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August 16-19, 2007, Portland, Oregon.
www.lat34.com: The Dirt course in Portland is set up with some tricky elements, pushing the rider's skills beyond the typical straight doubles usually seen at contests. The first set is long and low, so it's a little tougher to throw tricks over; most riders stick with x-ups or maybe turndowns over it. The second set is a big tricker, and the third has a hip landing set at about 50 degrees to the takeoff. From there, the rider gets whipped into a 180-degree berm, which leads to a roller and a short step-down, which is followed by some cranking space into the final set. Riders can set themselves apart if they trick all five jump opportunities rather than just the three main ones, and they can pick up points with big tricks over the hip into the berm. Speaking of which, Morgan Wade shot to first place after his first run, due largely to the 360 flip he threw over the hip. His nothing to tailwhip and double whip didn't hurt, either. James Foster pulled a first-in-Dirt competition whip to whip back, and he's got plenty more on tap for the Finals. Diogo Canina knocked out multiple double tailwhip 360s and landed a crazy 720 over the hip. Ryan Guettler looked super strong, landing clean double tailwhips and a no-footed can-can flip. Ryan Nyquist rounded out the top five with a double truckdriver and a double barspin backflip. Other notables included Cory Nastazio's superman backflip, Chris Doyle's awesome inverted 360, and Dennis Enarson's triple tailwhip. Corey Bohan and Cam White were closest to Nyquist in overall points coming into Portland, and as the Prelims were winding down, White was hanging on in 12th and things didn't look good for Bohan. At the last second, Bohan was able to land a clean barspin to tailwhip, pushing White out of the 12th spot and keeping his own hopes for the Dirt Dew Cup alive. Check the action Friday evening to see if he can top Nyquist in the Finals.

www.fatbmx.com: After going all out in prelims, Morgan Wade couldn't pull it off in the pro dirt finals at the Vans Invitational. He got 12th. Still, this round got a surprising winner with 16 year old super human Dennis Enarson. He can do more than ride street and he proved that in Portland (triple whips, flipwhips, 360-double whips). It's been a long time coming for Diogo Canina (Brasilian arm wrestling king) to finish on the podium (second place!!). Tricks like opposite double tailwhips, 3-doublewhips and 720- over the hip helped him get there. Anthony Napolitan seems to be on his way back with flip doublewhips, tiregrab to barspin fronties and suicide no-hander frontflips (third).

www.fatbmx.com: 16-year-old Dennis Enarson topped the BMX Dirt competition, and veteran Jamie Bestwick secured his second BMX Vert victory of the year Friday in the Vans Invitational. Enarson of La Mesa, Calif. dominated the dirt course from his first run, taking home the win with a score of 93.17. This was the first podium finish for Enarson in BMX Dirt, and also the first time he has advanced to the finals in this discipline. “I am just really ecstatic,” Enarson said, who is the youngest in the field. “It feels really cool, I guess. I don’t really feel like I’m the youngest because I hang out with these guys all the time.” Diogo Canina, 24, of Brazil placed second with 92.92 points. Third place went to Anthony Napolitan of Youngstown, Ohio with a score of 92.00.

www.lat34.com: Dennis Enarson came virtually out of nowhere to claim a win on the AST Dew Tour in only his third event. The 16 year old Enarson didn't compete in the Dew Tour last year and made waves at the Panasonic Open where he finished in 3rd in BMX Park (he didn't make the finals in Dirt). At last month's Right Guard Open, he again missed the finals in Dirt while finishing 10th in Park. So to see Enarson totally dominate the competition was a bit of a surprise, but dominate he did, scoring in the 90s for each of his runs. Included in those runs, a variety of whips including two triple whips, two double whip 360s and more. Diogo Carina, 24, of Brazil, ended up in second despute running into some problems with his rear wheel before his third run. His tricks included a no-handed frontflip and a first-in-competition opposite double tailwhip. Last year's Dew Cup winner Anthony Napolitan stepped up for the first time this season, landing several new tricks and ending up in third. Two riders, TJ Ellis and Ryan Guettler, performed double backflips, the trick that Stephen Murray crashed attempting in Baltimore during the Panasonic Open. Ellis ended up in fourth while Guettler ended up in sixth, partially due to crashing during his final run while trying another double backflip. Ryan Nyquist, the dirt champ at the first two stops of the Dew Tour, finished in fith place. Morgan Wade, who led the qualifiers on Thursday, ended up in 12th place.

