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1970 Date of birth: september 22, 1970
early years Riding since 1983.
1988 2nd place 18+ expert flatland @ AFA Masters round 7, Colombus, OHIO, september 1988.
1991 Early 1991, Haro's latest frestyle recruit Bill Nitschke is producing foot-pegs under the Pulse Products label.

Bill Nitschke packed up and moved to Rick Moliterno's Rampage indoor bike park in Iowa.

Bill Nitschke tragically slipped both grips on the downside landing of the box jump at Rampage, went over the bars and cracked his two front teeth in half.

En Novembre, Rick Moliterno, Krt Schmidt et Bill Nitschke créeent Standard Bykes à Davenport, Iowa.
1992 5th place Stuntmen flatland @ BS 1992 round 1, Jeff Phillips Skatepark, Dallas, Texas, january 1992.
Bill Nitschke didn't pull his tailwhip bunnyhop but had some rad combo's.

3rd place Stuntmen flatland @ BS 1992 round 3, Lake Owen Freestyle Camp, Wisconsin, 1992.

Interview in BMX Plus! july 1992.
Nickname ? Bill
Sponsors ? Standard Bike Co., The Guard and Rampage Skateboard Park.
Tricks invented ? Whopper (Bunnyhop tailwhip)

Bill Nitschke is now riding for Homeless.

2nd place Stuntmen flatland and 4th place Stuntmen mini ramp @ BS 1992 round 6, Chicago, november 1992.
Bill Nitschke proved his overall ability. Street, flatland, mini rampin' like it ain't no thing. Twisting, rolling and scuffing his way to second in stuntmen flat. Most people would be happy with second in pro flat. Bill has to go out and get a strong fourth in mini ramp too. Pedal to pedal nosepick tailwhips, icepick to toothpick, nosewheelies, toothpick to fakie over the spine, and a perfect backfiip flyout. In stuntmen street, he was riding better than ever. He did an abubaca on the rather large wall behind the five foot quarter and a perfect backflip.

2nd place Stuntmen flatland @ 1992 BS year end standings.

BMX Plus! july 1992
1993 Photo of Bill Nitschke backflipping in BMX Plus! january 1993.

8th place Stuntmen mini ramp @ BS 1993 round 1, Thrasherland Skatepark, Glendale, Arizona, january 1993.

5th place Stuntmen flatland and 6th place Stuntmen street @ BS 1993 round 2, Shimerville, Pennsylvania, august 1993.

5th place Stuntmen street @ BS 1993 round 3, Hoffman BikePark, Oklahoma City, september 1993.

5th place Stuntmen mini-ramp and 5th place Stuntmen street @ BS 1993 round 4, SCRAP Chicago, IL., november 1993.