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james hitchcock ride bmx uk 02 98 issue 33 - february march 1998 (2)
James Hitchcock manual a really high ledge in central London on the cover. Photo by Paul Roberts.
Wakefield, Stockport, Aintree.
BCR jam round 1.
Cameron Birdwell, Peter Jankovski, Lee Mellor, James Hitchcox and Stefan Geisler interviews.
Framecheck: S&M Holmes next generation, Curtis DSR Mini, Sunn El Palomino, Fishbone Ninja.
Bike reviews: Giant Mosh Worm, Redline RL140, GT Pro Performer, Ruption Chogger team.
george french ride bmx uk 04 98 issue 34 - april may 1998 (2)
George French bank to wall in Sheffield, England on the cover. Photo by John Ottiwell.
Jamie Bestwick feature.
Kye Forte interview.
Playstation Park scene.
BCR round 2.
Paul Roberts 360 at Slough poster.
KHE Premium Lagger test.
Young guns: Kelvin Batey and Peter Fieldhouse.
Last TNT's misfits: Shaun Andrews and Curtis.
Markus Grempl interview.
BCR finals.
Rated: Tollis Kodokostas.
Bike test: Redline RL440, Powerlite Chaos, Dirt Master Jump and Mongoose SGX.

George French, rideukbmx.com, may 2009, cover story: I had to look at the cover date to remember how long ago this was, blimey over 10 years now, seems like… ummm well about that actually. The “photo shoot” (if that isnt too grand a term for a mate lying on his front with a very basic 35mm compact camera) was originally intended to get a shot for an advert. I was always up against it on the deadline so typically it would be a case of scrounging up a slide film and going out to do something from cold the day before deadline. Given this was the April/May issue, my guess is that we shot the picture in February but it was obviously pretty nice weather. We had been eying up this wallride on the roundabout for a little while. As you drive into Sheffield from the M1 there is this massive roundabout with five lanes of traffic going round it and pedestrian and tram bridges running over the top. The wallride is under the tram bridge and we had done it from the bank, but the angle was very very mellow and it was hard to get more than a couple of feet up the wall. So I had made the worlds smallest flyoff to help. I still have the flyoff, and it is litterally seven inches high. So we rode down there, me, Ben White and Jon Harris (sketchy Jon) the guy who took the photo, carrying this flyoff. We placed the flyoff on the bank a good six feet from the wall and then headed back across the five lanes of traffic to wait for a gap. The way it worked (and still works today) was that there is a steeper bank on the otherside of the road with a platform at the top where you have a good view of the approaching traffic. It is a roundabout so it is all coming the same way, and there are traffic lights that create little gaps. So we waited for the lights to change and stop the traffic on the roundabout, then dropped into the bank, hacked accross the road as fast as possible, bunnyhopped up the curb, then onto the bank and the flyoff, then after the wallride as soon as you landed you had to slam the brakes on because traffic would be flying in from the side road onto the roundabout and trying to beat the rest of the lights… So after a few practice runs Jon set himself up to take the photo, which meant lying on his belly in the bushes and from there he couldnt see us coming. So we had to shout. He asked us to shout “3, 2, 1, now” and shout “now” at the point we wanted him to take the shot… So in the photo I am just finishing shouting now, which explains why I look like I am working on a particularly stubborn stool… After we had got a few shots and it looked like the Police were circling (you always got advance notice because they could never get into the right lane to stop in time so had to do another lap of the roundabout) we started moving on. Our original plan had been to stash the flyoff in the bushes for future use, but as soon as we put it in there and headed off we saw two pikey kids going after it… so we took it home in the end. We always wanted to go back and prop up an entire row of the paving slabs (if you did one it would be obvious, but a whole row would be almost invisible) but we never did…. but it is still there if any of the Sheffield locals fancy some work? When I sent the photo in for the advert, Mark phoned me up the next day to ask if they could have it for the cover instead…. I was over the moon.
Changes, changes...
