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if you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
Deutsches BMX Magazine. Zwanzig = German for “twenty”.

Sascha Richter, january 2004: In spring 2001 a rider and friend of us, called Lars Falkenberg, asked me and some other friends/riders to help him with his fanzine he was already doing for years. The answer was "yes" and so we started to write down some stuff. After a few editorial meetings we decided to do a real mag instead of a zine. So finally by autumn 2001 the first issue was out...
We started just for the fun of it. But we also wanted to complete the coverage of the german bmx scene, since it is pretty wide spreaded and (as we know now) we considered it to be hard for just one magazine (freedombmx) to cover all the good riders and actions.

Sascha Richter, january 2004: We are independent, if that means that we have no publisher but we got a youth-association having our back, called Alleins e.V., which also runs the mellowpark skatepark and helps us out a lot, mainly in questions of money. Without them not a single issue would be out. thanks and respect to them!
timo pritzel zwanzig bmx 01 issue 1 - summer 2002
Timo Pritzel on the cover.
The first issue of the second German BMX magazine with Conny Zetzl interview, Highway to Hill 2001, Gallery, DM in Lohhof... Umsonst!

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Spotsheck mit Conny: Dresden, Oldenburg / Park77, Frankreichexpedition / Highway to Hill, Liberty Park, DM München…
ben tetzner zwanzig bmx 02 issue 2 - fall 2002 (2)
Ben Tetzner on the cover.
KOD Leipzig.
Interview: Nico Nitschke.
BMX in Poland.
Freestyle Motocross.
Tobias Wicke and Alf Rentmeister poster.
Perfect moment (pics).
Pipe dream.
For free !

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Köln Spotscheck, Woodward, KOD Leipzig, Bmx Bigtime, Cuba, Nico Nitschke Interview, MotoX Risa, Fullpipe, Brainless Wankers, Firmenvorstellung: Mutation…
Jens Werner - chief, advertisement-manager
Steffen Schulz - artwork, layout
Hans Friedrich - chiefeditor
Sascha Richter - chiefeditor
Timo Pritzel - editor
Alf Rentmeister - editor
Christoph Leib - photographer
David Ulrich - photographer
Victor Strasse - photographer, editor
matti rose zwanzig bmx 03 issue 3 - winter 2002 2003
Matti Röse on the cover
Das dritte Heftchen aus dem Hause Zwanzig mit Rock City Hamburg, Kye Forte Interview, Roadtrip, Berlin Street etc.! For Free !

