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super bmx 01 1987 january 1987
176 pages. Some featured articles include: "Pete Longcarevich Speaks Out" and "Freestyle Blast in N.Y. Will The Big Apple Ever Be The Same?".
super bmx 02 1987 february 1987
74 pages.
Going for ABA's Gold. The Gold Cup Championship returns to Las Vegas,
Getting Rad At Home With GTV.
doug davis steve kiander super bmx 03 1987 march 1987 (scanned by Philippe D. 1102 - download)
Doug Davis at ABA's Honda Supercup race on the cover. Inset: Steve Kiander at the AFA Masters finals.
1986 ABA Grand National.
Riding analysis: Torker II 540 Air.
Stuart Thomsen interview.
Building your local racing scene.
AFA Masters Finale.
Best and worst of '86.
Bar Split Walkaround how-to.
super bmx 04 1987 april 1987
2hip ramp jam invades Wilkerson's backyard.
11 basic freestyle tricks you must know !
super bmx 05 1987 may 1987
GT's Josh White on the cover,
AFA's Masters series West Palm Beach Florida, Raleigh Pro Reflex bike test, GT Power Series Cranks, Product Test, NBL war of the stars Montgomery Alabama, ABA's SO Cal's super nationals in San Bernardino including the vet pros, Special: Martin Aparijo and Woody Itson.
super bmx 06 1987 june 1987 (1)
Travis Chipres one-handin' on the cover.
NBL Houston, Texas.
Mongoose Expert and Dyno Pro Compe Team bike tests.
Freestyle how-to with R.L. Osborn.
R.L. pull-out poster.
super bmx 07 1987 july 1987
ABA's U.S. Nationals.
Sixth annual racetrack directory.
The Dan'up freestyle tour.
Boss Pro equipment test.
1987 summer buyer's guide.
chris rothrock super bmx 08 1987 august 1987 (1)
Chris Rothrock stalled stylishly in mid-air during the General Easter Tour and Shawn Texas at NBL's national event held in Norco on the cover.
The Undertaker how-to by Martin Aparijo.
Houston 2-Hip King Of Vert.
Greg Hill pull-out poster.
09 1987 volume 14 number 9 - september 1987 (1)
Charles Townsen and Krt Schmidt on the cover.
2-hip KOV Flint.
How to Flip Picker (enchainement de bridge).
Hutch Excel,...
matt hadam martin aparijo super bmx 10 1987 volume 14 number 10 - october 1987 (1)
Free Agent sponsored BMXer Matt Hadan at the World cup of BMX held in Irvine, California on the cover. Inset: GT's Martin Aparijo. Photos by Steve Giberson.
GPV and ramp jam in Palm Springs.
Parts shop: Schwinn Yo! Rock'n roll saddle, GT Demo tape, Auburn frame, CW Revcore hubs.
The World cup of BMX.
The Converse pro freestyle contest.
ABA's Midwest summer tour.
ABA's Midwest Nationals.
CW Z-750 bike test.
Don Cook pull-out poster.
11 1987 volume 14 number 11 - november 1987 (1)
Steve Broderson (Mongoose) on the cover. Insets: Robinson's Todd Mitchell top and Sean Callihan bottom. Photos taken by Steve Giberson.
Dyno D-Tour bike test.
Elephant Glide how-to by Kevin Jones and Steamroller how-to by Mark Eaton.
Last jam at Doug's.
How to get a freestyle sponsor.Poster with Eric Carter.
Parts shop: GT Framestanders II, Challenge of the Flatlanders and AFA pro flatland videos, ...
super bmx 12 1987 december 1987
2Hip King Of Vert.
Gary Ellis super bmx 01 88 volume 15 number 1 - january 1988
Gary Ellis on the cover,
1988 Haro FST, Test
AFA Masters, Columbus,OH
NBL GrandNationals, Louisville,KY
Special: A look at the bikes for 88'
Special: The World Record Air
..and much more!
super bmx 02 88 volume 15 number 2 - february 1988
? on the cover
NBL Lemoore; '88 season opener.
ABA Elsinore.
AFA Masters New Jersey.
How to McApplecrate.
super bmx 03 88 volume 15 number 3 - march 1988
? on the cover
ABA Grand Nationals.
super bmx 04 88 volume 15 number 4 - april 1988
? on the cover
Ronnie Anderson interview.
Pull-out poster: Lord Dave Voelker.
2-Hip KOV finals.
super bmx 05 88 volume 15 number 5 - may 1988
? on the cover
Complete 88 Mongoose BMX line.
super bmx 06 88 volume 15 number 6 - june 1988
Nick Brungardt on the cover. J-, february 2007: I was in his same class when I used to race. I'm pretty sure this was in the main, cause that was the only race he'd wear the goggles in.
Auburn CR-20R test.
King of Vert in So.Cal.
super bmx 07 88 volume 15 number 7 - july 1988
? on the cover
Robinson Pro test.
08 1988 august 1988
Todd Anderson and inset Dave Voelker on the cover.
Meet the Street – Santee, CA
Bike Test: Haro RS-1, RS-2 and RS-3
ABA U.S. Nationals – Bakersfield, CA
Tire Buyer’s Guide
AFA Masters Round III – Tuscon, AZ
84 pages
Gary Ellis Charles Townsend super bmx 09 88 september 1988
Gary Ellis and Charles Townsend on the cover,
1988 GT Pro FS Team Model, Test
2Hip King of Vert, Flint, MI.
NBL Woodward Nationals, Woodward,PA
Interview: Todd Blaser
Greg Hill's Race Clinic
..and much more!
Super BMX was laid to rest in October of 1988, when ad sales failed to generate enough income to make it profitable for Challenge Publications, Inc. However, the support of GT BMX kept Super afloat for a fairly long time.

Jamie Eksten, august 2006: You state that Super BMX and Freestyle magazine was laid to rest in October of 1988, but I have possesion of the December issue. I am not sure what the last issue was but it continued until at least December of 1988.