Ride BMX UK june 1998: You probably noticed a couple changes we've made to RIDE. Number one is that we've added a load of extra pages -giving you more to read. Number two is that the magazine now has a rigid 'perfect bound' spine. It's another hike in the quality -that's our priority here: a quality magazine out on time. So if you're wondering what's going on, we're just putting out more in our magazine, making it the biggest UK BMX magazine ever.
brian castillo ride bmx uk 06 98 issue 35 - june july 1998 (1)
Brian Castillo flats a big transfer over the hip at Playstation pak, London, on the cover. Photo by Paul Roberts.
Zach Sprinkle interview.
Bike 98.
Interview with Stephen Presland and Mike Hill from Great Ayton.
Southsea Easter Jam.
Tours Indoor supercross.
The Wheel contest, Marseille dirt and vert contest.
Jim Rienstra interview.
Framecheck: Eastern Hercules, Mongoose Fuzz, Kink Empire and 2Hip Pork.
Marseille skatepark.
Fred Danion, mad fred interview.
Slades jam.
The first GBBMXF National, Bideford.
Stockport Locals Midweek Comp.
Martin Tambling interview.
Rated: Lionel Cardoso, John Petit and Scott Mellier.
Bike reviews: Ruption SRI and Torker Pro-XL.
116 pages.
james needham gt show ride bmx uk 08 98 issue 36 - august september 1998 (1)
James Needham flatlanding and Steven Murray tabled 360 on the cover. Photos by Paul Roberts.
Heaven (trails) in your back garden.
Colin Winkleman interview.
2 KOD contests.
Bicycle Stunt VA beach.
World Freestyle cup Eindhoven.
French extreme contest.
Wakefield Rob interview.
Mount Hawke jam,
Armin Batoumeni.
Markus Wilke.
dave freimuth x games ride bmx uk 10 1998 issue 37 - october november 1998 (1)
Dave Freimuth wallride at the X-Games on the cover. Photo by Steve Buddendeck.
Video reviews: DK Damn Kids, Ells Bells On the down low, Standard Exit 63.
TJ Lavin interview.
1998 X-Games San Diego.
Dave Mirra.
Matt Hoffman.
OZ worlds.
elliot mcgrath ride bmx uk 12 1998 issue 38 - december 1998 january 1999 (2)
Elliott McGrath turns down the trail somewhere in Middlesex on the cover. Photo by Paul Roberts.
Chris Stauffer interview.
Ryan Nyquist interview.
1998 World Freestyle Championships, Portimao, Portugal.
Chad Kagy interview.
Liverpool park jam.
1998 King of Concrete.
Leigh Ramsdell.
Liverpool park jam.
Ron Wilkerson 7 storey pool dive.
jon taylor ride bmx uk 12 1998 issue 39 - february march 1999 (1)
John Taylor riding Pipeline skatepark in Manchester massive indoor fullpipe on the cover.
John Taylor interview.
ROM jam.
Effraim Catlow interview.
Manchester, Boltaon, Liverpool, Gravesend.
JUNK flatland jam.
John Parker interview.
Mike Ardelean, Christophe Dassié, Dino Jeffers, Lee Musselwhite.

Jon Taylor, rideukbmx.com, may 2009, cover story: Believe it or not this full-pipe fascinated me, it was so rad to ride and the more I rode it the more I wanted to go round it! The guy that owned the park was well up for it and had a load of boxes for his other business next door, so we dragged them round and started filling up the pipe. You wouldn’t believe how many we needed to fill that thing so I didn’t kill myself if I bailed. Anyway with that done I then needed to work out how to get speed for this thing, - just rolling down the flat bank wasn’t going to cut it. So the only way this was going to have any chance of working was to do an air over the 20 foot wide flat-bank, out of this ten-foot quarter and into the other. So I went ahead and tried it. It felt totally nuts, I must have tried it a load of times but never quite pulled it totally over. But hell it was fun trying it. I nearly shot out of the top on one try so after that I called it a day. But as I said before, that thing was so good to ride and I was stoked how the photo turned out. Grotbags ain’t a half bad photographer. When I actually saw the cover I was totally blown away, and still have a copy of the magazine to this day.
dan price ride bmx uk 04 1999 issue 40 - april may 1999 (2)
Dan Price on the cover. Photo by Paul Roberts.