www.ridebmx.com: The 16 year old out of La Mesa, California, Dennis Enarson, stole the show with a banger run, including a triple whip over the second set followed by a double whip over the hip and topped the run off with a 360 double whip. Think about that for a second—seven tailwhips over three jumps… ridiculous!
Diogo Canina blew out his back wheel halfway through his second run so he really had to make his final run count—which he most certainly did with the help of an opposite 360 lookback straight into a 720 over the hip. Then he iced the cake with an opposite double whip. Unfortunately for Diogo, hardly anyone (including the judges and announcers) knew the double whip was opposite.
Anthony Napolitan nailed a bunch of front flip moves, including the tuck nohanded variation—which he basically owns, and he added a suicide nohander and what appeared to be a tire grab-to-barspin front flip, too.
Ryan Nyquist was consistently doing 720’s over the massive second jump, and he threw out numerous backflip variations, as well.
Ryan Guettler pulled a double flip as clean as you could ever hope for over the last set, so in his following run he tried it over the second set and came close, but still had a scary crash.
Chris Doyle didn’t go upside down, but he did tweak his patented 360 turndowns and he’s well on his way to patenting the 360 invert with his wheel behind his shoulder blade, too.
Cory Nastazio really can backflip just about anything—including the low and far set-up jump. He then proceeded to front flip the next set.
Colin Mackay’s first run was super clean with a perfect 360-whip over the massive first set, but he took a hard slam straight to his tailbone when he looped out on a 720 barspin.
James Foster came so close on a tailwhip-to-whip back, but he got his seat to his chest instead.
I’ve seen Corey Bohan ride countless times and I can honestly say that I think this was the first time I’ve ever seen him fall. It was more of a bail than a crash, but it was refreshing to see that even Corey messes up once in a while.
I didn’t see qualifying, but I wish I had because Morgan Wade qualified first. Apparently he did some sort of corkscrew 720 over the hip. He tried it again during the finals, but to no avail. He did pull a huge nothing-to-tailwhip, though.

www.mirrabikeco.com: A turndown over a long and fast set followed by a perfect 720, a double tailwhip and a double backflip gets you sixth place at dirt events these days. It’s hard to do double rotations around your axis, around the headset and upside down. Ryan Guettler did it clean and got sixth at dirt.
Dirt prelims results:
1. Wade, Morgan 92.33
2. Foster, James 90.67
3. Canina, Diogo 89.33
4. Guettler, Ryan 88.50
5. Nyquist, Ryan 87.67
6. Napolitan, Anthony 87.67
7. Nastazio, Cory 87.67
8. Doyle, Chris 87.00
9. Mackay, Colin 86.67
10. Enarson, Dennis 86.33
11. Ellis, TJ 86.33
12. Bohan, Corey 86.17
13. White, Cameron 85.83
14. Parslow, Luke 85.83
15. Gerber, Chris 85.67
16. McCann, Steven 85.33
17. Wirch, Scott 85.17
18. Cooke, Allan 85.00
19. Dosch, Brandon 84.33
20. Cleveland, Michael 84.00
21. Darden, Rob 81.33
22. Marks, Joey 80.83
23. Lavin, TJ 79.67
24. Searls, Dane 79.33
25. Laguna, Ricardo 79.00
26. Dillewaard, Dave 78.33
27. Stead, Josh 76.67
28. Clark, Michael 75.00
29. Young, Gary 60.00

Dirt finals results:
1.Dennis Enarson, La Mesa, Calif., 93.17.
2. Diogo Canina, Brazil, 92.92.
3. Anthony Napolitan, Youngstown, Ohio, 92.00.
4. TJ Ellis, Moreno Valley, Calif., 91.42.
5. Ryan Nyquist, Greenville, N.C., 90.84.
6. Ryan Guettler, Australia, 90.17.
7. Chris Doyle, Pittsburgh, Penn., 89.00.
8. Cory Nastazio, Flushing, N.Y., 88.25.
9. Colin Mackay, Australia, 88.17.
10. James Foster, Redlands, Calif., 85.84.
11. Corey Bohan, Australia, 84.67.
12. Morgan Wade, Tyler, Texas, 82.83.
www.lat34.com: Phenom Dennis Enarson, who won BMX Dirt on Friday and was No. 3 in Park at the Panasonic Open, missed the finals along with familiar faces like Morgan Wade and Josh Harrington. A total of 33 riders took part in the prelims earlier on Saturday, with only the top 12 advancing to the finals.

