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1973 DOB:
early years Jim, www.sunrisebike.com: I raced in 1983/84, rode my first ramp around then, but didn't really get into tricks until about 1985.
Jim, www.bikeguide.org, july 2003: My first bike was some kind of chrome thing probably a Huffy, but I have no idea. It wasn't until I got this red Takara that I actually did something related to BMX, which was actually racing on it. I was too small and wasn't really into it, but I would go out to the track with my brother when he would race.
Jim, www.sunrisebike.com: My brother got me into riding, he would make me read bike magazines and put a bike together for me. He taught me curb endos and got me to race. It was the big brother thing, I wanted to do what he was doing. Eventually I developed my own spark that got me interested and I went off in my own direction.
Jim, www.bikeguide.org, july 2003: I grew up in a suburb of Buffalo New York called Cheektowaga in the western part of the state. Early on I would say that it played no roll in my riding because the time that I grew up in actually played more of a factor. But in the late 90s, when I was riding more street, it played a big deal. Up there nothing is really that same as what you would find in magazine, you have to come up with different stuff and don't expect too much. Just enjoy hanging out with your friends because what is there isn't the best, so just have fun with what you have.

Photo of Jim flatlanding back in 1991 from Ride BMX US january 2007.
jim cielencki
1997 3rd place stuntboys vert @ 1997 BS round 1, march 26-28, 1997, Providence, RI.
1998 December 1998, Kink is proud to sponsor am rider Jim Cielencki.
2000 27th place stuntmen street @ CFB 2000 round 3, finals, july 6-9, 2000, Woodward, PA.
2001 Props Road Fools 7 in Florida.

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX video game.

Jim Cielencki is riding for Odyssey.

Bike 2001.
2002 Props Road Fools 9.
Jim, www.bikeguide.org, july 2003: I watched that video and was like “What a dick I was.” It is unfortunate that things come out the way they do, you can make a story look so many different ways, but if you have limited film you can only make a story based on that. It was definitely weird riding with Dave Mirra. I have never ridden with him up until that point. And I must say we have different riding "styles" I use that for lack of a better term. I think most of my problems arose when "we" were figuring out what his "style" was all about. As for the pool thing, he wasn't the only one and tough shit. I still stand behind what I said there and it wasn't directed only at him. The best trick would have been to air not do mini ramp tricks. If you made it to the end, you would see that everything is good. Sometimes those things are not believable, but I didn't lie about what I said earlier in the video, so what makes me lie at the end.

Props Megatour.
2003 Jim Cielencki interview in Ride BMX US may 2003.

Interview in Ride BMX UK august 2003.

8th place pro park @ 2003 Backyard jam round 2, august 2003.

8th place pro park @ 2003 Vancouver Metro jam, august 2003.

15th place pro park @ 2003 Backyard jam round 3, october 2003.
2004 The Odyssey Video.

16th place pro park @ 2004 Toronto Metro jam, march 2004.

Jim Ciliencki round rail smith grind on the cover of Ride BMX US april 2004. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.

Props Megatour 3, may 2004.

Odyssey Cielencki Pedals.

Pull-out poster in Transworld BMX september 2004.

Pro Q&A with Jim Cielencki in Transworld BMX december 2004.
jim cilencki ride bmx us 04 04
2005 2005 Toronto Metro jam.

April 2005: Jim Cielencki left KinkBMX.
Jim Cielencki and Kink have parted ways. Jim and Kink have decided to go in different directions. After almost seven years of loyal riding and working for Kink, Jim has decided to concentrate and put his efforts behind his own projects, which include Sunday skate and bike store in Buffalo, NY.
Jim Cielencki: Everything is great, I just want to concentrate on Sunday skate and bike shop and some other things I would like to investigate around Buffalo. I really enjoyed my years on kink and I wish them good luck.
Kink BMX's Zack Phillips: Today is a good day for both of us. No bad feelings and we are both happy and still friends. I'm going to Sunday's grand opening, I heard there was free beer? Cookie puss and karaoke!

Sunday BMX/Skate shop.
Jim, www.fatbmx.com, april 2005: My partner J.P. and I have been talking about doing a shop for almost 8 years now, so I guess it was a dream. I have always hated going to shops where you couldn't find exactly what you wanted, the people were not riders and they were trying to nickel and dime you for the products. We all want instant gratification, so it is the best to be able to go and get a new video when you are bored. So yeah it was a dream, it is great and my video collection is getting bigger.

Sunday bike company.
Jim, www.fatbmx.com, april 2005: I spent seven years with Kink, it is wild to think that it has been that long. I have seen so much in those past seven years and I would love to keep doing this role, but there are bigger and better fish to fry. Life is once and in the end I would love to tell my grandkids that I had a bike company that took riders around the world and did all this wild stuff. It isn't just to promote my shop, I want to do as much as I can with it. Right now, I have a lot of ideas that I would like to do and they only seem possible doing them by myself.
2006 Interview for www.databmx.com may 2006.
2008 Jim Cielencki on the cover of Dig march 2008. Photo by Ricky Adam (not Rob Dolecki). jim cielencki dig bmx 63