Sources: www.digbmx.com, www.fatbmx.com, www.defgrip.net, www.thecomeupbmx.net, www.sundaybikes.com, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
gary young dig bmx 56 issue 56 - january february 2007 (1)
Gary Young, in Berlin Germany, jumping out over a ledge to double peg grind down a weird angled handrail thing at 4 in the morning on the cover. Photo by Georg Oberlechner.
Staff infection: Sandy Carson.
In memory. Jeremy Barcik 1984-2006.
The Mutiny/Shadow Conspiracy frame collaboration.
Keeping it real on a cruiser.
Top 5 with Aaron Ross.
Movement tour 2006.
Your number's up. Amos Burke.
Domains. Matt Beringer's house.
Company Policy. A-Bike co. with Ralph Sinisi, Shane Rossi, Mike Osso and Omar Elsebai.
Ryan Navazio talks about 'Left/Right' and 'Standpoint'.
Reviews: Props Road Fools 15, Roundabout Second time round, Hoffman Bikes Broke off and Shook Brainstormed.
Robin Fenlon's all-time top 5 videos.
CIGARETTES WILL KILL YOU: The Chester Blacksmith Interview.
CATCH ME AT THE RIGHT TIME: The Seth Kimbrough Interview.
SHUT UP AND RIDE: Scott Ditchburn, North Wales represent.
THREE DAYS WITH MIKE BRENNAN: Nickelback fights against a bad nickname...
PROGRESS REPORT: Brandan Pundai, Punjab interview.
Backchat with Dave Mirra.

Issue 56 is due to arrive around the Christmas holiday in the U.K., and a wee but after the New Year in the U.S., so be on the lookout for it, or log onto www.digbmx.com for more info and few extras that didn't make it into the mag....
will smyth 02 2007 Will Smyth, www.defgrip.net, february 2007: It's always seemed weird to me to define a magazine by where ifs being printed and designed. I've always put the mag together whilst living in the UK (Northern Ireland for 11 years and now Scotland) but if I moved to New York tomorrow the magazine would be exactly the same. The majority of our editorial staff (Brian Tunney, Rob Dolecki, Sandy Carson) are US based and our content has reflected that for a long time. If anything we've drifted from being an international BMX mag to more of US based mag I guess. We've actually printed a USA specific version for the past three years, which has different mailorder ads than the mag that people in the UK see. To be honest it hasn't been credible to call Dig a just a 'UK' magazine for over 10 years now. It's all BMX to me and I like to think of the bike as the unifying factor rather than a birthplace or a flag. People in the UK used to complain that we had too much USA stuff in the mag because they were sick of seeing Ruben, Sandy or Jay Miron. Go figure. It's all about the riding and all I want to show is good positive people with good positive progressive riding, scenes or attitudes. I couldn't really care less where people live... If it's good it's good. As for our new distribution deal, we've finally got the backing to enable us to get the mag out to a heck of a lot more people so watch this space.

Photo: Will Smyth by Jane Young.
van homan dig bmx 57 issue 57 - march april 2007 (1)
Van Homan at home in Pennsville, NJ, December 27, 2006 on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
First things first. Real life with Paul Horan.
Dig this. Blogging, Mark Losey Nike 6.0, Travis Collier off WTP and on MacNeil, The BMX Frat House, Estonia Simpel Session Repo, Where you been ? John Luc-E Englebert, Eastpack's Greek holiday, M&M skatepark Austin Texas, Steven Hamilton's Federal(s), Dave Jacob's Micreation Company Policy, Chase Dehart.
Videostore. Reviews (Barry on a Grifter, Bad timing Just kidding, Volume On the clock) and interviews with Joel Moody (editor of the new Empire video) and Richard Rowlands (editor of the new Attila vid).
A stupendous 14-page Van Homan interview.
Re:search and destroy with Owain Clegg. Acoustic mirrors.
Fake smiling robots. Austrians in Bulgaria.
Superstar camping.
Fragments. Metal's Ross Tanner comes out to playaround on his bike.
Federal's new breed. Bruce Crisman, Dan Lacy, Mike Mills, Dan Cox.
Trail days. A 12-page photo essay on trails in the Northeast US, with real-life green leaves on the trees. Words and photos by Keith Terra.
The Fly Bikes "friends" team through Northern Spain.
Lost for words. Mike Naylor, Franck Macchio, Tony Cardona, Gary Young.