1.Mike Spinner. First Run: 720-tailwhip, 900, 540-tailwhip, and turndown-to-x-up 720. Second Run: Alley-oop 270 tailwhip, tailwhip-to-x-up, 900, 1080.
2.Dave Mirra. First Run: Double tailwhip, huge downside whip, 720, 540, 360 tailwhip, opposite one-footed table transfer. Second Run: Double tailwhip, no-handed 360 flip crash.
3.Daniel Dhers. First Run: Flairs, 270 double tailwhip, double whip air, Nipple Twister, 360 whip, alley-oop double whip, no-handed flair, 540. Second Run: Tabletop flair, Alley-oop double tailwhip, Nipple Twister, pretty bad 900 crash.
4.Scotty Cranmer. First Run: No-handed front flip up the step-up, double tailwhip, triple tailwhip crash, 540 tailwhip, flairwhip, opposite flair. Second Run: No-handed front flip up the step-up, double whip, triple whip, 540 whip, flair whip, 540 barspin, flairs.
5.Ryan Nyquist. First Run: 270 suicide nohander, double barspin, 540 barspin, suicide truckdriver, 720 barspin crash slowed down his first run. Second Run: 270 suicide, double barspins, double truckdriver, flairs, one-footed tables.
6.Diogo Canina. First Run: 270 lookback, front flip, big drifting flair, opposite double whip, bunnyhop whip drop-in, 360 double whip. Second Run: 270 lookback, 360 x-up, no-handed front flip up the step-up, flairs, opposite double whip, bunnyhop whip drop-in, 360 double whip
7.Ben Wallace. First Run: Double tailwhip, downside 360 tailwhip, flairs. Second Run: Double whip, double downside 360 whip, one footed flatty, bunnyhop tailwhip drop in.
8.Steve McCann. First Run: 270 one-handed table, 270 barspin, double tailwhip air crash ended his first run. Second Run: 270 barspin, huge double whip airs, no-handed 720, superman seatgrab Indian air style, no-handed flair.
9.Garret Reynolds. First Run: 900, Ally-oop truckdriver, 540 barspin, bunnyhop tailwhip and truckdriver drop-ins.
Second Run: 900, barspin, no-handers, tried two barspin 900s—probably could’ve pulled one with more time and some crowd support.
10.Allan Cooke. First Run: Ally-oop 270 barspin, x-up to nofooter backflip, 360 tailwhip, truckdriver to nofooter. Second Run: Truckdriver, one-footer one-hander airs, superman seatgrab backflip, 270 barspin, 360 whip.
11.Josh Harrington. First Run: Barspin gap, 270 barspins, no-footed seatgrab barspin, back rail icepick. Second Run: Went for a lot of the same stuff from first run, but kept slipping his pedals.
12.Colin Mackay. First Run: Tailwhip drop-in, 360 double tailwhip, big turndowns, wallride-to-whip. Second Run: Wallride-to-whip, 540, then he broke his belt while doing a bunnyhop whip drop-in.