Pill interview,
Jay Miron interview.
Real street; step out your door.
Tours and Rennes races.
Mike Jory and Matt Hooper interview.
Bristol BCR Jam
Chester and Gravesend jams.
Frame work: FBM, Dragonfly DFX, SE Floval Flyer.
Alex Jumelin, Shaun Fry, Alexis Desolneux, Questy and Pascal Mintovt interviews.
Plymouth skatepark.
Bike reviews: Schwinn Joey Garcia Automatic, Hoffman Flash XL, Mongoose Supergoose, Redline RL860, Huffy MJ12, Schwinn Brian Foster Superstock 2.
06 1999 issue 41 - june july 1999 (1)
Joey Garcia at Woodward on the cover, FISE 1999 at Palavas, Three Jams, Sandy Carson, Joey Garcia, Alex Leech, Michael Steingraber and much more.
phil dolan jamie bestwick  ride bmx uk 08 1999 issue 42 - august september 1999 (2)
Phil Dolan shortly before he was picked up by GT USA (photo by Mark Losey) and Jamie Bestwick with an opposite walltap at Derby Storm (photo by Paul Roberts) on the cover.
Reader's poll top ten riders: Jamie Bestwick, Phil Dolan, John Taylor, Simon Tabron, Pill, Fids, James Hitchcox, Dan Price, Paul Roberts and Dylan Clayton.
Cambridge flatland jam.
Jason Brown, James White and James Needham interviews.
BS X-Trials round 1 in Kentucky and round 2 in Richmond, Virginia.
UGP Roots jam.
Framework: Standard Lengthy, Solid Duke, Mutiny and Volume Hellion.
Bike reviews: DK Six Pack, K2 Pick, Hoffman Dirty One Thirty, Haro T-Bone Select, Schwinn Predator, Hoffman George Dirt Merchant.
Taunton jam.
jerry galley ride bmx uk 10 1999 issue 43 - october november 1999 (2)
Jerry Galley invert at Urban Games on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
Martin and Stephen Murray interview.
Urban Games.
King of Concrete.
Koln contest.
Freestyle Worlds in Madrid.
X-Games in San Francisco.
Young gunners: Mark Holroyd and Sebastian Keep.
Bike reviews: Hoffman Deebo, Haro 540 air, Zero 1 Forty Four, 2-Hip Pork Custom, Commencal Village, Free Agent Hellcat, Huffy One Ton, Mongoose Menace.
Frame work: Schauff A-Bomb, Jad, WTP Pony, TNT Hwa Fong Daddy, S&M Sabbath, KHE Dirty Harry, KHE Beater 2000.
Trout jam.
kye forte ride bmx uk 12 1999 issue 44 - december 1999 january 2000 (4)
Special edition silver cover: Kye Forte with a one handed flattieat the Decoy trails. Photo by Paul Roberts.
Videobox: Hoice Shutdown, S&M video 4, Dirty Deeds/Homeless Trash, Clicked issue 1, Props 33, Snap How to dirt jump, HDP Gaffles of the great.
Interviews: Martti Kuoppa, Jason Davies, Alex Bender, Nathan Penonzek, Christophe Huber, Chris Mahoney.
20th Century Heros: Craig Campbell, Jamie Bestwick, Phil Dolan, Zac Shaw, Neal Wood, Andy Welsh, Dylan Clayton, Andy Ruffell, Jason Davies, Effraim Catlow, Tim March, Stuart King, Carlo Griggs, Jamie Staff, Mike Canning, David Maw, Jerry Galley, Neil Ruffell, Tom Lynch, Ian Morris, Geth Shooter, Simon Tabron and Dale Holmes.
German BMX freestyle championship.
Radlands jam
Bike reviews: Free Agent Super Fortress, Kona Kuku, Redline Double X, Commençal Shoole, Haro Backtrail Pro, Mongoose Fuzz, KHE Dirty Buster and Dirty Harry, K2 Shadrak and Huffy Star69.