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mark webb ride bmx uk 91 issue 91 - january 2006 (1)
Mark Webb flairing grass banks on the cover. Photo by Chris Woodage.
Interview: flairs for breakfast - Mark Webb.
Shitluck team tour.
Ten riders, ten days: The Cream/Eastpack french mini-tour.
The Revolt jam, Leeds.
Profiles's backyard hangover UK roadtrip.
Informer: Simon O'Brien.
Weekenders: A New York minute (Powers jam and Animal Brooklyn jam), RedBull Backyard build-off, Vibrations urbaines de Pessac (France), Motion's Halloween jam (Bristol).
Pro bike checks: Aaron Ross and Day Smith.
Textbook: No foot step thrus.
20 questions: Cory Fester and Wade Lajlar.

Carl, www.global-flat.com, december 2005: UK Ride is reppin flatland to the fullest again this month, and the trend looks set to continue with their all-new Flat Matters column. Regular readers of the Global-Flat pages will be more than up-to-date with the majority of news featured in this month’s issue, but it’s really nice to see a national BMX magazine committing itself to flatland coverage on a regular basis. One rather noteworthy article in Ride #91 is the announcement that Viki Gomez is planning a kind of governing body for flatland competition judging, the goal of which is to (among other things) standardize the judging and format of flatland competitions. With input from Chad Johnston, the FIA (Flatland International Association) aims to move the sport towards increased professionalism and better presentation. You’ll find other important KGB news on the same page, like an announcement from Martti about their 3rd frame release… Hot on the heels of George French’s wheel building article from Ride #90 is part 2; the bedding in of those newly built wheels is explained. Day Smith’s Quamen G6 setup is revealed in the Pro bike check, and there are 2 detailed interviews with 2 riders arguably at the top of their game, Cory Fester and Simon O’Brien. A very nice photo sequence of an impossible-looking Cory combo and a very open interview with Simon make Ride #91 the perfect coffee table companion – get yours now!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2005: RIDE is 20 pages short of reaching the 200 page barrier. Man, I thought I would never see the day of BMX magazines this thick. Now I can flip through the mag or simply list the Features list on the contents page. What do you prefer? Okay, I'll use the list then. 56. Eastpak UK tour, 58. Are you Chicken? I probably am as I wouldn't jump out of a 2 story high building onto a shady landing ramp. Mark Webb gets an interview and also a cover. Flairs for Breakfast starts at p. 64. Where does Shitluck get the money to do tours all the time with a bunch of people? Find out on page 76. T-shirt sales must be going crazy over there in Shitluck land...... P. 90 Manu Sanz was on board of the Cream/Eastpak tour in France. Enjoy the pics. The Revolt Jam is a rough weekend for the organizers but the good times overrule. More people decided to do a trip after the Backyard Jam. Here's Profile's version. Portland has mad parks and secret pools. The Portland report shows. What happened to Simon O'Brien's X-Games victory money? Read his interview in RIDE # 91 and you might find out, might not. Keith Terra reports about New York. Red Bull gets coverage for the Backyard Build-Off weekend at the Failure compound. What!! Holland's Barry Kohne gets a full page sequence in the Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac contest report. Awesome. Baco-a-go-go wasn't the only Halloween jam. The Motion Halloween Jam took place in Bristol, UK where people's main concern was to get as many drinks down their throats. Sounds good. FATBMX ad on page 147. Word. Pro Bike Check with Aaron Ross and Day Smith. Bike reviews: Alone Initiate and Hoffman's Condor EL1. People call it a no foot cancan but in England it's a No-Foot Step Thru. Dave Cotton shows you how to do one at Ramp Worx in Leeds. Can somebody correct the name if I'm wrong: Cory Fester. He gets asked 20 questions by the RIDE crew on page 160. 20 pages to go. Man, that font is hard to read. 20 Questions with: Wade Taylor (another wild guess). ShoeBox shows 14 kicks to choose from. Laundry has more stuff that you want for X-mas and the last page is always reserved for the RIDE readers who want to send in a letter.
sean burns ride bmx uk 92 issue 92 - february march 2006 (1)
Sean Burns bombs a massive rail in Boston City on the cover. Photo by Jeff Allen.