www.dewtour.com: Coming into the BMX Park Finals in Portland, it was looking like Daniel Dhers was completely unstoppable. He was on a streak, winning contests left and right, including the first two stops of the Dew Tour. Portland's Park course was favored by quite a few of the riders, however, and a handful of them were putting together some big moves for the Finals with their sights firmly set on prying Dhers out of the top spot. Dave Mirra had been looking good all day on the course, and his first run was a killer. He scored a whopping 93.5, more than three full points above everybody else except Dhers, who hadn't gone yet. Mirra pulled trick after trick with solid, smooth precision, including a wild-looking 720, a 360 whip up the step up, a 540, big flairs, downside whips everywhere, and a long no-handed 360 transfer. He was sitting pretty with such a high score, but Dhers was up next, and he's no stranger to trumping any high score in his way. Dhers stepped up to the challenge, nailing a 270 double whip over a hip, a flatspin turndown 720, an alley-oop double tailwhip, and no less than four flairs, including no-handed, carved, and alley-oop versions. The arena was tense with anticipation, awaiting Dhers' score. He scored just below Mirra, so it looked like he was facing his first Dew Tour loss of '07. Scotty Cranmer was throwing out all he had, nailing no-handed frontflips up the step-up along with tailwhip and barspin 540s, but he really upped the ante with a tailwhip flair, an opposite flair, and a triple tailwhip. He was sitting right behind Mirra and Dhers after his second run. Ryan Nyquist crashed a barspin 720 in his first outing, but recovered quickly and still put down an impressive run. His second showing went much better, showcasing a ton of 360 and barspin variations over every gap and transfer possible. Diogo Canina powered out a crazy first run, pulling a frontflip up the step-up, a huge flair, a double whip 360, and an opposite double whip followed by a regular double whip. It was Mike Spinner who caused the most commotion in the second round, however. He was tied for third with Canina after the first round, laying out a killer tailwhip 720, a tailwhip 540, and a turndown to x-up 720. In his second run, he unleashed the 1080, three consecutive 360s over the box; Spinner's still the only rider to have landed one in competition. He followed up with a 900 and a 540 whip, overtaking Mirra by half a point. Mirra and Dhers were unable to top their first runs, so Spinner walked away with his first win. It couldn't have come at a better time for Spinner – his dad was in the audience, and it was the first big contest he'd seen his son compete in. The younger Spinner was psyched to say the least, and he's now within striking distance of the year-end Dew Cup, if he can put together performances like this at the next two stops. All eyes are now on Salt Lake City, as well as the rookie phenom Mike Spinner. Spin to win!

www.lat34.com: Mike Spinner has finally done it -- after breaking out in a big way last year in Portland at the Free Flow tour (which took place at the same time and location as the Vans Invitational) he came back one year later to win BMX Park after some close calls. In doing so he knocks off Daniel Dhers, who had won three contests in a row (dating back to last year). Dhers did have a fall that kept him from being finishing a killer second run, but he still ended up in third while legend Dave Mirra took second. Spinner got the win thanks to landing the 1080, a huge trick that Spinner landed earlier this year in New Zealand. Thanks to that and other tricks, Spinner received a 94.00 on his second run. Dhers, whose first run received a 92.33 (which some people thought was actually less than it deserved), came back fighting in his second run until his fall on a 900 knocked him out of the running. It was a crazy contest, with six riders scoring in the 90s - the most ever to do so in a Dew Tour event finals (twice before five riders have accomplished the feat). Spinner's 94.00 score ranks as the third-highest in Dew Tour history, following Dhers' 96.75 (PlayStation Pro 2006) and Scotty Cranmer's 94.50 (Panasonic Open 2006).

www.mirrabikeco.com: For a while Dave Mirra was in the hot seat at the Vans Invitational contest, the third stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour. Dave had put a terrific first run together that included a long no-handed three-sixty, wild 720, 3-whip up he step-up, flairs and downside whips all over the course and a big 540 air. He was in a solid lead until team mate Mike Spinner started his second run. With his dad in the crowd (first time he saw his boy ride at a big contest) Mike wasn’t going to let anyone down, including his dad. mco-dave-spinner.jpgSpin to win? You know it. Mike 360-d a bunch of ramps, then added 180 more degrees on a 540 (with tailwhip). Spinner also did 720-s with a tailwhip or a turndown and an x-up. You want more rotations? What about a 900 air on a quarterpipe? That’s two and a half rotations. Enough to get dizzy? Not really. Mike pulled another 1080 in a contest and he couldn’t have done it at a better time. This trick gave him half a point more than Dave Mirra’s score and noone beat that. Congrats to Mike Spinner but also to Dave Mirra for making the top spots in Park at the Dew Tour in Oregon. Kicks ass.