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Neubrandenburg, Global Gutz, Hamburg rock City, Eastpack Fotoshooting, Kye Forte Interview, diggen, shapen, cut`n, Berlin Street, Görlitz Jam, EKoD Berlin…
Sadly the founder Lars Falkenberg left the team after the 3rd issue, but is still a free contributor.
alf rentmeister zwanzig bmx 04 issue 4 - spring 2003
Alf Rentmeister on the cover.
Mit neuem Format, neuem Preis und Roadstar Jam, Zwanzig Unterwegs, Kreuzverher mit Monkey Boy, ALbi, Engel und Romano, 2020 BMX magazine aus Australien usw.
Preis: 2 Euro.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Interview: Moreno Engel, Albi Zeibig und Markus Braumann / 20 20 Australien, Surfen mit Max, how to build a Dirt, Roadfools mit Tobi, Freezride, Roadstar Jam, 20 Tour…
ben hennon zwanzig bmx 05 issue 5 - fall 2003
Ben Hennon on the cover.
Das zweite Deutsche BMX Magazine mit WM Portugal Spezial, Eastern Jam, Interviews, G&S Factory Report, Higway to Hill 03 usw. Nur 2 Euro.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Interview: Romano Lüdeke, Jan Rosskamp, Timo Pritzel / Eastern Jam, der Osten Rockt, Teen Idols, Firmenvorstellung: G&S, Highway to Hill…
Sascha Richter, january 2004: We have an edition of 5000 pieces per issue. The first 3 issues were completely free, we tried to run the mag with the money for the advertisement but after a while we were at the point where we had to decide whether to quit or to take at least 2 euro to refinance the bills for printing and all that. As you may guess, the first 3 issues are "sold out" completely, since they were free. Now that it´s really sold we sell about 3000 to 3500 of them. but our subscribtion service is just established...so we´re looking forward to sell them all!
There´s no publisher who has to pay for his house/boat/mercedes, just some guys who want to do a cool magazine about the thing they love. All contributors have other jobs and are doing this for the fun, so no one has to pay his bills by selling the Zwanzig. For us it is not about earning money but doing a magazine that´s affortable for every kid. Another reason is that the german industry supports us quite good by advertising in our magazine. the main advertisers are shops, mailorder-services, and companies like Felt, Mutation, Chico ...and so on.
tj lavin zwanzig bmx 06 issue 6 - winter 2003 2004
T.J. Lavin on the cover
Das zweite deutsche BMX Magazine mit Berichterstattungen in und um Berlin. Aber auf dem besten Wege größer und weiter zu werden.
Inhalt: Board X London, German Open 2003, Mystic Park Zechpoint Prag, Wild Wild Wildau Szene Report, LumberJack Contest Aurich, TJ Lavin Interview.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Lumberjack Contest, Interview: TJ Lavin, Board X, Expedition Coswig, German Open, Mystick Park, wild wild Wildau, Redaktionsvorstellung…
timo pasch zwanzig bmx 07 issue 7 - spring 2004
Timo Pasch on the cover
Die siebte Ausgabe unseres bunten Magazins f.r Kinderrad-Sport!
Auf dem Cover ist unser Timo Pasch,der wie wir finden, in die deutsche BMX Nationalmannschaft geh.rt...!
Sch.ne bunte Bilder mit Texten zu den Themen: Flatground Amsterdam, KoG in Japan, Fuzzy Hall Interview, Roadstar Jam, Rathenow Jam, Kay Clauberg im Kreuzverh.r, Perfect Moments...etc.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Flatground, Roadstar, Big in Japan, Interview: Fuzzy Hall, Kreuzworträtsel, Rathenow Jam, Themen zu Abkacken, Bread & Butter, Perfect Moments, Kreuzverhör, Tooltime…
zwanzig bmx 08 issue 8 - summer 2004
Cover: "Dont drink and drive“
Inhalt: Red Bull 3 Degrees, Flatland für Arme und Beine, Highway to Hill, Woodward East, Place of Pleasure, Susi Sonnenschein, Mystic Park Contest, Beat MX, Back in the Days, BMX Worlds 2004, ...
rene kade zwanzig bmx 09 issue 9 - autumn 2004
Cover: Rene Kade.
Inhalt: Interview: Rene Kade, Travis Collier / Braun Front Brake Revolution, Foampit: Unheil oder Segen, Die Franken blasen zum Marsch, Perfect Moments, King of Concrete, Was meine Freundin gerne hört, First Summer Jam, Spotcheck: Iltis Park…
zwanzig bmx 10 issue 10
Cover: Faces of Dead.
Inhalt: Patrick Gross, Lumberjack Contest, Berlin City Games, Jesse Puente Interview, Maxsomenoise, Halloween Jam, Interview: Green Day, Foto Love Story, My wicked Trip to Australia, Spotcheck: Monkeycamp…
nico muller zwanzig bmx 11 issue 11 - april 2005
Cover: Nico Müller
Inhalt: Interview: Szene Neubrandenburg, Bulimie Bike, Trashramps, Perfect Moments, Whootal Jam, Popsession…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, july 2005: The best 2 Euros you ever spent on a BMX magazine! Issue 11 has one picture that stands out. It makes you laugh, again and again. You look back at it and you will start shaking your head. It's better therapy than seeing a shrink. If you are feeling down, turn to page 58/59 and your day brightens up again. The picture almost made the cover of Zwanzig 11 and it actually should have because more people would have randomly seen it and made them smile. I hope you are getting curious what this photo is all about. Order your copy today. Ask for issue 11 and make sure page 58/59 have not been ripped out of the magazine yet.
taylor leigh zwanzig bmx 12 issue 12 - 2005
Cover: Taylor Leigh.
Inhalt: Taylor Leigh und Ben Armstrong / WM Prag, Rampenbau Nr.1, KOD Linz, L.G. Games München, Props Roadfools + Tobias Wicke, Highway to Hill, Garage Punx…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: For only 2 Euros you can pick up issue 12 of Zwanzig magazine. You should. It's money well spent. The quality of paper and pics is superb and also the lay-out kicks ass. When reading the magazine, it feels like the Zwanzig crew says what they think which is nice to see in a world where advertisers, sponsors and contest organizers seem to rule the scene. This review is shamelessly late but the Zwanzig crew on the other hand is on it. On Friday after the BMX-Masters, they already had an opening spread from the contest in the mag. How's that for speed. A beer bottle in the news section, why not? Dates, video reviews, a IBMXFF World's report straight out of Prague with great photo's, how to build ramps followed by a Taylor Leigh and Ben Armstrong self interview fills the first part of issue 12. The product page reviews a bunch of cassette hubs, bars, stems and frames and some softgoods. It's all about the Nosedive article follows and the Mellow Park people always seem to come up with some good pin-up photo. Turn to page 41 for that one, the lady is having a shower
on the trails....... "Du Schwuchtel hau ab!!" sums up the LG Munich report. For the non-Germans that reads: "Hey gayboy, fuck off!!" Interesting read for sure. Wicke lets you know how life on the RoadFools bus is as he reports live from RoadFools 14. Busty Wolter is the athlete of the month that occupies his time with another sport (FMX in this case). The Highway to Hill contest in the Mellowpark gets 7 pages followed by a RedBull Garage PunX article with a rad sequence of stuntman Aze. There's some Eastpak monkeys sitting on the backcover and that sums up the latest issue of Zwanzig Mag.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010:
tobias wicke zwanzig bmx 13 issue 13 - 2005
Cover: Tobias Wicke.
Inhalt: Berlin City Games, Backjard Digger, Rampenbau Nr. 2, 13 Slams, Eastern Tour, Electro Vans Tour, German Open, Prince of Dirt…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2005: Ahh yes, the Euros go frontflipping. Tobias Wicke makes it on the cover with a huge one. Intro: Fullpipes; find them, ride them. All kind of news from page 6 to page 9 with Dates, Kuwahara, video reveiws, product news, that kind of stuff. Berlin hosted the Berlin City Games, a big flatland comp and if you made it there, you probably got a photo. The Red Bull Backyard Digger made it down South to Austria and with the help of a bunch of locals, they built trails ina a few days. Great concept. Rampenbau means: Building ramps. This issue hosts part II. Issue Thirteen has a slam section. 13 slams to be exact. The Eastern Tour gets 3 pages and then it's off to some USA sunshine with the Electro Vans Tour (Interbike/Let it Ride jam/Woodward West). Muetze Glatze is an article about porno. Next up is the German Freestyle Masterships (7 pages). Dirt jumpers can enjoy the Prince of Dirt report and if you're looking for a new T-shirt, the product page gives 12 shirts to pick from. Underground riders Themo and Sven get interviewed. The last page is reserved for another frontflipper by the name of Ryan Guettler. Maybe he's the one who got Wicke inspired when he pulled this one at the Rebel Jam in Berlin last summer. The backcover Eastpak ad shows one horny Panda bear. Sex is the only way out. It seems to work as a bunch of young Panda's were born in China last week.
Coverprice: € 2,00 Euro. That's cheaper than a beer at most places and will last longer.
frank lukas zwanzig bmx 14 issue 14 - january 2006
Cover: Frank Lukas.