Jason Enns' Top 5.
Industry: Formatiks' Brandon Pundai.
Jay Miron little interview.
DVD reviews: Voices, Local exposure 2, Off the map, The Shadow Conspiracy The Calling.
Tech: The freecoaster by George French.
Flat matters by Chris Job.
T.H.E rim.
Ride BMX magazine vs Andy Smith aka Stor.
Ben Wallace: Barrel Roll january 2006.
Interviews with Dave Freimuth.
City life: from Sheffield to London, Barcelona guide, Boston burns, a Tokyo travelogue.
Pop Session Estonia.
Informer: Dan and Del, Bruce Crisman.
Weekender: Epic Tag Team Jam, Birmingham and Chengaworld's Last Jam.
Pro bike check: Mark Mulville's Profile McS and Matt Roe's Mutiny Sinister.
Textbook: 360 nosepicks.
20 questions: Max Gaertig, Josh Heino and Jared Washington.
Bike reviews: Hoffman Rhythm EL1 and Haro Nyquist 6-teen.
joe riley ride bmx uk 93 issue 93 - april 2006 (1)
Joe Riley airs some kind of metal pipe thing in Southern California and joins the elite group of riders who have had two covers of Ride. Scott Papiro shot the photo.
Industry: Haro's Tony DeGollado.
Video box: Will Stroud interview (Local Exposure Tour). Mutiny road trip, Fly Uno, RUM and Joe Kid on a Stingray reviews.
Tech: weight loss, a serious matter.
Flat matters: Frank Lucas, Circle Cow, KHE.
Barcelona update: a lock-down ?
Spot: The Bathtubs, Norwich.
Mutiny UK roadtrip.
5710, not another t-shirt company.
Savage South army US roadtrip.
Lee Musselwhite interview.
Mass Transit UK roadtrip.
Jon Peacy interview.
Danny Clayton surviving winter.
Weekender: Padded Cell jam in Bristol and Retro jam in San Diego.
Pro bike check: Caleb Kilby's Federal and Ryan Nyquist's Haro.
Textbook: Hurricanes.
WTF: Mike Hoder and Jack Kerruish.
20 questions to Chad DeGroot.
Bike reviews: WTP 4Seasons, Mongoose Expert, Felt Ethic and Twenty Demon.
Harrison, www.defgrip.com, april 2006: Big news, Chris Noble is leaving Ride UK and they have an art director position open. This isn’t just any old design job, you will have some big shoes to fill. Chris has put together, in my opinion, the best designed magazine in our sport and I’m sad to see him leave.
leo forte ride bmx uk 94 issue 94 - may 2006 (1)
Leo Forte floats an air at a secret UK spot on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Top 5: Ian Morris.
A Pretty Shady DVD; an interview with videographer Joe Alderson.
Lavar's Mike Ardelean.
Video box: Pretty Shady DVD, The Make Cut the crap, Sentenced to life, Trailkill This great evil, Seenoeveil Kis, Props 59, Animal All day.
Flat matters.
Globalisation and the bicycle industry; how do Taiwanese factories to American or British ones ?
Andrew Ware interview.
NSF3 premiere.
Don't Forget The Underground, interview with DTFU's Steve Kinghan, Undertone's Merlin Mason and Logan's Andy Kinghan.
Secret spot.
Proper Bike Co. takes on Props Megatour 5 west coast roadtrip.
Terry Adam's interview.
Fly bikes New Zealand tour.
Superstar in Lyon.
Standard Bykes global team roadtrip.
Vult team in Hawaii.
The Toronto Metro jam.
Barrow in Furness jam.
