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Publisher Brad McDonald, august 2003: We launched BMX Business News about seven years ago to help the BMX industry grow. We publish it six times a year and send it out for free to bike shops. The goal is to help inform shops about what's going on in BMX as far as new products and general industry news. A lot of bike shop owners are older people who may not be into BMX, so we help them stay educated so their shop can stay current. A more informed bike shop owner hopefully translates into riders having a better selection of good products, and it helps the industry stay healthy financially.
premiere issue premiere issue - 1996
New Bontrager freestyle professional Ryan Nyquist pulls of a no-footed can can over the box jump at the Destination Extreme contest in Seal Beach, California on the cover.
James Ayres, www.ridebmx.com, july 2005: In the very first issue, we did an Interbike Preview, an article titled "Gearing Up For BMX: How To Successfully Stock Your Shop", "BMX On TV: What Does It Mean For You", and "Bike Shops vs. Mail Order: How To Get Your Piece of the Pie." That's what I mean about things not changing; all of those stories could be done again today. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Check out some of the other things I found in that first issue...
"Giant Bicycle has teamed up with legendary BMX designer Linn Kastan to develop its Mosh line of BMX bikes, framesets, and accessories."
"Shimano is considering making a front version of their popular V brake for the growing freestyle market."
"BMX Lineup: Specialized: Four model line called Fat Boy, Trek: 12 model line (9 BMX, 3 freestyle), Gary Fisher: 10 model line (7 BMX, 2 freestyle)."
"Mongoose is stepping into the future of BMX frame design with their new Stealth SL frame. Made out of carbon fiber and thermo-plastic, this monocoque frame weighs in at under three pounds and comes with an unlimited three-year warranty...Retail for under $600."
One of the other things that stood out in that first issue was the two-page spread announcing the death of former GT President, Rich Long, who passed away on July 12, 1996. I couldn't tell if it was an ad or editorial, but it was a great read nonetheless.
issue 2
James Ayres, www.ridebmx.com, july 2005: Issue number two had Fuzzy on the cover and coverage from the trade show. Dirt jumping was starting to blow up back then, so we did an article about what to stock if trails were popular in the shop's area. Here's a quote from the story: "Many manufacturers have begun building stronger models (forks) with thicker dropouts, larger legs, thicker walls, and one-piece machined steerer tubes. Threadless fork/clamp-on stem combos are also growing in popularity."

Here are a few of the topics that made the news:
"System Cycle Adds Reynolds Racing Line"
"Boss Fielding Amateur Team"
"Airwalk Offers Bike Shops Exclusive Shoes"
"Nike Teams Up With GT"
"Schwinn and Toyota Join Forces", "Schwinn Signs Miron to a Two-Year Deal"

We also did a big story asking the question, "Can Garage Companies Survive?" Funny how the term was "garage" company versus today's "rider-owned" company...
issue 3
James Ayres, www.ridebmx.com, july 2005: Issue three had a pretty funny Schwinn ad in it; "Hey man - is that the new Schwinn Brian Foster rides? That guy rules" -Enthusiastic inquiry of a 13-year-old grommet to Team Schwinn BMX pro Alan Foster behind the eight-pack at Sheep Hills."

We also did a big interview with Rich Vitiello just as he was taking on the role of Huffy's new BMX Director. "As you know, Huffy was previously involved in this sport, got in it and got out twice. This time the commitment is a lot bigger... This time with Huffy involved, it will stay around a lot longer."

There was also an article titled, "The Best Known Clothing Companies in BMX;" can you guess who the top four were? Jinx Clothing, Play Clothes, Allied/Poor Boy, and UGP.
www.writenews.com, january 1998: Times Mirror Magazines announced the acquisition of Ride BMX, SNAP, and BMX Business News, published by Ride Publishing. All three magazines will be added to the TransWorld Media group, a division of Times Mirror Magazines.