Rob, wethepeople.de, january 2006: Mondays often suck. But at least today started well, there was ZwanzigZoll's latest issue (Jan06 Nr14), the Photo Issue. Although the independant magazine is predominately orientated towards the German/Berlin scene, this photo issue will appeal to everyone. At the same time you got coverage of the Rebel Jam (from Mellow park, the home of Zwanzig), Lumberjack Jam, Daniel Holzinger Itw and then some cracking photos from the guys who bring you the best images of bmx the world over, David Ulrich, Viktor Strasse, Manu Sanz and Georg Oberlechner. It will be the best 2Eur you could spend this month.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2006: We're a little swamped over here at FATBMX and have a lot of reviews to take care of. Maybe this weekend we'll get to it. Zwanzig Zoll riders magazine made it easy for us this time. They came out with a photo issue. Right, you guessed it, great photo's from cover to cover. Next to the killer photos issue 14 has BMX news, a 2006 calendar, video reviews, also reports about the Lumberjack contest (where was Gary Ellis?) and has a Daniel Holzinger interview (he's now on Hoffman Bikes through Fastpace). There's a pictorial on the Rebel Jam and sexy photos of Marie the Zwanzig Zoll girl. Max wrote another column and there are three pages of products presented in the 84 page mag. Zwanzig Zoll will be available at the train station newsstands in Germany (starting in April) and even if the cover price is going up with a Euro, we say it's still worth it. BMX from beginning to end.

