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Dew Action Sports Tour's Panasonic Open
Louisville, KY.
June 9th - 12th, 2005 

press release: The Dew Action Sports Tour enjoyed a successful opening at the Panasonic Open at the Kentucky Expo Center, June 9-12. Brilliant athlete performances, led by freestyle motocross rider Travis Pastrana and vert skateboarder Shaun White, appreciative crowds despite rain and heat, and a lively Festival Village created an electric atmosphere at the first stop of the pro tour of action sports. The live broadcasts on NBC gave fans across the country the chance to see the best action sports athletes in the world compete.
Despite inclement weather most of the event weekend, enthusiastic crowds came out each day of the Panasonic Open to witness the awarding of trophies to the first-ever Dew Action Sports Tour event winners. The winners at the Panasonic Open, and jumping to the head of the tour points standings after the first event in the race for the Dew Cup were: BMX Park, BMX Dirt, Corey Bohan; and BMX Vert, Kevin Robinson.
press release: Ryan Guettler claimed the first victory at the inaugural Dew Action Sports Tour, Panasonic Open in the BMX Park competition Thursday night in Freedom Hall at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, KY.  He stole the show nailing a front flip followed by a huge back flip in his championship run to go along with his technical grinds and stalls.  Ryan hails from Brisbane, Australia and has taken the action sports world by storm at only 21 years old. “Thank you all,” Ryan said after his victory run. “This is the best day of my whole life.  The Dew Action Sports Tour competition is so big, it’s just unbelievable.” 
In second place in the BMX Park competition was fellow Australian Steven McCann.  He pulled out all the tricks, including a 720 and multiple bar-spin variations.  Third place went to Scotty Cranmer, the youngest athlete in BMX Park competition at only 18 years old.  He was the only athlete to attempt to land a front-flip-turndown in finals competition. 
Missing from the finals were long-time BMX icons Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist.  Both were knocked out by the talented crop of young athletes with an average age of only 24. “The Dew Tour is a legitimate contest, it’s not just some show,” McCann said. “It’s a real contest. You never can count [Mirra and Nyquist] out.  They’re icons for a reason.  They may not have been on top this week but they’ll be back.  They let us young guys have it this week.

Matt Jones, www.fatbmx.com, june 2005: Damn this contest was nuts there was so much bad ass riding. Especially since the course just was a box jump setup. There was a lot of pedaling going on since there was so much flat bottom. The freedom hall was definetly dressed to impress. Dew Tour 2005 TailwhipI'll start this off by saying that the top three riders of the comp were ruling this place. You could tell it was their kind of setup. But the lines that Colin Mckay, Brian Foster and Rob Darden were finding made things get out of hand. Scotty Cranmer did a front flip turndown in his last run but somehow got kicked to third place. Morgan Wade got broke off in practice RD 360 Dew Tourbut was tailwhiping to icepick on the sub box and nosed in 360 over the spine. Steve McCann's riding with so much style I would like to know what they feed those guys in Australia. His 720's and double tailwhips were so dialed he definitely deserved 2nd place. Ryan Guettler's last run was out of this world like flairs out of walls, huge 720's, 1st place was in the bag after his last run.

Park Open qualifiers results: 1.Parenti Mike  2.Doyle   Chris 3.Wirch   Scott  4.Aitken  Mike   5.Fanberg Jeremy  6.Laird   Mike  7.Canina  Diogo   8.Walker  Brett   9.White   Cameron 10.Nolli  Rob 11.Kachinsky  Brian  12.Snowden Ben  13.Sieg    Dan  14.Semling Quinn   15.Martinez        Corey  16.Szczesny        Mike    17.Coleman Austin  18.West    Joe     19.Napolitan       Anthony 20.Reynold Garrett 21.Potoczny        Mark    22.Jurgens Axel    23.Heaton  John    24.Love    Will    25.Campos  Tony    26.Tooker  Marcus  27.Kimbrough       Seth    28.Swartz  Justin  29.Honesto Jake    30.Crisman Bruce   31.Rainha  Mark    32.Jones   Terry   33.Foster  Leonard   