Low profile. Jeremiah Smith and Tommy Curtain.
One on one. Two of Corey Martinez's boys go head on. Nathan Williams and Shane Weston.
Backchat with Joe Rich.

But that's not all. Along with issue 57 is a free DVD. And not just any DVD, it's the brand new A Bike Co. roadtrip DVD, featuring Mike Osso, Big James, Bob Scerbo, Paul Horan, Tom White, Edwin Delarosa, Tyrone Williams, Vinnie Sammon and a host of other Animal riders on the road through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Dig 57 is available mid-February in the UK and by mid-March elsewhere.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2007: Mike Osso, Tom White, Paul Horan, Jared Washington, George Dossantos, Van Homan, Vinnie Sammon, Wormz, Bob Scerbo and Edwin Delarosa. If you're familiar with these riders and like what they do, you should buy the new issue of DIG. Huh? Yup, it comes with an Animal Bikes (A. Bike Co. if you live in the UK) DVD full of true street riding. Even though it's just 8 minutes long, it's a good way to get motivated to grab your bike and hit the streets. It's filmed by Navaz and Jerry and edited by Bob "freecoasters rock" Scerbo. The additional filming was done by Tyrone, Bob, Duke Stevens, Willie Lopez and Wiz. The beats come from Strength of Will, and Immortal Technique. When you're reading this and you can't find issue 57 of Dig anywhere, contact A-Bikes to see if it's possible to get your hands on a copy of this DVD. Good stuff.
dig bmx 58 issue 58 - may 2007 (1)
Mike "Jersey" Taylor peg stall on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.
First things first. Why riding your bike on holiday mornings can be a good thing...
Ballbag. A long time ago, BMXers were so few and far between that you said hello to anyone that looked as if they might've ridden a bike. Ryan Worcester takes the time to get a little nostalgic of those days and calls out those who may be riding for all the wrong reasons....
Dig this. News from all over the place, some really fruity photos from Leeds, Chase Hawk (on weed), Toronto, Seattle's Queen Anne Trails, Dan Cox Top Fives, Twenty Company Policy and Jamie Spreitzer's Unsung.
Videostore. Video reviews from all over the friggin place, including Texas, Liverpool, Guernsey and upstate New York. What ya lookin at?, Circle issue 1, Empire BMX Chill Bro!, Team major air, Team Pimpske, Cuttin' it deep, Soul issue 30.
Flat earth society. Chad Degroot and a legendary flatland career, plus a few words on the Final Exam Jam in Athens, Georgia.
From beer to eternity. Some days, it's hard to just get Josh Stricker out of bed. How he managed an entire interview is still beyond us....
Omnipresent work stress. Georg Oberlechner travels to the Red Bull Circle of Balance 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. While there, he stays longer than usual, takes in the culture and details a really great story about an Austrian in Japan, which is then written in English.
Meat the street. Warrington, England's Mike Taylor might be the easiest BMXer to interview in the history of BMX. Within a month, he delivered ten pages of bangers and prompt responses to his interview questions. (In a word, he gets it...)
Re:search and destroy. Joe Rich and Garrett Byrnes hit the high seas again. This time around, it's the Caribbean Islands, and this time around, they rode bikes more than they drank coffee.
Defpops in Texas. The Quality Bike Products crew picked one rider from each of its distro'd brands, flew South for the winter and hit up some old standbys throughout Texas.
Instore. Alans BMX.
Do not bend. Readers photos from here, there, everywhere (and MySpace.)
Progress report. Dave Belcher is a Philadelphia area ripper that models and fishes in his spare time...
Lost for words. The photo section, where we give the words a rest and let the photos do the talking. That's where the witty name comes from.... Johnny Petit, Tony Mortenson, Randy Brown, Stephan Lantschmer, Ryan Mills.
Low profile. Vince Kroff; you might not know this guy yet, but it'll happen soon enough.
Sent items. The good letters dried up permanently a long time ago so we had to rely on good ole' MySpace for some decent reader dialogue....
Backchat. The legend that is Matt Beringer talks about a get-rich-quick scheme, paying a mortgage and not taking life too seriously.
sean burns dig bmx 59 issue 59 - july 2007 (1)
Sean Burns ledge ride to table in Boston, Massachussetts on the cover. Photo by Jeff Allen.
FIRST THINGS FIRST. The secret life of Jimmy Levan. A case study by Ryan Worcester.
