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richie anderson super bmx 01 1984 january 1984 ( original scans by Ron C shared by Simon 1009 - download)
Richie Anderson aboard his Patterson on the cover.
NBL Grand National.
Conditioning for Bicycle Motocross.
A BMX lesson: Richie Anderson took Gien Scarpelli to the track.
The new Mongoose Supergoose.
Eric Rupe: a new National number 1 Pro.
darrell young super bmx 02 1984 vol.11 no.2 - february 1984 (shared by Simon - download)
Darrell Young on the cover.
Darrell Young interview, he talks about where he's at and where he's going
END OF A GOLDEN ROAD- The US GOLD CUP brings 2,000 racers to Vegas to compete on a difficult track.
The making of "UNCOMMON VALOR" starring GENE HACKMAN, article has great movie photos.
Conditioning for Bycicle motocross, with Dave Marietti and Ton van Olphen.
greg hill super bmx 06 1984 june 1984
Greg Hill on the cover.
Clint Miller on making it in BMX.
super bmx 07 1984 july 1984
brian blyher super bmx 08 1984 august 1984
Brian Blyther on the cover.
The GT Team Series 20" Test
NBL National in Memphis
NBL War Of Stars race in Florida
Brian Blyther interview.
eric rupe super bmx 09 1984 september 1984
Eric Rupe on the cover.
stu thomsen super bmx 12 1984 december 1984
Stu Thomsen on the cover.
This is the Mag for the Stu Thomsen fan. Great article, and pics from when he rode a PK Ripper, a Mongoose in 77, and an old FMF. Tests on the GHP freestyler, and the KS race bike. Stu Thomsen pool riding (p.67).