Park prelims results: 1 McCann Steven 2 Guettler Ryan 3 Parenti Mike 4 Cranmer Scotty 5 Harrington Josh 6 Kagy Chad 7 Laird Mike 8 Darden Rob 9 Cooke Allan 10 Haugen Tom 11 Mirra Dave 12 Mackay Colin 13 Nyquist Ryan 14 Whitton Alistair 15 Canina Diogo 16 Young Gary 17 Fanberg Jeremy 18 Doyle Chris 19 White Cameron 20 Dillewaard Dave 21 Hickerson Danny 22 Walker Brett 23 Wirch Scott 24 Nolli Rob 25 Aitken Mike 26 Foster Brian 27 McCoy Dennis 28 Wade Morgan 29 Osato Dave 30 Kachinsky Brian

Park finals results:
1 Guettler, Ryan 2 McCann, Steven 3 Cranmer, Scotty 4 Kagy, Chad 5 Haugen, Tom 6 Parenti, Mike 7 Cooke, Allan 8 Harrington, Josh 9 Darden, Rob 10 Laird, Mike
www.dewactionsportstour.com: 30 competitors, including Nastazio and Nyquist battled it out at Cardinal Stadium for the BMX Dirt Prelims/ Finals. An unexpected rain delay turned cancellation left riders one run for a final result. Dave Mirra was in attendance to watch some of his cronies throw down on the dirt. See what happened here. The BMX Dirt Prelims had an unexpected twist as a rain delay turned into a one run event giving riders a single chance to prove themselves. The chains were cranking and the wheels were hot through the first round as 30 BMX nuts went off on the Fuzzy Hall co-designed course. Just as the second round started, the sky opened up and the rain came down. A long delay then turned into a cancellation as the first round scores were tallied and acknowledged as the final results of the event. Spokes glared and dust flew as the riders broke into the first round. The usual suspects threw down strong runs leaving little space for imperfection. MacKay, Doyle, and Nastazio all held top spots linking solid combinations and big finishes but the Aussies were the most dominant, rounding out three of the top four. Riders normally keep it conservative over the set-up and rhythm section in the first round to lay a foundation score but today was an exception because of the skilled field competing. It ended up being a blessing to those who pushed it because this would be their only run. Keeping it simple today meant dropping your rank. The rhythm section brought out tailwhips, 360s, and tech combos, all adding an element of danger. Any slip-up put you at the end of the list. Of course, riders still kept the best for last ending the run with huge tricks. Aussies Corey Bohan and Ryan Guettler impressed the crowd with perfect frontflips to round out their runs. Double tailwhips, 360 tailwhips, and no-hand backflips were among the tricks to keep riders on top. Corey Nastazio put himself in third place after round one with an overall difficult run smoothly linking 3s to tailwhip and finishing with a stylish turndown backflip. Course designer and voluntary groomer, Fuzzy Hall, kept it real landing a one-foot backflip. At the start of round two the sky wouldn't cooperate and the rain came down delaying the event and eventually calling it off. The first round scores were all that counted. Corey Bohan took first with a solid run and an amazing frontflip that earned him a 95.5. Fellow Aussie Cameron White backed him with a double tailwhip to backflip cross-up giving him a 92.75 and 10 K in the grip.

press release: Louisville, June 11 - Corey Bohan, 23, from Brisbane, Australia, captured the rain-abbreviated BMX dirt competition Saturday at the Dew Action Sports Tour Panasonic Open at the Kentucky Expo Center.  Bohan was declared the winner when rain rendered the course unrideable.  Bohan lead after the first preliminary run with a score of 95.50.  Cameron White (Canberra, Aus), finished second with a score of 92.50 and placing third was Cory Nastasio (Flushing, NY), with a score of 90.00.