BALLBAG. Beeler Van Orman gets philosophical as a result of a botched border crossing into Canada....
DIG THIS: News, The truth behind Facad with Bruce Crisman, Neil Harrington's filler, opinions, Little Devil's company policy, Will Taubin, Ty Stuyvesant tales from Hawai, how to organise a street jam and Morgan Wade's injury nightmares...
VIDEOSTORE: Etnies Grounded, reviews (The Impetus of Cletus, Here and now, Props rock'n roll tour, Welcome to Pittsburgh 2), and the unusual trend of chainless bikes...
FLAT EARTH SOCIETY: France's Matthias Dandois, 45 pounds of pressure in his rear tire and a private practice space...
HIGH AND DRY: A photo documentary of sorts from Jamie Bestwick's Etnies 'Grounded' filming session...
STURDY WRISTS: Josh Bedford and the truth behind that Mutiny throat 'tattoo'...
THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH ABOUT MARK MULVILLE: The stories behind the man who wears his mom's jeans...
PRODUCTIVITY: Subrosa, Kink, Fit, Etnies, FBM, Mankind, Primo.
INSTORE: Firm Bikes.
REPO. Twenty jam Aberdeen Scotland.
DIGITAL CRUNCH: No one sends us photos in the actual mail anymore, so that old name had to go...
PROGRESS REPORTS: Theo Simpson, cigarette smoker, photographer, student AND BMXer...Wade Lajlar, beer drinker, world travelLer, B.C. resident AND BMXer...Big James, bunnyhop champ, pro skater, NYC resident AND BMXer...
FLY BIKES IN AUSTIN: Welcome Chris Hallman back to the mag and Ruben Alcantara back to Austin...
LOW PROFILE: Federal's leatest ripper with a name that even his friends inexplicably can't pronounce... Marty Meenaghan.
SENT ITEMS: Real life atual letters from our prison bound readers...
UNSOUND: Taj Mihelich & Leif Valin hit the music Q&A shuffle button...
BACKCHAT: Hoffman's very own Bas Keep with some quick philosophy on life...
morgan wade dig bmx 60 issue 60 - september 2007 (1)
Morgan Wade one-handed superman whip at height on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
www.myspace.com/digbmxmag , august 2007: Sixty is an unusual number. In human terms, turning age 60 is usually symbolic of nearing retirement, and you start getting all sorts of discounts on everything from airline tickets to bus rates. In magazine terms, it's not nearly as symbolic as an issue 50 or even an issue 100, but in this day and age, it generally does mean that the magazine has been going for a fair bit of time, which is certainly the case with Dig. We're not going to have a party, expect praise from the anyone, or tell ourselves that we're awesome. We're just gonna get back to what we've always done and start work on the next magazine. For now though, we present you with Dig BMX Magazine Issue 60. It's packed with everything listed below and is our fist issue ever on re-cyled paper. Go get it, stay young, and sit tight a few years for issue 100....
FIRST THINGS FIRST: Tag team pool cleaning action from the dynamic duo of Owain Clegg and Ricky Adam.
IN MEMORY: RIP Ben Pritchard, a friend to many, Dig contributor and all around party animal.
DIG THIS: News, RIP Bill and Gary Jones, S&M anniversary party, Glass Non-Homage, Sergio Layos Filler, Casselberry trails, Net Opinions, Re:search and Destroy, Red Bull Empire of Dirt.
VIDEOSTORE: A guide to video etiquette on the Internet and how to make a web vid.
INFORMATION TRAVELS FASTER: BMX vs the internet? Interviews with, Jason Morris/BMXfeed, Nuno,Mike & Harrison at Defgrip, Bart de Jong/Fatbmx, H-Man/Sreeetphire, Adam Grandmaison/The Come Up, & Shino/Grindstate. Keyboards at the ready...
TEXAS IS THE REASON: 10 Texas born and bred BMXers dish the dirt on their home state. Featuring: Aaron Ross, Joel Moody, Joe Rich, Morgan Wade, Danny Hickerson & more...
DAKOTA ROCHE VS. NATHAN WILLIAMS: Two young bucks escape an onslaught of Internet coverage to make the magazine jump.
IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL BUT WIZ LIKES IT: The Brian Wizmerski Interview and no Internet references.
DIGITAL CRUNCH: No one sends us reader photos in the actual mail anymore, so that old name had to go.
