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mike dominguez bmx plus! 01 1984 january 1984 (shared by Simon John 1002 - download)
Mike Dominguez Pipeline skatepark on the cover. Insets: Brian Patterson (left) and Eric Garcez (right). Photos by John Ker.
Results - ABA Nationals/Bargaintown, NJ (never heard of it, LOL)
Testing - Patterson Team Replica (partial missing) - Aeropro 20
Product Probe - BMX Books, Tapes, & Games - Wild Winter Training Tools
Summer Insanity Part 2 - Byron Friday's Cliff Jump! (missing page)
Schwinn/Levi's - NBL Grand National/Nashville, TN - The end of the road for 1983
Huffy Global Championship/Kettering, Ohio
Tech - Shimano MX Freehub Overhaul
Parting shot: Lake jumping.
mike dominguez bmx plus! 02 84 february 1984 (scanned by Simon John 0703 - download)
Mike Dominguez with Tuffs, fat Comp III's, a Kashi Aero and Haro Tech plate in Whittier, California on the cover. Inset: Toby Henderson. Photos by John Ker.
Rad Gallery featuring Ron Wilkerson, Eddie Fiola and Mike Dominguez.
How well do you know your bmx stars ? Toby Henderson, Jeff Bottema, Eddy King, Scott Clark, Turnell Henry, Charlie Litsky, Stu Thomsen and Harry Leary.
1984 National schedule.
ABC-TV's That's Incredible! Wheelie race.
Brent Romero; the winningest kid in BMX.
Raleigh 1984. Nasty new models and a tough new team.
World almanac skills contest including Brian Scura's two hours 57 minutes wheelie.
How to build a trick ramp. Bob Haro's diabolical plan for radness!
Product probe. Pro Gate II practice start gate.
Race. ESPN round 5 Las Vegas.
Testing the Hutch Pro Star and the GHP Frame Fork Set.
Radical Rick.
Parting shot. Martin Aparijo headspin.
Ads. Haro, Levi's, Vans, Schwinn, Redline, Vector, Powerlite, Dyno, Patterson, Tioga comp 3...
brian patterson clint miller bmx plus! 03 84 march 1984
Brian Patterson (1) and Clint Miller (55) fly through turn one at the Huffy ABA Grands in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the quest for number one ABA Pro of 1983 on the cover.
Mongoose 20" test,The ABA Huffy Grandnationals,Gold Cup Championships,Pro interviews with Greg Hill,Stu Thomsen and Brian Patterson,Technical Pro Jumping Tips article, Mongoose Californian 20" test, Skyway Tuff Wheel test,Top 10 Freestyle tricks article.

1984's Top 10 Pros
Product Probe - KSI Power Twin Two Speed
ESPN Pro Spectacular Round six - LA.
1983 ABA-Wheaties/Raleigh Gold Cup Championship
Freestyle - The 10 Tricks every Freestyler should know...
Testing - Mongoose Californian.
Pro Tips - Jumping Secrets of the Pros
Huffy/ABA Grand Nationals/ Tulsa, OK.

april 1984
Red-Line, The Thruster 20" test,ESPN Pro Spectacular Finals race in So.Cal,JAG World Championships race,World freestyle Championships,Pete Loncarevich interview.

Inside Scoop - Stu leaves Redline for Huffy, Greg Hill is now a Dad, Clint Miller gets married (What?)
Feature - The Amateurs are Getting Paid - Is it good or Bad?
BMX Plus Test - Redline 700P
Feature - How to get Sponsored - Being fast is not enough...
ESPN Pro Spectacular/Burbank, CA - (partial missing) Final race of the Series
One for the East Coasters...Testing - Thruster Tri Power!! One underrated bike!
Interview - Pistol pete Loncarevich
World Amateur Championship of Freestyle/ Burbank, CA (missing pages)
1983 JAG BMX World Superbowl Championship VI - Chicago (partial missing)
rich sigur bmx plus! 05 84 may 1984
Rich Sigur on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
Results - War of the Stars/Pompano & Miami, FL- ABA Cajun Nat's/Shreveport, LA
Greg Hill's Book - BMX Skills
Testing - Schwinn Predator P2200 - RRS 20/16 Experiment
Interview - Cheri Elliott - Team Skyway has the Fastest Girl in BMX
Rad Gallery - Matt Hayden, Brian Blyther, Rich Sigur.
Azusa - Child-Help Celebrity Race for fun and Charity
Start Your Own Track - 10 Steps in starting your own track (partial clipped)
The Amateurs are Getting Paid - Why and How Much?
ABA-GT Supernationals/Burbank, CA - Rupe, Fehd dominate
Fast Talk - Mini interviews with Eddie Fiola, Doug Davis & Steve Veltman
Parting Shot - Sidehacks flyin' through the air