www.agoride.com, février 2006: Je découvre pour la première fois ce magazine qui est comparable au Cream, même format, même couverture glacée, avec par contre un papier mat à l'intérieur (Cream est en papier brillant). Ce papier et le graphisme donnent un magazine assez luxueux, très artistique qui est beaucoup plus basé sur l'image que sur les textes. Et oui, il y a très peu de texte, ce qui tombe bien, car c'est tout en allemand. Comme son homologue, il y a les news, des reportages et les pages shopping et un très gros portfolio avec de très belles photos. En plus il n'est vraiment pas cher, car on le trouve en Allemagne à 2 euros, oui, oui vous avez bien lu, 2 euros et 84 pages. Le n°14 contient: Lumberjack contest, Perfect Moment (Portfolio), Rebel Jam, Zwanzig Girl, Interview Daniel Holzinger.
chrim bohm zwanzig bmx 15 issue 15 - april 2006
Martin, www.global-flat.com, april 2006: Chrim Böhm is on the cover of the new german Zwanzig Zoll Magazine. Inside you´ll find an interview with Chris and Dan Hennig. They talk about their small hometown Bitterfeld, how they got into flatland and Chris´ move to Switzerland. Moreover there is a short contest report about the Battle in da Club in Munich.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2006: Zwanzig #15 sports a super fresh cover with flatlander Chris Boehm busting a move underneath some structure in Bitterfeld (Germany). Dan Hennig and Chris Boehm get a duo interview that starts on page 16. Also the Muenster jam gets a report. The No More Jokes tour takes you from Basel (Switzerland) to Rome (Italy) with 8 guys doing their thing hitting everything on their path. Rampenbau means something like building ramps. That's actually a good feature in any mag. Kids, find some wood, grab a hammer and start building. Maybe you need some extra tools to make something rideable... Tobias Herzfeld reports from the Australian BMX Games and Benn Pigot gets a 5 page interview. Zwanzig's Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll poster with Kathi would have fit nicely in the FATBMX pin-up section. Berlin Marzahn hosted the ROOF JAM, ramps 'n shit you know. Braunschweig hosts a new hall that goes by the name of Walhalla. Zwanzig Zoll checked it out. The PopSession in Tallin gets a 6 page report as well. 7 pages Ralf Schiefer (interview) fill page 70-76 with some great pics. Product photos and info cover the next few pages and then it's time out for Zwanzig. The quality of the paper, pics and layout is top notch. For € 2,90 nobody can complain, or maybe the mother of a rider who can´t handle the poster.....

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Interview: Chris Böhm & Dan Hennig, Ralf Schiefer, Benn Pigot / Australien Bmx Games, Roof Jam, Popsession, Münster Jam, Spotcheck: Braunschweig, Carhartt Tour…
mike miller bmx masters zwanzig bmx 16 issue 16 - 2006
Cover: Mike Miller
Interview: Mat Hoffman, Benjamin Schenker.
Contest: BMX Masters, Ninja Spin, HighWay to Hill.
Country Bikes Jam.
Jump Festival Augsburg.
Flatland für Arme und Beine.
Special Poster Inside.
Spot Checker: Concrete Bowl Ozchatz.
City Games Bielefeld.
ferenc liptak zwanzig bmx 17 issue 17
Cover: Ferenc Liptak