RAINSPOTTING: The Proper Bikes U.K. Torrential Rain Tour
Attila's Off The Field Jam: The spirit of Lambrini comes back to Leeds. Like it ever went away...
LOST FOR WORDS: Pretend you're checking your Flickr account if this magazine thing is too weird for ya...
LOW PROFILE: Two dudes from both sides of the ocean, Mike Parisi from the U.S. and Mat Evans from the U.K...
SENT ITEMS: Some incredibly poor grammar from the tiny corner of the Internet known as MySpace...
UNSOUND: Short Sharp Shock, Liverpool's answer to bearded early Anthrax...
BACKCHAT: Chris Moeller. The man behind 20 years of S&M bikes...
josh bedford dig bmx 61 issue 61 - november 2007 (1)
Josh Bedford on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
Staff infection: Brian Tunney.
FIRST THINGS FIRST: Steve Crandall lends some words about the infamous Kelly Baker and a long lost bike... The Yamaha lives again.
BALLBAG: Is this not the AM issue?
DIG THIS: News, Beloe footwear, Interbike, Desktops, Bonedeth, How To Get Sponsored (or not), Research and Destroy, Rebel Jam, Levan Bodyshop.
VIDEOSTORE: Will Stroud on the new Electronical Odyssey video, plus reviews.
AMATEUR HOUR: The difficult task of trying to decipher the differences between ‘pro’ and ‘am.’ What do Ian Morris and John Povah think ?
LOGICAL CONCLUSION: The 4Down/Fit London to Paris Adventure.
STURDY WRISTS: JJ Palmere, Philly area shredder with a huge hop and a headband.
MOVING UNITS: Mutiny get stoked on being pumped in Toronto.
PRODUCTIVITY: Verde, S&M, Federal, Subrosa, Fit, ...
DIGITAL CRUNCH: Reader photos from all over the friggin globe…
LOOSE!: The Carharrt Team Dodges Rain Throughout Europe.
PROGRESS REPORTS: Steve-O. Mike Osso & Chad Moore
UNSOUND: Glen E. Friedman’s latest release, ‘Keep Your Eyes Open.’ Plus, why you should listen to Nomeansno.
BACKCHAT: Two pros from opposite ends of the spectrum; Jared Washington and Kye Forte.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2007: There was a time when Dig magazine came out, when it came out. There was no schedule (maybe there was but making the deadlines wasn't always easy) and it wasn't even sure if there would be a next issue. Those were the days when BMX wasn't big, but is sure was fun. Times have changed. DIGBMX mag is on a monthly schedule now and pulling off an issue in 31 days is a tough job. 132 pages fill the Am issue which, you guessed it, is full of Amateur BMX riders. Because there are so many good riders, it's hard to get noticed. DIG helps out with their November/December book. Josh Bedford gets the cover. Josh who? exactly. Not your typical Dew Tour athlete or someone you have seen on Roadfools but there are times when the Am days are over and for Josh that time has come as he moved up to the Pro team at Mutiny. The amateur hour article features the following riders; Cesar Monzon, Dave McDermott, Alex Dallimore, Sam Barcklay, Danny Clayton, Geoff Slattery, Conall Keenan, Nails, Josh Kew and Gareth Hunt. They each were asked some questions on their Am status. JJ Palmere gets an interview and there are road trip reports from Carhartt, 4Down/FIT and team Mutiny hits Toronto. Jared Washington and Kye Forte get the Backchat in issue 0061 and there sure is a lot more in the mag than listed above. Only a few more weeks before issue 0062 rolls along. Keep it going boys.