BMX Business News is widely distributed in bike shops across the country and has a circulation of approximately 9,000.
bmx business news spring 1988 spring 1998
John Purse on the cover.
spring 1999
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2000: A trade magazine for BMX. Dealers can find out what's hot straight from the people who make the product. There are business interviews, product reviews, industry related news, advice on market trends (buy scooters!) and more. Really interesting to read if you're involved in the bicycle industry somehow. Less interesting if you care about race results and rider interviews. Haven't seen a recent copy for a while. Comes out 4 times a year. Through Times Mirror Magazines (same people who publish RIDE and SNAP).
bmx business news 11 2001 november 2001
Bart de Jong interview about EBC.
august 2003
Jim Ford on the cover
BMX Business News Uses Glossy Paper. (The magazine previously was printed on newspaper.)
James Ayres, www.ridebmx.com, july 2005: BBN has seen a lot of changes since it first came out almost 10 years ago; it's gone from a traditional black-and-white, magazine-sized publication, to an oversized, newsprint format, to a full-color, glossy format - and the look of it continues to evolve. I look at articles we did only a year ago compared to some of the features we've done this year, and I'm happy to say it seems like things keep taking steps forward; as it should be. One of our main goals with BBN has always been to help educate dealers as to what's going on in BMX, and that will continue to be its main focus in the years ahead.
march 2004
bmx business news 03 2005 march 2005
bmx business news 09 2005 september october 2005
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2005: BMX Business News is your complete source for news and information on the BMX market. We haven't received it for a while but we picked up the two latest issues at the Interbike show in Las Vegas. The trade mag is published by Transworld Magazine Corporation that also brings out a Surf/Skate/Snow version that we happen to receive. The September 05 issue of BNN has got the following features: The date of Interbike, HB Performance Systems Inc. (not Hoffman Bikes) acquires Sun Ringle, Interbike Q&A, Effective purchasing, Interbike Sneak Preview and the Exposure meter. The articles that keep coming back for more are: Guest Editorial (by Maddog Moeller), One Company-One Question (this time with Bombshell/Avent), Shop Scope (Off Road Peddler - Houston), BMX Trends (what's selling in the shops?) and the Dealer Directory (a useful list of BMX related companies). If this sounds like something you'd like to receive in the future, use your business card and your signature requesting the publication.
bmx business news 11 2005 november december 2005
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2005: The Nov/X-mas issue features Jim Ford on the cover who announced his resignation with HARO just before deadline. GT goes IBD again and you can read why. Transworld put on a "Selling BMX successfully"seminar at Interbike and they'r looking back on it by this article. Jay Miron leaves the IBMXFF because he's too busy with his other projects. Chris Moeller's Guest Editorials are always a good read, if you agree with him, or not. TL looks back on the Eurobike show, SX finds new distributors, 1 question - 1 company with FIT Bike Co. Transworld also puts on the NORA CUP awards and they look back on the 2005 edition in Vegas. There's an article on Top 5 selling products and new is the exposure meter with Dave Mirra coming out on top (with a huge lead). 7 pages of Interbike highlights gives you a good idea of what went on in Vegas. Next year, be there. There's an interview with Shadow founder Ron Bonner on the limited edition Penumbra Line. Product Fix showcases some product and then it's a wrap for another BBN.
bmx business news 03 2006 march 2006
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2006: It's always good to receive an issue of BBN but lately the press releases make it on the internet before the trade news makes it to print. With the trade mag coming out 4 times per year, the news it brings can be a bit dated (compared to the web) but is also has articles that are timeless that you can read at any point in time. The Mirraco news made it to the cover of the March issue and at the same time HARO's Chief Operating Officer Joe Hawk gets interviewed on the situation. Haro's Tony D gets an interview as the new brand manager and Robbie Morales took Tony D's old TM job at Fox Racing and gets asked some questions about that. Can't we all just agree on one size? is what guest editor Chris Moeller is asking in the March issue. Read it and give your feedback. 01 Company-01 Question is with Colin Stiles of Transit. Ron Wilkerson explains the benefits of having BMX shows at BMX stores, and Rich Vitiello is selling billiard tables these days instead of Huffy's and Mongoose's. BNN interviewed him and Rich gives his reasons. Bars have reached the 13 butted stage (that's handlebars), can it go further? Do we need it to go further? Calabazas Cyclery is the shop of the issue and 8 shops explain what their 5 best selling items are. The 2006 event calendar is handy but they forgot about the Mini FAT-JAM that's coming up this Saturday and the actual FAT-JAM on 19 August this summer. Guess who's leading the 2006 BMXposure meter? Okay, guess again. Now again. No, it's Dennis McCoy! and all on editorial and no ads. In second we see Josh Stricker. Josh, you're popular dude, get a raise from the boss! Harrington is in third. The last page product fix pleases the advertisers and that's a wrap!