Pro bike check: Owain Clegg's Fit Edwin and Stephen Murray's GT Fueler.
Bike reviews: Hoffman Disrupter IL1 and Mongoose Steve McCann.
Textbook: 540 hop by Cleggy.
20 questions: Neil Harrington and Dan Cox.
WTF? Shredder Dan Antoniou.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2006: The May 2006 issue of RIDE has a typical RIDE cover, or better, it reminded me of the Invert mag for some reason. Maybe because it has this typical UK blue sky (if that does exist), or maybe because it's a Brit on the cover (Leo Forte). Maybe it's because in the past no extra flashes were used to brighten up the rider as is the case with the cover of No 94. Hey, we like it for a change. Damn, 180 pages, how am I going to read it all? Definitely worth the 2.95 British Pounds or $even bucks (USA) that you will have to pay at the counter to get a copy.
Sergio Layos Ride BMX UK 95 issue 95 - june july 2006 (1)
Sergio Layos lookback somewhere in Spain on the cover. Photo by Manu Sanz.
Top 5: KC Badger.
Industry: Solid's Aaron Huff.
6 minutes with Mike Ardelean.
George French: skateparks everywhere and not a thing to ride...
Flat matters: Ninja spin 2006.
Video box: Jamie Cameron on the making of The Circle, DVD reviews of Made you look, Shitluck Against all odds, Flatstyle volume one, Soul 29 and Props Megatour 5.
Third time lucky: NSF3.
New stuff and framework.
Rhys and Gay Dave on the Bill!
Sergio Layos interview.
Battle Royale 3 in Liverpool.
Vinnie Sammon interview.
Movment roadtrip.
Niels Thanild interview.
Stone Shutters; mots et photos d'Hadrien Picard.
Weekenders: The Transitions jam and the Oxford Ramp jam.
Pro bike check: Ali Whitton's Macneil Whitton and Alexis Desolneux's Twenty Celeste.
Bike reviews: Fit Bike Am and Twenty Marshall.
Textbook: Tyre slides by Matt Jones.
20 questions: Heath Pinter and Jesse Bowers.
WTF? Wykeham Will.
Shoe box: Odessa's Olly Baker.
Icon: The Pipeline with Brian Blyther and Mike Dominguez.
Chase Hawk Ride BMX UK 96 issue 96 - august 2006 (1)
Chase Hawk on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
Dirtbox: BMX in Ushuaia.
Industry: T-1's Joe Rich.
Top 5: James Newrick.
Pro bike check: Chase Hawk's Fit Flow Series.
6 minutes with Brian Blyther.
Video box: Rich Hirsch on the making of Lotek's first video.
414's Shaun Scarfe.
Flat matters.
The ancient art of tyre wrestling by George French.
Framework: S&M Black bike MK2, Federal Hamilton, Sunday, Sputnic Satelight, Simple Enigma.
Unknown soldiers: Alex Riley, Simon Hall, Richard Homer, Rob Castle, Tommy McFarlane, Pete Wade, Scott Taylor, Rich Goff.
FBM trip.
Decoy jam.
The Failure road trip Southern California, Mexico.
Ninja Spin 06.
Trails scene: Over Sam and Cambridge.
Local Exposure 3.
Stephen Murray's jam.
The Unreal Profile jam.
Notts Bonanza.
Trail People jam.
Textbook: How to fit a Press-fit BB.
Bike check: Danny Hickerson's T1 and Cory Nastazio's Perv.
Textbook: 270 wallride smiths.
20 questions to Brian Tunney, Colin Mackay and Morgan Wade.
Bike reviews: Felt Chasm and Hoffman Bikes Disrupter EL1.
Icon: Shimano DX pedals.
phil aller ride bmx uk 97 issue 97 - september 2006 (1)
Phil Aller upside down in Belgium on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Top 5: Josh Stricker.
Video box: Jay Miron on Macneil's San to Van video.
Industry: Mutiny Bikes.