mike aitken dig bmx 62 issue 62 - january 2008 (1)
Mike Aitken gap to nose manual on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
BALLBAG: Jimmy Levan’s serious head injury and the road to recovery…
IGNITION: A brand new section for issue 62! Greg Walsh on the filming of Nowhere Fast, Red Bull make good use of an old casino in NJ, backyard creativity in Leeds UK, Seth Holton and Nicholas Ley go the Long way round, plus George Ramirez and the tale of the skatepark bully…
DIG THIS: Mat Hoffman on Evel Knievel, Nike 6.0’s Banksgiving, Seattle’s most infamous BMX house, plus a homage to The Big O…
VIDEOSTORE: Mutiny’s Stoked on Being Pumped, and Bob Scerbo’s Don’t Quit Your Day Job 2…
STYLE FOR MILES: The Mike Aitken Interview…
THE VASTNESS OF PAVEMENT: Team levis do Berlin with Aaron Ross and Jim Cielencki in tow…
NIGHT CRAWLERS - 2HIP IN TH UK: Wilkerson & co spend 2 weeks in the UK riding in the dark and looking for a wireless signal…
SHUT UP AND RIDE: Justin Simpson gets the silent treatment…
STURDY WRISTS: Geoff Slattery really is the real deal. Really…
LOW PROFILE: Pat Doherty says greetings from the great Northwest…
S&M UK - FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The second and final part of our 4down Summer of Madness coverage…
MAGATOURISTS - WTP VS TWENTY: Team Wethepeople do France and Spain whilst Twenty kidnaps Bas Keep and do a runner…
UNSOUND: Born Dead; even punker than AFI. Seriously…
BACKCHAT: West New York, NJ’s Vinnie Sammon, the Skavenger Web site’s finest blogger…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2008: The new issue of DIG dropped on the doormap earlier this week. It left a big noise when it fell on the ground. Issue # 62 is heavy and no, it doesn't have a 48 page bicycle catalog in the middle. Mike Aitken is feature in this issue and we're okay with that. He's got the cover, the TOC, a 14 page interview and 2 pages where they're giving away his signature frame, parts and clothing. Too much of Mikey? Never! And with 148 pages of BMX, there's plenty left for other articles. There's a feature on the unfortunate Jimmy Levan who woke up from a 15 day coma and lost some memory. Received an e-mail back from him the other day telling me it's time to come to Europe again so he's on the better hand now. He can still use your support to pay for the hospital bills though. The short little articles before the Aiken interview starts range from sotries of Mat Hoffman about Evel Knievel, Greg Walsh on Nowhere Fast, the RedBull ghetto comp, the big O, a BMX house in Seattle, Nike's Banksgiving jam and a bunch of other good stuff. Team Levi's went to Berlin and came home with loads of footage and a nice article in DIG. Team 2-Hip went to the UK and had Ron Wilkerson as their driver in the Hotwheels van. Justin SImpson says Shut Up And Ride! and lets the photos do the talking. 8 pages for Geoff Slattery's sturdy wrists interview. That's almost a full pro interview. Product page. Check.
The Source came out with a good video recently. For DIG it was time to go visit them. If you're 14 years old and you've been riding for ten years and live in the same town as the Forte brothers, there are chances you get good enough for a Low Profile interview in DIGBMX. Sam Novis is no novice no more. Pat Doherty is the other rider to receive a Low Profile write up. Page 118: FATBMX ad. Thanks to Andy Z for the party pics at the Nora Cup. Paparazzi in full effect.
The UK S&M team had a mad summer. 6 more pages on their trip. wethepeople and Twenty were on the Mega Tour in Europe. DIG put them against eachother for the next 10 pages. Who won? You read. Rider pics make it in issue 62 as well. some letters, Unsound and a Back Chat with Vinnie Sammon.
I think you've got a good impression that DIG 62 is the real deal. Layout is great, pics are awesome, legit writing, how much is it? $ 6.= USD. That must be around 89p these days..........
jim cielencki dig bmx 63 issue 63 - march 2008 (1)
www.digbmx.com: If print is dead and 'online' is the future of communication in BMX, then why are we still producing magazines? The answer is simple. It looks a lot better to us than the Internet, and until there's a laptop in public bathrooms across the world, a magazine is still a better option for bathroom reading than the web. With that said, we've produced another edition of Dig BMX Magazine, issue number 63 to be exact. The photos are quality, the writing isn't chicken scratch and it's portability into and out of the bathroom is remarkable. If you like the Internet more, that's fine. But by producing Dig BMX Magazine, we're trying to spare you the expense of possibly dropping your laptop into the toilet. And as the next two months of your life rapidly approaches, we're hoping you'll make the sensible choice and elect Dig BMX issue # 63 over the Internet for bathroom reading. To entice this moral decision, we're attaching Dig 63's table of contents below. Skim through it, become enticed and look for issue 63 of Dig BMX Magazine on newsstands soon. Oh yeah, thanks to the internet for bringing you this public information service...
ON THE COVER: Jim Cielencki: Photo by Ricky Adam (not Rob Dolecki ...oops!)
