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tj lavin ride bmx us 02 00 issue 47 - february march 2000 (3)
TJ Lavin in his backyard in Las Vegas on the cover.
Ralph Sinisi interview
2-Hip Burning Bike
MTV Sports contest,
Barspin how-to.

Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: At the 2000 MTV Sports Festival, I shot with a lot of different films for some different looks. The photos came out pretty cool, but there was one shot of T.J. Lavin that had cover potential-if it had been shot on normal slide film (it was tinted blue since it was shot with tungsten film). We really wanted the photo for the cover, so I called T.J.. and said, "I need to come back out to your house to shoot photos, but I can't tell you what it's for." T.J. understood, and a few days later he had the cover of issue 47.
Rob Dolecki, contributing photographer since issue 48.
van homan ride bmx us 04 00 issue 48 - april may 2000 (3)
Van Homan on the cover. Photo Losey.
Austin life.
Standard european tour.
Urban Games.

Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: Van Homan was in town while we were working on issue 48, so I drove him around Los Angeles looking for things to shoot. He spotted a ledge that he wanted to manual, but the only problem was that it was completely in the shade. After looking around I found an identical ledge in full sunlight 50 yards away, but Van insisted on doing the first one he saw. Even though the result wasn't a nice color photo, the trick was no good that it wound up on the cover.
Beginning with the june issue, Ride will be monthly for ever.
mat hoffman ride bmx us 06 00 issue 49 - june 2000 (3)
Matt Hoffman on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Portland scene
Taj Mihelich about the finger bikes
20 questions for dirt jumpers
The Heino brothers interview
Colin Winkleman poster and interview
Flatland influence.
dave voelker ride bmx us 07 00 issue 50 - july 2000 (2)
Dave Voelker on the cover,
Look back at all 50 issues
Chris Doyle interview
CFB round 1 Florida
AFL flat contest
Truckdriver how-to,
TJ Lavin free massive poster.

Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: We knew that me wanted Dave Voelker to be on the cover of issue 50, so I gave him a call and said that me needed to shoot a horizontal photo with him doing some kind of trick on the left side: the rest waas up to him. Dave got an idea, and a week later we were standing on the side of a mountain where Dave said he was going to abubaca a boulder! He and Mike Parenti had built a lip in front of the rock, but every time Dave tried the trick the lip got more and more destroyed. To fix the lip we poured every bit of liquid possible on it, and I even pissed on it to get it ready. A couple minutes later, I turned around and saw Mike Parenti patting the lip down with his bare hands! Dave eventually pulled the abubaca, and it worked out perfectly for the cover. A few months later Dave went back to do the abubaca again for his Lord Voelker video, but he mound up destroying his shin instead.
mark gonzales ride bmx us 08 00 issue 51 - août 2000 (2)
Mark "The Gonz" Gonzales on the cover.
The Gonz interview.
B3 round 1.
Bio: Erin Dinato.

Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: While in Phoenix for issue 51, Snotty Frazer said he wanted to do a backflip off a roof. When we went to check the spot it honestly looked doable, but when he rode straight off the roof to test it and completely blew up. I got a little nervous. When he did another test run and wrecked even worse. I got really, really nervous. He finally said he was going for it, but he only got about halfway around before he landed on his neck. Somehow he was fine, and the photo ran on the Table of Contents.

Taj Mihelich, Ride BMX US #100: Van Homan's rail manual on the poster in issue 51 was a great moment to get on film. Van was already at the top of the rail game and with this sequence he one- upped himself -and the rest of the world. Only a few, people were doing manuals on rails at all, and hardly anyone was really landing all their weight on rails and manua!ing them for any distance. I'm still amazed at how hairy those photos were and how scary it would be to try.

Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: The Van Homan poster in issue 51 remains as one of the craziest moves I have ever seen on a bike. After shooting photos all day, Van took me to an 18-stair, two-inch wide, wobbly rail in downtown Philadelphia and said he wanted to manual it. I couldn't believe it, I told him that it would much better to come back later when there was more light, but he was in the mood to get it done. On his first attempt, he messed up and somehow feeble grinded down the entire rail, and on try number two the manual was perfect. He even did a feeble-to-180 on a ledge afterwards like nothing big had just happened.
mike aitken ride bmx us 09 00 issue 52 - september 2000 (2)
Mike Aitken on the cover.
Sequence of Dave Mirra's double flip,
FBM'S Euro tour
Mike Aitken poster
UGP Roots
Stricker and Marvin,
What is a pro ?

Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: I had heard a story about a certain skate photographer getting so pissed when skaters didn't pull their tricks that they actually threw their film at the rider! That was the best thing I had ever heard at the time, and I was dying to do it as a joke. The first opportunity I had was while shooting a long kicked rail with Mike Aitken in issue 52. After he came off the rail early a couple of times I pulled the roll of film out of my camera, threw it at him, and tried to look serious. It must have worked because the look on Mike's face was priceless.
tim fuzzy hall ride bmx us 10 00 issue 53 - october 2000 (4)
Tim Fuzzy Hall seat grab flattie at the Plush Palace in Kaysville, Utah on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Jay Miron interview.
Soul Bowl contest.
Bio: Seth Kimbrough.
Chad Kagy poster.
dave young ride bmx us 11 00 issue 54 - november 2000 (3)
Dave Young during the Kink Destroyer America tour on the cover. Photo by Jared Souney.
Flashback: Jesse Puente.
Kink Destroyer tour.
Kevin Jones about the hitchiker.
Warped tour 2000.
3 days in Utah by Mark Losey.
ESPN BS finals, Nashville.
Bio: Georges Dossantos,
Huge Fuzzy Hall poster,
CFB Finals Woodward.
FISE Palavas, France.
Focus: Leif Valin, Nate Wessel, Jerry Bagley, Andrew Farris, Maine-iac, Ken Hale, Dave Osato, Adam Banton, Van Homan, Keith Terra, Ty Stuyvesant.
BMX photo tips.
issue 55 - december 2000 (4)
Joe Rich on the cover. Photo by Jared Souney.
Worlds 2000
Aaron Behnke interview
Markus Wilke interview
Chris Duncan Pull-out poster

Jeff Zielinski, Ride BMX US #100: Edwin Delarosa's first photo in Ride was a wallie-to-x-up in issue 55, and his mom was bummed because you couldn't see his face. She even told me to make sure his face was visible the next time we shot a photo. Edwin's friends in school didn't believe it was him, either.

Mark Losey, Ride BMX US #100: In issue 55, we ran a sequence of Paul Fernandez attempting to jump his cruiser onto the second story of an apartment building and eating shit in the process. What not many people know is that things could have been a lot worse if he had actually made it. One of his buddies got on the roof to look around and told Paul that his ramp was lined up with a bunch of pointy vents all over the roof. All Paul needed to do was change the angle of the rump to avoid them, but he kept saying, "I'm over it," and refused to move anything. I asked Paul how he was going to stop once he got on the roof since he was going to go 55 miles per hour and he said something along the lines of, "There's a garage at the other end, so I'll just jump onto that and then jump onto the ground." When I heard that I had Jimi Switzer (one of our ad salesmen at the time) stand at the other end of the building with a camera and said. "As soon as you see him coming off the apartment building, hold this button down and don't let up." Luckily for Paul he never made it that far.