugendpark.
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Press release, june 2007: Between July 13th and 15th 2007 the Cologne Jugendpark will see over 400 of the world’s best BMXers battling it out in five different disciplines – street, mini-ramp, vert, flatland and dirt. Each discipline will have amateur, master and pro classes. During the three-day event the athletes will fight for winning some of the € 30.000 pize money. The Suzuki BMXMasters is the only BMX competition in Europe, in which all five Freestyle parts take place. So it is an highlight for all BMX riders and fans. At this year’s Suzuki BMXMasters there will be again Condor Mat Hoffman (USA), Justin Miller (USA), last years winner in the discipline flatland, Chris Doyle (USA), winner in the discipline dirt at the BMXMasters 2006, Vert-Champ Simon Tabron (UK) and Alessandro Barbero (IT), last years winner from the street session. Also X-Games winner and worldchampion Ryan Nyquist (USA) will compete again - in 2005 he landed two first and one second place at the Suzuki BMXMasters! For the first time there will be Demolition rider Dennis Enarson (USA) and "the bulldozer“ Scotty Cranmer (USA), X-Games winner 2006. On top, the final of the Braun cruZer Tour will be battled in Cologne on the refreshed Braun Spine Ramp - the world’s largest mobile mini-ramp. Additional entertainment will come in the form of extra events such as Best Trick contest, riders lounge, opening party, official Suzuki BMXMasters Party and barbecues.
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Press release, november 2007: After three successful issues of the Suzuki BMXMasters the biggest BMX freestyle Contest go ahead into the fourth year and will take place from July 4 to 6 in the Cologne Jugendpark. To retain the yearly traditions we will keep up the established contest conditions: again during the three-day event the worlds best BMX riders will compete in the five different disciplines street, mini-ramp, vert, flatland and dirt. Depending on skills and the levels of difficulty there will be expert, master, amateur and pro classes. In addition, the Suzuki BMXMasters will once again support the involvement of girls in BMX, with Girls’ flatland and street disciplines.
Reports, results.