Jim Cielencki, www.sundaybikes.com, february 2008: Well, this was quite the surprise to see myself on the cover of Dig. To be on the cover of any magazine is amazing, but to be on a Dig cover is nothing more than an honor. The first time I saw Dig, I borrowed it from a friend along with a copy of Baco 6. At the time, riders were few and far between, the connections provided by the internet were still years away, bikes were twice the weight of today, but Dig provided me with a view on riding that was exactly at my level. They were able to connect people from all around the world who viewed the world on two wheels. It was like there was a BMX movement again, but it was there all along and Dig was the voice. Needless to say, I'm pretty damn stoked right now! This photo was shot while I was on a trip to Berlin to film for the Odyssey Electronical video. It ended up being the last trick I did on the trip and it was somewhere in southwestern part of Berlin. Oh and Ricky Adam shot the photo and coincidently the first ever flash I broke just happened to be Ricky's!

IGNITION: The Jimmy Jam, the birth of the Russian BMX scene, John Povah spends the day with some old-timers, and Brian Yeagle wrestles with the battle of bike versus camera...
DIG THIS: News, Coalition Company Policy, Frank Macchio rides almost everything, Mark Potoczny’s Frontyard trails, Davey Watson’s 3, 2, 1 and more...
VIDEOSTORE: Jordan Utley on 50/50’s That’s It, Adam Grandmaison’s Top 5s plus reviews...
AN AUDIENCE WITH COREY MARTINEZ: Corey Martinez goes nuts AND fields questions on life, religion and riding.
AUTUMN IN COLORADO: Walter Peringer showcases a handful of riders in the Centennial State...
LOST FOR WORDS: Minimal reading/maximum radness!
PROGRESS REPORT: Dan Boiski gets grilled on the contents of his ideal day.
PROGRESS REPORT: Sounds like Matt Roe’s hometown must suck...
ROAD FOOLS RETROSPECTIVE: Road Fools 1 celebrates its ten-year anniversary...
BEECHER KIDS VS. LORDS OF FUN: Two different sides of FBM on two very different journeys.
FLY BIKES EN ITALIA: Fly Bikes top ten-ifies a recent trip to Italy...
DIGITAL CRUNCH: Reader photos that didn’t make it onto Facebook...
SENT ITEMS: It turns out that last issue’s marital infidelity was a farce...
UNSOUND: Dan Yemin of Paint It Black discusses their latest album, New Lexicon.
BACKCHAT: Buffalo, NY’s Jim Cielencki, the guy that helped make pedals a grindable surface in BMX...
DIG Issue 63 is out now in the UK and will be available in the US (and elsewhere) by March.
nathan williams dig bmx 64 issue 64 - may june 2008 (1)
Nathan Williams Luc-E grind on the Australia United tour on the cover. Photo by Ricky Adam.
www.digbmx.com: So yeah, we've pulled some all-nighters and produced the 64th issue of Dig. It's got news, interviews, profiles, trip stories, product rundowns and all of the goodness you've come to know and love from Dig. But that's not all. You might remember the United Australia Tour that went down a few months ago. Our own Ricky Adam tagged along and produced quite the trip story from the road, and we're proud to announce that United's Down Under DVD will be available free with Dig issue 64. On top of 14 pages of coverage from the United Down Under Tour, Dig 64 comes with the DVD for free. So you get the words, the photos and the action all in one. And again, that's not all. There's still the rest of the issue, which includes:
BALLBAG: You call that progress?
IGNITION: When Luscious met Evel, Perrico and the world's oldest street spot, plus the Attila Gangbangers jam.
DIG THIS: News, A Chain-Saw Bike, Owain Clegg, Beeler Van Orman, Josh Bedford, T-1 goes to Fakie and the new Philly Warehouse.
VIDEOSTORE: Odyssey's Electronical hits the shelves, plus reviews from Tasmania to New Jersey...
GARRETT REYNOLDS INTERVIEW: Garrett Reynolds, the most impossible NJ resident to get a hold of...
UNITED DOWN UNDER: United Bike Co's monumental three-week venture through Australia...
STURDY WRISTS: KC Badger lets it fly on art, bicycles and growing up normal in Phoenix.
ETNIES IN ESTONIA: The Etnies team attempts some winter street riding in Tallinn.
LOW PROFILE: Mike Moura, a Vegas-loving dirt jumper from Brazil...
