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bmx plus! 01 92 january 1992 (1)
John Peacy on the page of content.
NYC 2-Hip festival.
Matt Hoffman: fire and a 360.
Haro catalog.
How to blast a Cherokee air with Rick Thorne.
What's hot for 1992 ?
The pro challenge.
Parting shot: Chris Potts handrail.
brian lopes bmx plus! 02 92 february 1992 (1)
Brian Lopes on the cover.
Art by Timo 2fresh Lanki .
1992 Project Drag Racer, Test
GT/ABA Fall Nationals, Yorba Linda, CA.
Interviews with Harold McGruther (McGoo) and Scot Breithaupt.
How-to's: Whiplash, Abubaca, no-handed jumps.
Special: 1992 Complete Bike Buyer's Guide.
Redefining BMX; is it still motocross?
kiyomi walker bmx plus! 03 92 march 1992 (1)
Kiyomi Walker on the cover,
King of Dirt, OK City, OK
ABA Grandnational, OK City, OK
Tech Tip: Hands on Flat repair
Story: 15 years of BMX Plus
On the Air - BMX Hotline
Snow Sessions.
finney mike king bmx plus! 04 92 april 1992 (2)
J.D. Finney and Mike King on the cover.
NBL Christmas Classic, Columbus, Ohio.
Suspension Bike Shootout. 1992 Redline Platinum Limited and 1992 Kastan Kushion.
Vans' Grand Slam: Pete Loncarevich, Terry Tenette and Everette Rosecrans.
Freestyle How-to's: Lance Lyons show you a hang-five, Pete Brandt a no handed hang-five and a cliffhanger.
Special: How to train like a pro?
charles townsend bmx plus! 05 92 may 1992 (1)
Charles Townsend on the cover,
1992 Haro Sport, Test
Interview: Bob Haro.
BS Contest: Texas Chainwheel Massacre.
ABA Silver Dollar Nationals, Reno,NV
How-to: Speed Jumping
Who's the boss ? Bob Haro (Haro designs), Jay Becht (Hutchins/Revcore), Chris Moeller (S&M Bikes), Greg Hansen (Trend Bike Source), Chris Potts (Trip Clothing), Ron Wilkerson (2Hip), Richard Bartlett (BMX Clinics).
bo olsen bmx plus! 06 92 june 1992 (1)
Bo Olsen on the cover
1992 GT Mach One, Auburn CR20R, Elf Pro and Redline RL-720 tests,
Freestyle's Hottest Products
Young Guns: BMX Rookie Rundown
ABA Winternationals, Phoenix, AZ
How to get started in BMX?
Bob Kohl video contest.
Rob Sigaty letter.
Jesse Puente sequences: Plastic Man and Cross-footed Hitchiker.
bmx plus! 07 92 july 1992 (2)
Matt Hoffman on the top of the cover.
NBL Pro Series,
Bicycle Stunts chapter #2 Arizona.
Racer of the Year.
Video review: Eddie Roman's Ride On.
John Peacy and Eben Krackau interviews.
A look at freestyle finest: Matt Hoffman, Dennis McCoy, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Dave Voelker, Kevin Jones, Chase Gouin, Pete Brandt, Kurt Schmidt, Bob Kohl, Jesse Puente, Bill Nitschke.
Super shootout: 1992 Diamond Back Reactor, Haro Group 1B, Robinson MX, Mongoose Solution, Schwinn Predator Sting.
Parting shot with Tim Fuzzy Hall unleashing a nacnac seat grabber.
jimmy levan bmx plus! 08 92 august 1992 (1)
Jimmy Levan on the cover.
How to do a table top with Tim fuzzy Hall.
SE PK Ripper XL and Iron Horse tests.
NBL Easter Classic.
ABA US Nationals.
Fly paper: Matt Hoffman won a Yamaha RT180 for being crowded Freestyler of the Year.
Matt Hoffman interview and pain list.
Stuntmen: Miron and Mirra up close.
Mid- '80s action,
Radical Rick.
Parting shot: Rob Nolli and Kent Huntsman nacnacs.
jeremy mcgraph eric clark bmx plus! 09 92 september 1992 (1)
Jeremy McGrath and Eric Clark on the cover.
1992 GT Pro Series Team, Test.
1992 Supercross Special, Test.
ICA Cowboy Nationals, Dallas,TX.
Special: Inside Team Haro/Crupi.
Story: Roots of Jeremy McGrath, BMX to MX.
Brian Lopes interview.
76 pages.
bmx plus! 10 92 october 1992 (1)
Waterjump on the cover.
Secret setups: Pete Loncarevich's Hawk F-20, Chris Potts' Haro Sport, Jesse Puente's Haro Master and Matt Hoffman's Hoffman Condor.
Freestyle video reviews: Head First, Homeless, Dope Amo III, WAL Life on the Edge, Dorkin 4 1/2, 101 Trix part 2, Rogers Garage, All souled out, Hicks in Action.
1992 Dyno vs Murray Shootout, Test
3 pieces crank buyer's guide.
Project homemade: Matthew Shumaker's bike.
Shootout: Dyno VFR and Murray 330SR.
Bicycle Stunt Contest 3, Cable, WI.
ABA Summernationals, Sunol, CA.
Story: 15 years of BMX Plus.
Special: Best Tech Tips of All Time.
bmx plus! 11 92 november 1992 (1)
P.Downell, R.Dodd and Keith Mulligan on the cover. Bottom inset: Chris Potts.
1993 Piston Street, Test
1993 Hoffman Condor, Test
NBL Pro Series, South Park, PA
How-to's: Grinds, 360's, ect.
Special: Escape to New York
Bicycle Stunt #4 San Jose, CA.
brian blyther ron wilkerson bmx plus! 12 92 december 1992 (1)
Flashback on the cover with Brian Blyther over Ron Wilkerson in a 1986 summer tour show. Photo by Mike Carruth.
ABA Midwest Nationals, Rockford, IL.
How to build a BMX track in your backyard with Billy Griggs.
15 years of BMX Plus! Photo greats. Harry Leary, Ron Wilkerson, Dave Voelker, John Dizz Hicks, Eddie Fiola, Mike Buff, Jim Pratt, Tim Fuzzy Hall, Brian Blyther, Joe Johnson, Mike Dominguez, ...
Robinson Pro, GHP pro and Hyper Pro Rhythm 20 tests.
How to install brakes.
How to install and adjust cranks.
On the move: Barspin dropin with Ron Wilkerson, Fookanoo air with Todd Anderson and Barspin air with Rob Seaword.
Radical Rick,
Self-portatraits: Gary ellis, Kevin Jones, Mike King and Rick Moliterno.