Stephen Murray and 2007 GT bikes pullout poster.
DVD reviews: Mosh So freestyle, Vult Aloha, Profile Outlet, NSF 3, Shook It's on, Props 60, and MacNeil San to Van.
Cory Nastazio on his trails.
Flat matters.
French lecture: Bend it straight and weld them up.
Framework: FBM PW Moto, Federal Division pro, Federal T-nez, Sputnic Stratocaster.
65 statistic from Props Road Fools 15.A convoy of Volvos: WTP trip.The wild bunch: Canada.
Dave Cotton interview.
Eddie Cleveland interview.
Twenty Bikes' El Bodega spanish expedition.
The 2006 Urban games.
The CFB contest from OKC.
Tom "robbo" Robinson interview.
Weekenders: Spook's trails jam.
Ilkeston jam, Horsham jam.
Text-book: fit a U-brake.
Pro bike check: Josh Harrington's Premium and Clint Millar's WTP.
Bike reviews: Redline Mega X, WeThePeople 4seasons.
Text-book: Foot jam tailwhip nosepick.
20 questions: Chris Doyle.
WTF? Kyle Keck, Louie Smith and Will Herman.
Icon: the Haro Sport.
daniel benson ride bmx uk  98 issue 98 - october november 2006 (1)
Daniel Benson 17 stairs to flat on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Top 5: Steven Hamilton.
6 minutes with Robbie Morales.
Industry: Fly Bikes' David Quesada.
Video Box: Stew Johnson and the new Etnies video.
Canadian news with John Heaton interview.
French lecture: front brake revolution ?
Flat matters.
Frame work: United Squad, Terrible One, Metal Rebel Contender, Drive and Fit Edwin.
A place of your own: Martyn's trails.
What about the surroundings; photos by Rob Dolecki.
BMXer, photographer, BMX photographer: Daniel Benson interview.
Adio shoes Cali roadtrip.
London calling: DFTU jam.
BMX Masters, Cologne.
2006 Red Bull Elevation.
Adam Banton interview.
Weekenders: The Rebel jam, 5710 Weymouth jam, Ten Pack am, Kink demolition derby.
The Bristol Backyard qualifier.
Pro bike check: Joe Rich's Terrible One Barcode and Scott Malyon's Terrible One custom Ruben.
Bike reviews: WTP Beyond and GT Fueler.
Textbook: Fastplant with Sandy Carson.
20 questions: Gonz, John Heaton and Joel Moody.
WTF? Mike Mills.
Icon BMX Action magazine.
cameron wood ride bmx uk 99 issue 99 - december 2006 (1)
Cameron Wood rail ride in SLC on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
Word: New cover logo, Backyard jam, the FBM bowl jam.
Taj Mihelich's Top 5.
Industry: Goods' Shad Johnson.
6 minutes with Dustin Griess from InterBMX.com.
Video box: Jamie Moore and Patterns, an Australian DVD.
French lecture: what's in a tyre.
Flat matters. Ten brakeless cross-footed whiplashes ?
DVD reviews: Diversion 6, Fit life, 2Hip Under the Radar, Props Road Fools 15.
Framework: United Trinity, Failure Wessell, Ilegal, Mutiny Burlish, McNeil Bibi and Terrible One Garrett Byrnes SFA.
Boys of summer.
Interbike 2006.
Metal Bike's Jimmy Levan interview.
The Padded Cell roadtrip.
Lotek kicks Vancouver.
Cameron Wood interview.
The Underdone roadtrip.
Carharrt's Euro tour.
Gibronie and Norm down under.
Weekenders: Metro jam, Epsom trails jam, Gumball trails jam, Bar end trails jam.
Bike check: Brian Foster's Fit Flow and David Lombard's Simple.
Textbook: wallride to 180.
20 questions to Markus Wilke and Ryan Corrigan.
WTF? Stu McGillivray and Hanson Little.
Icon: Skyway Tuff Wheels.