THE NEW WHAT NEXT?: Austin transplant Andy Martinez gets the big-up treatment from his bros.
SHUT UP AND RIDE!: Jesse Williams keeps it quiet and shreds some big rails.
DIGITAL CRUNCH: Reader photos from around the world, exported from iPhoto and e-mailed to us.
SENT ITEMS: Awesome Lee Todorovich gets back to intro writing.
UNSOUND: Brooklyn's Parts and Labor on their gradual move away from being a bearded band.
BACKCHAT: United/4Down's resident multi-tasker, Dean Hearne.
Dig Issue 64 will be on sale in the UK on April 30, and on sale worldwide in Mid May.
brian kachinsky dig bmx 65 issue 65 - july august 2008 (1)
Brian Kachinsky on the cover. Photo by Walter Pieringer.
Ignition: Redbull's OZ dirt pipe, Inside story by Paul Horan, Austin in a winter wonderland, Hoop dreams with Mirraco in London, Old jam winter.
Dig this: Skavenger/Zoo York Bomb down Broadway, Unknown Bike company, A trail revival, Taj Mihelich the reasons why, Mark Lewman and Freestylin’ Magazine,Dane Beardsley and Same thing daily, Homage to the Little Devil bowl. Videostore: Stew Johnson and Anthem 2.
The Lino Gonzales interview.
Brighton ain't ready, 8 days in may.
How sketchy is Brazil.
Progress report: Rob Castle and Leandro Moreira.
Productivity: A Bike Co, BSD, S&M Bikes, Bicycle Union, Alienation, Mosh, Profile, Redline, Mutiny, ...
InStore: Green Machine.
Low profile: Ian 'Bengo' Bengochea and Alex Donnachie.
Who, what, where, when, why? Dave McDermott, Dave Dilleward, Joe McIntyre, Conall Keenan, Chad Moore, JJ Palmere, Brian Foster, Rahmel Hoyle, Denis Enarson, Jared Washington, Chris Wilson.
Lightning Bolts! in China.
Shut up and ride: C.J. Romero.
Digital crunch.
Readers letters.
Backchat with Bob Haro.

www.digbmx.com, july 2008: Most people, especially BMXers, probably don’t want history shoved down their throats. And we can understand that, especially whilst riding continues to move forward at such a relentless pace. There’s a time and place for it, and it’s usually not while you’re out on your bike. But there does exist a rich and vibrant history within our culture. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t get scared. We didn’t make a retro issue for #65 of Dig. What we have done is construct a subtle attempt at showcasing some of BMX’s more integral past, including interviews with the father of freestyle, Bob Haro, and the editor of Freestylin’ Magazine, Mark Lewman. These two unlikely subjects shaped a fair bit of what BMX has become today, and being as how we were in China for the Nike 6.0 Lightning Bolts art show alongside these luminaries, it made sense to share their stories with the current state of BMX. But as we stated earlier, this isn’t a retro issue. It’s still packed full of riding from the likes of Lino Gonzalez, Rob Castle, Paul Horan, CJ Romero, Cam Wood, Brad Simms, Brian Kachinsky and the Brighton Aint Ready house. But we’re not going to spill all the beans here. You’re just going to have to go find issue 65 of Dig BMX, on newsstands or even in your mailbox. Feel free to skip the lesson if you wish, but if you’re at all curious about how BMX got to where it is, then issue 65 might be a good place to start.
leo forte dig bmx 66 issue 66 - september october 2008 (1)
Leo Forte on the cover.
www.digbmx.com, august 2008: It’s that time of year again. Yup, we gone and did another road-themed issue, featuring road trip stories from far off places and nearby, unexplored locales. Now I know we’ve been pounding that “Travel is integral to BMX mantra into anything that would listen for the past ten years or so, and we’re not about to stop just because the price of fuel has gone through the roof. So we compiled 38 pages of varying road trip goodness to whet your roadworthy appetites, filled in the other half with interviews and features from some heavy hitters, then ran that ‘bad boy’ down to the printers (as they say). DIG 66 is on newsstands in the UK now and will be available worldwide by mid-September. Be sure to pick up a copy before you hit the road on your next trip. Oh yeah, here’s a rundown on issue 66’s contents:
IGNITION: Nike 6.0 Meet The People Jam in Cologne, Albie Bennett Camera Destroyer, Hoffman setting the record straight.