june 1984
Diamond Back 20" test, The Dixieland Nationals, A'ME Winternationals, Pro Racing secrets, Stu Thomsen Pro Interview, Freestyle section

july 1984
Stu Thomsen is on the cover. Some of the articles are tests of the Haro Sport Freestyler and GT Mach One, Hutch Gilley's National, Levi's Springnationals, Pete Takes Azusa, Dicin' at the Downs, Rate-a-Wreck, Daredevils on Wheels, Greg Hill's Golden Rules for BMX Success, Mercury Morgan, Pat Romano and of course, Radical Rick.

Inside Scoop - USBA formed, Jeff Bottema recovering from stabbing
Testing - Haro Sport - GT Mach 1
ABA/Hutch gilly's Nationals/Pasadena, TX
ABA/Levis-Hutch SpringNationals/San Francisco, CA - Clark Klobbers Pros
NBL War of the Stars/Azusa,CA - Hadan Triples
Dare Devils on Wheels - Car Jumpers of BMX!
Pro Tips - Greg Hill's 10 golden Rules for Success in BMX
NBL War of the Stars - Devonshire Downs/Northridge, CA
bmx plus! 08 84 volume 7 no.8 - august 1984 (scanned by Moley 0801 - download)
On the cover clockwise from top left: Clint Miller tables his Laser Lite at Honda Hills, Woody Itson whips a one footed Lawnmower at Newport Beach, Mike Miranda cranks out of a Sarasota, Florida, turn, and Toby Anderson blasts his SE Quadrangle through the dust at Azusa.
Inside scoop.
Kuwahara Laser Lite bike test.
NBL War of the Stars, Florida.
The ten things you should know before you buy your next bike.
SE Quadrangle bike test.
How to deal with the pre-race anxiety.
Face quizz.
NBL War of the Stars, Memphis, TN.
Make your bike faster: team managers tell their secrets.
ABA/Free Agent Lumberjack Nationals.
Freestyle final exam: Poser, Front wheel 360, Side snap, One-handed slider, Framestand rockwalk.
Trick stuff: GT Performer, Redline forklifter stem, ...
Radical Rick.
Parting shot: Woody Itson.
bmx plus! 09 84 brian patterson timmy judge september 1984
Brian Patterson and Timmy Judge are on the cover. Some of the articles are tests of the Ultimate Profile, Hutch Pro Raider, Races at Great Britain, Las Vegas, Mexico and Detroit, Eric Rupe, Rad Gallery, America's Best 10 Tracks, Restoring that Old Clunker, BMX Injuries and of course, Radical Rick. There are 84 pages total.
eddie fiola bmx plus! 10 1984 OCTOBER 1984 (shared by Simon 1010 - download)
Eddie Fiola on the cover.

Redline 500a Series Three.

Team Murray World cup of BMX III with Mike Miranda interview.
ABA US Nationals.

Girls of BMX.
Interview: Richie Anderson.
BMX Trivia quiz.
The $200 Bikes.
AFA/GT Summer Freestyle Championship.
Radical Rick.

Checkpoint: Mike Miranda, Brian Patterson, Mike Poulson, NBL results, ...
Inside scoop: Mike Dominguez leaves Haro for Hutch, Richie Anderson riding for Torker, Under-10-pound bike, Freestyle bikes, ...
Ask the BMXperts.
Mail bag.
Trick Stuff.
Parting shot: Martin Aparijo's quaterpipe alternatives.

Hutch Pro Star, GT Mach One, Bullseye, Patterson, MT Racing Silverfox, ...
shawn texas john crews greg hill bmx plus! 11 1984 november 1984 (scanned by Simon 0905 - download)
Shawn Texas, John Crews, Greg Hill, Eddie Fiola and Sling Shot Bike on are on the cover. Some of the articles are tests of the GT Pro Performer, Sling Shot Frame and Cyclepro's Greg Hill Signature Model, Star Wars at Waterford, Race at South Park (not that one!), North Park, Mini-Views, the 25 Hottest Amateurs in BMX, Rad Gallery, Making it Big in Freestyle, Reader's Trip of His Wildest Dreams, How to Keep Your Bike from Getting Stolen and of course, Radical Rick. There are 76 pages total.
bmx plus! 12 84 december 1984
'85 buyer's guide.
NBL Grand National.