Mike Spinner, www.mirrabikeco.com, august 2007: Okay, so today was the whole park contest; prelims and finals. At the Dew Tour’s 3rd stop I was really nervous because in Prelims I was the second to last guy to go in the 2nd heat so I saw what everybody was doing. Riding wise the whole time it was NUTTTTSSS !!!! In my first run I tied with a few people for 12th,11th and 10th, I was nervous I was going to not make it in so I upped my run a little bit and got up to 7th place in prelims. I was pretty happy with that. As The Finals came, I was thinking about putting down a safety run and then go for it. As everybody was riding so nuts I said screw it and I went for it in my first run. 7whip, a 9 and a 5whip I pulled. I was in first place for a few spots till Diogo, Mirra and Dhers pushed me down. But I didnt really care after that I had nothing to lose, I was just having a good time after that but what I didn’t want to skip was when Mirra went; he KILLED IT!!! So nuts, riding so smooth, so big, it was awesome. He was in first place. When it came back to me all I was thinking was 1080. I dropped in, did a few things, hit the box, threw the 1080 and pulled it. I didn’t even believe it, I just kept going though with my mouth open half the time like I was dreaming, I pulled a 5whip, 900, 7 turndown to x-up and then a double whip at the end. I threw my bike down screaming. I ended up in First place and nobody topped me. I am soo HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BMX Park Prelims
1st Dhers, Daniel 92.67
2nd Mirra, Dave 92.33
3rd Nyquist, Ryan 89.67
4th Canina, Diogo 89.67
5th Mackay, Colin 88.83
6th McCann, Steven 88.67
7th Spinner, Mike 88.17
8th Reynolds, Garrett 88.00
9th Cranmer, Scotty 87.83
10th Wallace, Ben 87.67
11th Cooke, Allan 87.33
12th Harrington, Josh 87.33
13th Enarson, Dennis 87.17
14th Whitton, Alistair 87.17
15th Darden, Rob 86.50
16th Coleman, Austin 86.50
17th Tooker, Marcus 86.00
18th Wade, Morgan 86.00
19th Gerber, Zachary 85.83
20th Foster, James 85.17
21st Mast, Craig 85.17
22nd Dillewaard, Dave 84.67
23rd Sieg, Dan 84.67
24th Warden, Zack 83.83
25th Kiraly, Kevin 83.67
26th Marks, Joey 82.83
27th Hunt, Brian 82.33
28th Wirch, Scott 82.17
29th McCoy, Dennis 79.33
30th Semling, Quinn 79.00
31st Laird, Mike 78.33
32nd Cleveland, Michael 74.33
33rd Fanberg, Jeremy 73.50

Park Final Results:
1. Mike Spinner
2. Dave Mirra
3. Daniel Dhers
4. Scotty Cranmer
5. Ryan Nyquist
6. Diogo Canina
7. Ben Wallace
8. Steven McCann
9. Garrett Reynolds
10. Allan Cooke
11. Josh Harrington
12. Colin Mackay
www.dewtour.com: The Vert ranks have been populated with pretty much the same faces over the last few years, but on the Dew Tour in 2007, that's changing. A handful of new entrants are spicing things up, and they're full of surprises since they're working so hard to establish themselves on the circuit. That was evident right off the bat in Thursday's Vert Prelims, when Brian Cunningham dropped in and threw an opposite flair, barspin to barspin back, and even came close to pulling a 540 tailwhip, which only a few of the most elite Vert riders have pulled in the past. Austin Coleman was up next, and he unveiled a double downside whip, which has never been pulled in Vert competition before. Jorge Jovel kept it rolling with a new superman to tailwhip and a string of flairs but, like Cunningham, couldn't put it all together to make the cut. More familiar riders like Steven McCann and Jay Eggleston made some big moves in Prelims as well. McCann's entering Vert for the first time this year, and has already found himself on the podium with a 2nd in Cleveland. His solid double tailwhips and no-handed flairs helped him qualify in 3rd here. Eggleston is a long-standing staple in Vert, but he's stepped up and has been riding better than ever this year. He led tonight's competition for a long time (until Jamie Bestwick took over), having blasted huge 540s and two perfect fakie airs to end his runs. Zack Warden is another new jack who's riding like a seasoned vet, nibbling all over the entire ramp in both of his runs. He pulled a double tailwhip and a sweet handplant to finish in the top five. Kevin Robinson wasn't riding to his full potential, but K-Rob at 70% is still impressive, so he qualified for Finals and will get another crack at the ramp tomorrow. He still pulled killer tabled 540s and no-handed flairs. Dennis McCoy continues to prove that being the oldest guy on the Vert ramp doesn't mean he can't still kick some BMX butt. Big 540s and barspin transfers into the bowled end of the ramp are just a glimpse of what we'll see out of him in the Finals. Simon Tabron threw a full house of 540 variations, but he kept the no-hander to barspin 540 and the 900 in his back pocket for the Finals. Jamie Bestwick took it fairly easy, which was still pretty nuts. He'll have plenty of guys keeping him honest tomorrow, so he'll be kicking out the jams to make sure he stays on top. The Vert show is really starting to shake up, so make sure you catch the Finals on Friday night for the best action in town.