BMX Dirt Results: 1.Bohan Corey 2.White Cameron 3.Nastazio Cory 4.Mackay Colin 5.Doyle Chris 6.Darden Rob 7.Murray Stephen 8.Aitken Mike 9.Kintner Paul 10.Guettler Ryan 11.Hancock Thomas 12.Laguna Ricardo 13.Pinter Heath 14.Wirch Scott 15.Foster Brian 16.Lavin T.J. 17.Young Gary 18.Mosley Lance 19.Dillewaard Dave 20.Hall Tim 21.McCann Steven 22.Walker Brett 23.Nyquist Ryan 24.Cooke Allan 25 Marks Joey 26 Miranda Robbie 27 Parslow Luke 28 Napolitan Anthony 29 Erickson Reuel 30 Gerber Chris
press release: June 12, 2005 - Louisville, KY - Kevin Robinson had a nearly flawless run at the Kentucky Expo Center's Freedom Hall Sunday evening to win the BMX Vert finals at the Dew Action Sports Tour's Panasonic Open. His winning combination of tricks included an alley-oop no-hander to no- hander flair. Robinson, 33, from East Providence, RI, earned a 94.25 on his first run. "I am really stoked," said Robinson. "I just take each stop one at a time. I am really looking forward to the next stops on the Tour." In second place in the BMX Vert contest was Chad Kagy, 26, of Gilroy, CA. His barspin-tailwhip combo wowed the crowd and impressed the judges, as he finished with a 93.25 on his second run. Third place went to Simon Tabron, 31, of Great Britain, whose impressive run earned him . BMX icon Dave Mirra placed fourth, with a 92.50 in his second run. "Second in Vert and fourth in Park solidifies my place in Denver and keeps my points up in the standings," said Kagy. "I am ready to rock and roll some more."

Vert results: 1.Robinson  Kevin   2.Kagy  Chad    3.Tabron  Simon   4.Mirra   Dave    5.Walker  Jimmy   6       Parker  John 7  Miron   Jay     8       McCoy   Dennis  9       Kraft   Koji    10      Stober  Tom     11      Eggleston       Jay    12      Haugen  Tom     13      Mancuso Mike    14      Snowden Ben     15      Burgess Jim     16      Branham Jason   17      Fanberg Jeremy  18      Williams        Danny   19      Brumlow Dave    20      McElhinney      Keith  
PlayStation Trick of the Week
press release: The Dew Action Sports Tour, the first-ever, season-long professional multi-sport tour in action sports, today announced the first winner of the PlayStation Trick of the Week Award.  Voting began after all competitions at the Dew Action Sports Tour’s Panasonic Open ended Sunday, June 12.  Voting was held online at www.dewactionsportstour.com until Sunday, June 19.  Scotty Cranmer won Trick of the Week with his perfect Turn Down Front Flip. “I’m so psyched that I won the PlayStation Trick of the Week award,” said Cranmer.  “It’s awesome that people voted and appreciated my front flip.” Cranmer beat out fellow BMX-er Corey Bohan who also executed a fantastic Front Flip during BMX Dirt Finals.  Skateboarder Bucky Lasek also threw down a Frontside Cab Heel Flip on the vert ramp, which looked effortless as he landed it cleanly.  Paul Rodriguez’s Nollie Kickflip 360 over the couch during Skateboard Park Finals earned him a 3rd place finish in that competition, but was not enough to win the PlayStation Trick of the Week.  In Freestyle Motocross, Jeremy Stenberg pulled a No-Handed Backflip that wowed the crowd, but in the end the online community chose Scotty Cranmer. Cranmer wins $5,000 and will compete for the PlayStation Trick of the Year versus all the other Trick of the Week winners from other Dew Action Sports Tour events, including the Right Guard Open (July 7-10), Vans Invitational (August 18-21) and Toyota Challenge (September 8-11).  Online polls open on the last day of each event.