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january 1993 (1)
Mike Luna on the cover.
NBL Grand National, Louisville, KY.
Powerlite P51, Homeless Mack and Haro Shredder tests,
Bill Nitschke backfliping.
1993 Haro catalog.
Contributors: Harold McGruther, John Ker, Mark Losey.
mike king bmx plus! 02 93 february 1993 (1)
Mike King on the cover,
S&M Dirt Bike test with Robbie Morales Keith Treanor and Mike Griffin, Bicycle Stunt contest round 5 in South Daytona, FL., GT/ABA Fall Nationals, Bob Kohl Ride-N-Grind video contest, Fly paper: Tim fuzzy Hall, inside team GT.
76 pages. 2.95$
march 1993 (1)
TNT's Alan Foster (left) and CycleCraft's Brian foster on the cover. Action inset: Mike King.
Putting on your own contest, how to paint your bike, Dyno Slammer Team test, Mission Trail Jump Fest, Karl Kruiser variations with Jesse Puente.
bmx plus! 04 93 vol.16 no.4 - april 1993 (3)
Bicycle Stunt finals, Hoffman estates, IL.
How to canadian nosepick by Keith Treanor.
GT Vertigo bike test.
Tech how-to: the ACS rotor.
King Of Dirt, Oklhoma City, OK.
bmx plus! 05 93 may 1993 (3)
Pistol Pete and Billy Griggs on the cover. Action inset: Matt Hoffman tailwhip.
Haro Group 1 SI test.
Dennis McCoy interview.
Bicycle Stunts round 1, Glendale, Arizona.
Jay Miron interview.
NBL Christmas Classic, Columbus, Ohio.
Product Test: Tire Shootout
Special: How to get started in Flatland?
Redline catalog.
On the move: Toboggans footed and footless.
How to start flatlanding.
bmx plus! 06 93 june 1993 (2)
Dave Clymer, Todd Lyons and others on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Double wall ride with Todd Lyons and Dave Clymer in 1993 at Huntington Beach High School on the table of contents page.
Best Bikes under $300 tests.
ABA Triple-Header Race, Reno,NV.
The 10 best Freestyle investments.
How to get into BMX Racing?
BMX Speed and Power Secrets.
Mike Hajek interview.
John Parker interview.
Parting shot: John Parker and his drano.

Todd Lyons, www.facebook.com, january 2016: If you were a pro BMX rider in So Cal in the early 90's, it's almost a given that at one point or another you suited up in some goofy uniforms and were a test rider for BMX Plus magazine. This is from the sub $300 "Six Bike Shootout" in the June, 1993 issue. For all of you eagle eyes, that's Travis Chipres on the far left doing a one-hander, Neal Wood next to him, Clymer David behind him with the dreads flying, me in the front with the POW x Public Enemy helmet, Brian Brian Schmith doing the Hannah, and Bo Olson Iron busting the one-footed hannah. I'm riding the Redline bike. And now for some more trivia - Check out the address label on the magazine. It was sent to Richard Long at GT Bicycles in Huntington Beach. I actually worked in the warehouse at GT for about a year in 1993. Richard Long (RIP) was the CEO & head honcho. I only made like $4.50/Hour when I worked there, but I looks like I walked out of there with this magazine!
Karl Rothe quit and Mike Daily (who used to edit Go magazine) is the new editor.
Assistant Editor: Mark Losey.
Contributors: Harold McGruther, Gork, John Ker, ...
john purse bmx plus! 07 93 july 1993 (scanned by pharv85 - download) (2)
On the cover: John Purse and Charles Townsend takes chase. Photo by Mark Losey. Lower action inset: Todd Corbitts. Photo by Dave Hultner.
Page of contents: Mike Griffin.
Inside scoop: Homeless, Jad, Auburn, Redman cycles, Reader art from Timo Lanki.
Freestyle frameset gallery.
ABA Supernationals, Los Angeles, CA.
NBL Silver State Nationals, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Bob Tedesco interview.
Product probe: Hammer combo knee/shin pad, ATI Pistol grips, GT Power series pedals and Pulstar hubs.
Project popular BMXer.
Junior bike buyer's guide.
Handbook of jumping.
Writing to the factory stars.
How to scuff with Jesse Puente.
Pistol Pete speaks.
Parting shot: Todd Lyons' fastplant to 540.
eric carter mat hoffman bmx plus! 08 93 august 1993 (1)
Eric Carter and Matt Hoffman (inset) on the cover.
How to do a 360 tailtap over a spine.
Kevin Jones interview
BS 1993 Comp #2, Shimerville, PA * Special: Inside Factory GT
dave clymer bmx plus! 09 93 september 1993 (2)
Dave Clymer on the cover with an Answer's pro forx front suspension.
Matt Hoffman about flatland: "At a Texas AFA contest when I was 14, I beat Chase Gouin. He got 15th and I got 14th. That was my last flatland contest."
Day Smith interview.
1993 Haro Group 2, Test
1993 GT Pro Series Elite, Test
East LA Flatland Competition
Skatepark Directory
Story: Has BMX lost it's roots?
How-to: Suspension Conversion.
mat hoffman bmx plus! 10 93 october 1993 (1)
Mat Hoffman 42 feet high on the cover.
Matt Hoffman, the fat interview.
Street handbook.
tim strelecki alan foster bmx plus! 11 93 november 1993
Tim Strelecki and Alan Foster on the cover.
1993 Dyno Nitro, Test
Interview: Charles Townsend
NBL Freedom Nationals, Waterford Oaks, MI
2B Tossed Salad Jumpfest, Waterford Oaks, MI
Special: Standard Bykes Team/What they ride?
..and much more!
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK #8, december 1993: On magazine racks, BMX Plus! is more at home amongst Minitruck Monthly and 3&4 Wheeler than with bmx mags - it's from a big publishing company and the art director guy lays out all their magazines, so they all look the same - ie. cheesy. Hi-Torque [publishers] brought in riders to edit the mag and give it cred, but it didn't work: the suits still pull the strings and the art guy still makes it look terrible [ex-editor Karl Rothe quit 'cause he hated him so much]. Ex-GO and nice guy Mike Daily is now editor, but it's still much the same thanks to the head honchos in the boardroom - pull out an issue from '84 and it'll look just like the latest one. Photos range from incredible to downright tacky. Yes, it's still available today.
danny nelson dave mirra bmx plus! 12 93 volume 16 no.12 - december 1993 (1)
Danny Nelson of Powerlite and Dave Mirra super-dooper-can-can-looper on the cover.
Putting on your own freestyle show