www.dewtour.com: Yet another Dew Tour Vert contest has gone down, and yet another win has gone into Jamie Bestwick's pocket. After a slip-up in his first run that resulted in a slide-out on a flair whip, he pulled the highest score of the night in run two. Huge alley-oop superman seatgrabs, tailwhips, and barspin to turndowns were a cakewalk for him, along with staples like turndown and tailwhip flairs, high whips, and a new downside whip to x-up. Bestwick goes higher and smoother than everybody else on the ramp, and it's simply no surprise when he takes the top podium spot – he's just that good. Simon Tabron was tight on his heels as usual, spinning a smooth 900, alley-oop no-handed 540s, turndown 540s, table flairs, and his insane no-hander to barspin 540. Kevin Robinson was up next, nailing two 540 whips, a trick he had trouble landing at all less than two months ago. Trademark no-handed flairs and tabletop 540s, along with an opposite no-handed flair, helped K-Rob to a spot on the podium. Steven McCann continues to impress in his rookie year as a Vert rider. Most newbies have to put in a lot of time fighting their way up the rankings, but McCann has shot right into the top four with no problems. No-handed flairs and 540s, along with double whips and barspins to turndowns, all at height, have helped make him a threat right off the bat. Jay Eggleston matched his 5th place finish in Cleveland despite a crash in run one on a one-handed no-footed can-can – his shoelace got caught on his brake lever, so it definitely could have been a lot worse. He made up for it with massive 540s and turndown 540s, along with no-footed inverts and can-can lookbacks. With this win, Bestwick maintains his points lead and is on track to win his third Dew Cup, which will make him the only rider to win the BMX Vert Dew Cup in Dew Tour history. He'll have to continue to hold off Tabron and McCann for the next two stops, though, so he's not on easy street yet. Rumor has it he's got some more new stuff to unveil this year, and it just might happen at the Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City.

www.ridebmx.com: The results almost look like the results of the recent X Games. The podium is surely the same.
1.Jamie Bestwick. Best of two runs counts and Jamie actually fell during his first run—so you know he made sure to be on point during his second run. Huge alley-oop supermans, carving flairs, huge airs, all over the ramp, the Bestwick show was in full affect!
2.Simon Tabron was going so high, pulled a perfect 900, a bunch of 540 variations, and came close on an opposite flair.
3.Kevin Robinson. As if an opposite no-handed flair wasn’t amazing enough, K-Rob also did alley-oop flairs, 540 whips, and huge 540 tables.
4.Steve McCann dropped in and did a huge double whip on his first wall. He also did some lofty inverts, no-handed 540s, and a lot of barspin combos.
5.Jay Eggleston was going super high and did a bunch of classic vert moves like candy bars, cancan x-ups, and no-footed tables—all at ridiculous altitudes. He also attempted a no-handed fakie air at the end of his second run, but lost it on the roll out.
6.Jimmy Walker rides super fast and used every bit of the ramp. He went really high with 540s and inverts.
7.John Parker came really close on a draino (360 body varial) and did a really smooth alley-oop tail whip and no-hander.
8.Dennis McCoy. High inverts, cancans, and 540s were all on Dennis’ side, but he just couldn’t stay on his bike enough to place higher.
9.Austin Coleman. Alley-oops were all the rage on the big ramp, and Austin’s tabled versions were lookin’ sweet. He also fired out a downside double whip, too.
10. Zack Warden tried the illusive windshield wiper on vert, but couldn't hold on. He did land enough tricks though to warrant a respectable 10th place finish.