bmx business news 05 2006 may 2006
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2006: Bicycle Business News (BBN) showed up with its May 2006 issue. The mag is interesting in the fact that they go beyond the official press release. When the news is big, they grab the phone and dial up the president of the company to get the score. Cover stories are the sale of Seattle Bike Supply (SBS) to the Holland based Accell group and also the QBP "Frostbike" dealer show. There's news on Brad McDonald and Todd Toth leaving Transworld Media to start their own online gig. Also tips are given how a BMX bike is set up these days. Are you keeping up with the trends? Chris Moeller's guest editorial is always an interesting read whether you agree with him, or not. Specialized is a company that is often misinterpreted. 3 of their employees are trying to brush things up in an article on page 9. Greg Walsh tells about packaging, Greg Hill explains RockStar Bikes, Erik's Bike shop tells their situation, there's a complete bike buyer's guide in the May issue as well as 2 pages of products. Should you sell on E-Bay? BBN gives 7 tips. 5 top selling products and the BMXposuremeter wrap up this issue. Morgan Wade is actually on top of the Exposure list followed by Mirra, Harrington, Cranmer and DMC. Just so you know.
bmx business news 06 2006 june 2006
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2006: This BBN review comes from England. The photo was taken in London and the white background is from the Ibis bath tub. The business mag was read on the plane ride and while taking a bath this morning. It's not too much of a read but interesting indeed. Dennis McCoy showed up this morning and had not seen the issue yet, in fact, he does not receive the magazine himself after trying multiple times to get on the list. Can anyone at Transworld take care of that please? Anyway, back to the mag. The cover news is about Shimano getting back into BMX with a BMX specific DXR component line. Blame the Olympics for that one. The other cover story covers the Olympics with Doug Martin being interviewed on the latest race situation. Next page has a story on Intense entering the complete bike market for 2007. Tim Gallant (QBP) writes this issue's editorial. The Chris Raceles (Haro PD) news is brought as is the news about Black-Out distribution extending their same-day shipping program. You have noticed by now that this is a BMX Business specific magazine that is not bringing the latest tailwhip variation. Volume talks about their 26" bar cruiser, Hoffman about Podcasting, Mongoose about the '07 Legion (formerly known as the Fuzz), UGP explains that they're committed to BMX and Supercross launches a full complete line of bikes next year. The BBN crew called up some people to get some new kicks, clothes and accessoires. 4 pages of coverage is what they got in return. The Product fix has 2 pages of BMX products. Then Ian Morris talks about 4Down and United Bike Co. The 5 top selling products and the Exposure meter (Mirra is back on top) wrap up this issue of BBN.
bmx business news 12 2006 september 2006
december 2006
Transworld Media made the decision to suspend publication of BMX Business News with the December issue. As the BMX industry has consolidated, the ad support has slowed for BBN. The BMX industry and Transworld are better served by reinvesting these resources in the continued multi-media expansion of the largest and strongest brand in the sport, RIDE BMX, and RideBMX.com.
Bill Dies: Transworld Media are currently soliciting industry opinions and ideas to find additional ways we can serve the business side of the BMX industry for 2007.
A reaction from BBN's James Ayres: Last Friday the plug was pulled on the title. As of our November/December issue (which should be out any day now), BBN will cease to exist, as will my job. I really feel like we had a good thing going... I know a few of you have told me along the way that BBN has really helped the BMX business grow, which makes me feel like we were heading in a good direction. Unfortunately, the title just wasn't producing any revenue (it's not like ad dollars are exactly falling from anyone's tree these days), so the executive decision was to let it go, and it's one I fully understand.