DIG THIS: News, Sean Burns’ Reason Why, High fives with Taliban Tom, The Red Bull Empire of Dirt.
VIDEOSTORE: Attention Stalybridge: the best UK video you haven’t seen, and the release of the Backyard DVD box set.
MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL: The Nigel Sylvester interview.
ROAD WORTHY: Lonely Planet updates from Mexico to Glasgow with FBM’s Gypsy Caravan, BSD, Sunday, S&M and Subrosa.
PROGRESS REPORT: Mirraco’s Florida to UK transplant, Dave Rytell.
AN UNUSUAL SEQUENCE OF EVENTS: Future-present post-motor-driven sequences from Dolecki featuring Martinez, Wise and Devlin.
STURDY WRISTS: Austin to Rockville transplant Jeremy Hrabal gets loose.
SENT ITEMS: Our Russian mailorder bride has arrived.
UNSOUND: The New Bomb Turks, not back on it, still on it.
BACKCHAT: Back spreading the gospel of Levangelism, James Levan.
jamie bestwick dig bmx 67 issue 67 - november december 2008 (1)
Jamie Bestwick on the cover.
www.digbmx.com, november 2008: It always seems like our deadlines come at the worse times. And issue 67’s was no different. Hot off the heels of attending Interbike 2008 in Las Vegas, we were plunged into what we like to call ‘deadline hell’ (but people with real jobs probably just call ‘a minor bit of drama’), working frantically so that issue 67 would be finished on time to match the release date of the brand new Levi’s® DVD, which is included along with this issue. So you get the latest issue of Dig BMX, packed with 148 pages of BMX from here and there to Bulgaria and back, along with the amazingly produced Levi’s DVD, featuring sections from Corey Martinez, Jamie Bestwick, Anthony Napolitan, Morgan Wade as well as Levi’s Flow Team Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams, Zack Warden, Brett Walker, Jeremiah Smith, Johnny Stevens, Ronnie Napolitan and Ron Thomas. Filmed in High Definition throughout the world, the Levi’s BMX DVD was filmed and edited by Will Stroud, with tons of bonus sections and more. Quite honestly, it’s the kind of DVD we shouldn’t be giving away with a magazine. But we’re nice like that. And just in case you’re curious about what’s going on in issue 67, here’s a rundown of Table of Contents, from start to finish…
BALLBAG: What happens in Vegas?
IGNITION: FBM’s Brawlin at the Belmar, Shady Acres and the Face of the Industry
DIG THIS: Lotek in SF, Pat Doherty the Art Fag, Eastpak’s Andy Zeiss, Geoff Slattery and The Reason Why.
VIDEOSTORE: The return of Dave Parrick and the making of Fresh Fish.
THE JAMIE BESTWICK INTERVIEW With an intro from Mat Hoffman even…
THE URGENCY OF NOW: Verde BMX and the great outdoors.
THE HEAT IS ON: A sweaty midsummer Levi’s® video trip inspired by Glenn Frey®.
GHETTOIZATION: Carhartt in Bulgaria.
SAVAGE SOUTH: A couple of Louisiana’s dirtiest get even dirtier…
PRODUCTIVITY: Some new things to put on your bike or wear on your back.
PROGRESS REPORT: Kurt Rasmusson and some selfless Major League Baseball promotion.
LOST FOR WORDS: A few good ‘ole frozen BMX moments.
ACT LIKE YOU KNOW: The 2x4 Trip according to Keith Terra.
SENT ITEMS: Awesome Lee Todorovich takes on a surf/skate/scoot board.
UNSOUND: Matt Coplon & Light Yourself On Fire!
BACKCHAT: Meat the Butcher.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2008: I wasn't sure how much I remembered from the Levi's DVD after the big premiere party in Las Vegas but when I watched it again on the internet, everything came back. Now I can watch it on the tellie as the DVD came with the new issue of DIG. The only way for some shops to sell magazines these days is the insertion of a free DVD. The Levi's DVD will help save the paper from going straight to the old paper stack. And it's a shame that people don't read the mags anymore, especially the good ones like DIG. But the choice is to check out things on the internet for free (including motion) or pay for a magazine that shows the same things 6 weeks later. Yes we still love the mags and actually have saved every single BMX mag but they seem to have a hard time competing with the internet. If you like long shitting sessions on the toilet or want to bring a copy with you on the next road trip, get your hands on DIG 67. It not only has the book, but a DVD too.