Jamie Bestwick, jamiebestwick.com, august 2007: Blimey! what a contest, BMX really did themselves proud at the 3rd stop of the AST Dew Tour. The contest was out of hand, and some of the very best riding i have seen in a while, all went down in Portland. Well vert was a really good contest too! all the big hitters showed up and a lot of new faces making the cut. I was very stoked to see Austin Coleman making the finals, bringing the Double downside Tailwhip with him too, Zach Warden is a treat to watch on vert and the Tailwhip to tailwhip back (the Windsheild Wiper) was dialed, watch out when the bike flip air comes out. Jay Eggleston is on fire right now, i don’t think i have ever seen him go as high on 540’s as he has just lately, it is truly amazing when he spins that one at 10 feet.Jimmy walker had a good weekend, he always rides amazing and i find his riding inspirational, plus there is no ramp on earth that he can’t ride with crazy style. My mate Steve MCcann is having a great year, making 2 out of 3 finals that weekend is an amazing feat, i am so stoked he rides vert, he makes me want to do greater things in my own riding, yeah stevie! Kevin Robinson pulled another good 540 tailwhip, and one of my favourites is his 540 tables,nice one. Simon Tabron pulled a great 540 ho hander to late barspin and it landed him a nomination for the AST Dew Tour Playstation trick of the week, if you go to ASTDEWTOUR.COM you can cast your vote, he also stated that if he wins he will donate all of his $5000 prize to the Stephen Murray charity, so all the more reason to vote for him. We also heard that Stephen Murray was watching the Dew Tour on TV from the rehab facility in Denver, i hope he enjoyed it and we made him proud, get well soon Stephen and we all send our love. I had a great time in Portland, i am really enjoying my riding at the minute, i have been riding with Daniel Dhers and Steve MCcann on street a fair bit and it has helped me alot on vert, and i really liked the ramp set up, it was the same as Cleveland but those 15ft sections never get old, you can really get some speed from those things and Alley oop for miles. The TV announcing is a lot of fun too, the park contest was amazing to watch and i almost lost my voice when Daniel and Spinner went into a spinning and whipping fenzy,1080’s, 900’s and Double Tailwhips everywhere, Park is on another level right now.
Vert prelims results:
1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Jay Eggleston
3. Steve McCann
4. Simon Tabron
5. Zack Warden
6. Dennis McCoy
7. Kevin Robinson
8. Jimmy Walker
9. John Parker
10. Austin Coleman

Vert finals results:
1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Simon Tabron
3. Kevin Robinson
4. Steven McCann
5. Jay Eggleston
6. Jimmy Walker
7. John Parker
8. Dennis McCoy
9. Austin Coleman
10. Zack Warden
www.dewtour.com: The AST Dew Tour, the world’s premier season-long action sports tour, today announced the winner of the PlayStation® Trick of the Week Award from the Vans® Invitational.  Voting began on Monday, August 20, the day after competitions ended.  Fans were able to view video clips and vote online at www.astdewtour.com until Monday, August 27. Fans selected Mike Spinner as the PlayStation® Trick of the Week winner after he performed a 1080 in competition during the BMX Park Finals.  Spinner finished in first place in the finals. “I’m so psyched! This is one of my dream tricks,” said Spinner. “Not only did I get to pull it during my Dew Tour run, but it helped me win the Vans Invitational and the PlayStation Trick of the Week. I couldn’t be more excited." Spinner faced stiff competition for the PlayStation® Trick of the Week Award. Other Trick of the Week nominees included: Anthony Napolitan (BMX Dirt), landed an impressive Double Tailwhip Backflip during Finals, Simon Tabron (BMX Vert), performed a No Handed 540 Barspin in his second place run in the Finals, Fabrizio Santos (Skateboard Park), secured a podium finish with a Frontside Hard Flip, placing third in the Finals. Rune Glifberg (Skateboard Vert), displayed smooth style with a Kickflip Backside Lipslide and Adam Jones (FMX), defeated defending Dew Cup champion Nate Adams with an impressive Barhop Flip in his winning run. Spinner wins $5,000 and his trick will compete for the PlayStation® Trick of the Year against all the Trick of the Week winners from other AST Dew Tour events, including the upcoming Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City (September 20-23). Online polls open on the Monday following each event. Fans will vote for the PlayStation® Trick of the Year winner from the four Trick of the Week winners.  Polls will be open throughout the week of October’s PlayStation® Pro.  The winner will be announced during the AST Dew Tour NBC broadcast on Sunday, October 21. This athlete will take home $10,000 in cash as well as other PlayStation® prizes.