Perfect Moments.
Tight as Hell .
The Champ Tour.
Flatring Paris.
Local Session Tour.
Safety First.
Budapest szene report.
Interview: Balazs Ivanfi.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Interview: Bala`sz Ivanfi, Rebel Jam, Budapest: Szene Report, Perfect Moments, Safety First, Flatring, Tight as Hell, Local Session Tour, The Champ Tour…
senad grosic zwanzig bmx 18 issue 18 - Februar 2007
Cover: Senad Grosic.
Inhalt: Interview: Jimmy J. Jackson, Benny Korthaus / 2007 Simple Session, Props Roadfools Rock'n Roll Tour, Perfect Moments 2006, Mr. BMX 2006, The Champ Finale, Berlin City Games...
sven gruber zwanzig bmx 19 issue 19 - Mai-Juli 2007
Cover: Sven Gruber
Inhalt: Interview: Mark Webb, Anthony Pill, Jeff des Roche / Senads kleine Welt, Zwanzig Zoll Holland Roadtrip, , Freecoaster FAQ, Higway to Hill 2007, Bikecheck for Dummies, Rookie Jam, Behind the Lens: Miki Krsteski…
bjorn elvering zwanzig bmx 20 issue 20 - august 2007
Cover: Björn Elvering
Inhalt: Interviews: Björn Elvering, Patrick Guimez, Josh Stricker / Dew Tour, BMX Masters, Empire of Dirt / Special Portfolio: Georg Oberlechner (Österreich), Chris Polack (Australien), Daniel Kralik (Ungarn), Yasuyuki Taked (Japan), Justin Kosman (USA)…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2007: In case you didn't know, Zwanzig BMX magazine is made at the Mellowpark in Berlin, the same place that hosted the Rebel Jam last weekend. A new printer made it possible for the new issue to be finished right before the jam. It took only four days to get printed which is pretty quick. This helps keeping contest reports, news and interviews current and number twenty already has a BMX Masters report, Empire of Dirt report and a Dew Tour (Baltimore) report. Josh Stricker lived in Berling for a while and gets an interview. So handy when the riders come to your town so you've got time to shoot some pics and find the right time to get the inteview done. Some articles in Zwanzig aren't too time sensitive, like the Shutter's World articles with photographers Georg Oberlechner, Chris Polack, Mr. Takeo, Daniel Kralik and Justin Kosman. They make for some good content though. Bjorn Elvering and Patrick Guimez also get an interview in issue 20. The editor's office is a nice place. It shows Sascha Richter hard at work with 20 models. € 2.90 for all this? Cheap!
robert kroning zwanzig bmx 21 issue 21
Cover: Robert Kröning
Inhalt: Interview: Robert Kröning, News, Hot Stuff, Igualada-Comp, Maxsomenoise, Bielefeld City Jam, The Champ Series, Zwanzig Zoll Girl, Grillen statt Chillen Jam, Barak Invational 07, Battle in da Club, Der Eine und der Kleine, Rebeljam, Iltis Jam…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2007: The new Zwanzig Zoll BMX magazine out of Berlin, Germany is ready. Just in time for the long dark nights that you will be spending on that couch next to the fireplace. This is what's inside issue number 21 which was titled the contest and jam issue. Contents: News, Hot Stuff, Igualada-Comp, Maxsomenoise, Bielefeld City Jam, Robert Kröning Interview, The Champ Series, Zwanzig Zoll Girl, Grillen statt Chillen Jam, Barak Invational 07, Battle in da Club, Der Eine und der Kleine, Rebeljam, and the Iltis Jam. Available from 23 November 2007.
markus braumann zwanzig bmx 22 issue 22
Cover: Markus Braumann
Inhalt: News, Simpel Session, Maxsomenoise, Small Talk: Jimmy LeVan and Mark Webb, Jump the Bum, Battle in da Club, Mellowpark Demo, Fotocontest, Bcrossionale, Der Eine und der Kleine, Darkwood Jam, Patrick Gross erklärt Mexico, Hidden Island…

zwanzig-zoll.de: Zwanzig Zoll Nr.22 ist ab 08. 03 erhältlich in allen Bahnhofs- und Flughafenzeitungshandlungen im Bundesgebiet sowie in gut sortierten Verkaufsstellen größerer Städte, im BMX-Shop deines Vertrauens und NEU in allen Filialen der Kette Blauer Globus. Sollte dein Kiosk bzw. Zeitschriftenhandel die ZWANZIG nicht im Sortiment führen, kannst du sie unter BlauerGLobus.de bei über 3000 Verkaufsstellen im Bundesgebiet unverbindlich online bestellen. Einfach oben rechts unter »Suche nach« 'ZWANZIG' eingeben, dann wirst du automatisch in dein Bundesgebiet sowie zur nächstliegenden Verkaufsstelle weitergeleitet. Auf deinen Wunsch hin liegt die ZWANZIG dann innerhalb von 1-2 Werktagen für dich am Kiosk bereit.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, february 2008: After 21 issues the Zwanzig Zoll crew have managed to finish an issue on time. For 2008 they are trying to do that 4 more times meaning that this year Zwanzig Zoll will come out with five issues. Not only big plans there, Zwanzig will start working on their website soon to make it better. An idea is to put all old issues of Zwanzig Zoll magazines online like we are doing with the FAT-'zines. It's nothing new, but it saves everyone who has been collecting magazines some space in storage. Issue 22 has the following items:
News, Simpel Session, Maxsomenoise, Small Talk Jimmy LeVan & Mark Webb, Jump the Bum, Battle in da Club, Mellowpark Demo, Photo contest, Bcrossionale, Der Eine und der Kleine, Darkwood Jam, Patrick Gross explains Mexico, Hidden Island.
garrett reynolds zwanzig bmx 23 issue 23 - young guns special issue
Cover: Garrett Reynolds
Inhalt: Interviews: Garrett Reynolds, Perry Petermüller, Waldemar Fatkin, Sven Lehmann, Tobias Wehlisch und Julian Weiler, Christian Lutz, Eric Penzel, Philipp Baum, Kyle Blake, Jan Niklas, Johannes Kobis, Daniel Juchatz…
thiemo pash zwanzig bmx 24 issue 24
Cover: Thiemo Pash
Inhalt: News, Maxsomenoise, Der Eine und der Kleine, Highway to Hill 2008, 30 Seiten Galerie, BMX Masters, Girls, Elevation, Zwanzig Zoll Dirty Camping Tour, Girls, Senads Cordoba, Produktpage…

/Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2008: Making a Photo Issue can be easy. It is simple to fill pages with a single photo but it for sure can be tough to make decisions on what picture to use or getting the file from a photographer who is on the road all the time. Anyway, issue #24 of Zwanzig Zoll is labeled the Photo Special but it has plenty of regular content as well. The Highway to Hill contest is one of those events that gets loads of coverage because it happens in Zwanzig Zoll's frontyard. A part of the Zwanzig staff also made it down to Cologne for the BMX Masters and the most fun was had in Austria at Senad Grosic's Cordobar where an Austria-Germany football game on BMX bikes took place. Issue 24 also has a report from the RedBull Elevation comp in Mexico, some dirty girls in a mud bath, a dirty camping tour, product page, news, and Maxsomenoise section. In between all that you will find the killer photos that were announced. They come in four sections and each one has sweet photos.
waldemar fatkin zwanzig bmx 25 issue 25
Cover: Waldemar Fatkin
Inhalt:Fly Free, Vans Barak Invitational, Local Support Street Challenge, Redbull Empire of Dirt, German Open 2008, Nike 6.0 Street Night, Mondlandung in Izhevsk, Bmx Race VS. Olympia 2008, On Tour in Costa Rica, Zwanzig Zoll Wildau Trails Jam, News, Maxsomenoise, Der Eine und der Kleine, Zwanzig Zoll Girl, Product Page…
nil soler zwanzig bmx 26 issue 26
Cover: Nil Soler
Inhalt: Termine 09, Adrenaline Alley, Bcrossionale, Eine Leben unter der Brücke, Vibrations Urbaines, Maxsomenoise, Der Eine und der Kleine, Simpel Session 09, The Street is Talking, Smalltalk, Girls, Team Europe in Woodward, Mirraco Poster, Stencil History X, Galerie, Alon Weissmann, Lost in China, Girls, Produktpage…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, april 2009: The new issue of Zwanzig Zoll riders magazine is available at the newsstands now. It's the 26th issue coming out of Berlin, Germany and this one has a new format, new paper and comes with a poster. The content has changed as well. Zwanzig is going more global with art, lifestyle and trip reports from China, Woodward, and Estonia. Content: Termine 09, Adrenaline Alley, Bcrossionale, Life under the bridge, Vibrations Urbaines, Maxsomenoise, Der Eine und der Kleine, Simpel Session 09, The Street is Talking, Smalltalk, Girls, Team Europe in Woodward, Mirraco Poster, Stencil History X, Galerie, Alon Weissmann, Lost in China, Girls, Productpage.
tobias wehlisch zwanzig bmx 27 issue 27
Cover: Tobias Wehlisch.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, july 2009: The new issue of Zwanzig Zoll dropped on the doormat yesterday and we dove into it straight away. The editor kicks off the issue with a New-school vs. Old-school editorial which makes a lot of sense. It's in German by the way so if you want a translation, let me know. The other two articles I read were the Markus "Monkey" Braumann pro interview and an interview with Ralf Maier. Both interesting reads. Other than the interviews the mag has reports about trips to Barcelona, Magdeburg and Mainz. Don't forget about the pin-up girl spread, the product pages, reviews and contest reports (Highway to Hill, T-Mob qualifier). All in all a quality full colour magazine that covers the German scene and peeks across the border as well. Add a touch of art (Obey Print Retrospective and a rider/cartoon artist report) and you'll get an impression of what Zwanzig is all about.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de: Zwanzig Zoll Nr.27 ist ab 03. 07. erhältlich in allen Bahnhofs- und Flughafenzeitungshandlungen im Bundesgebiet sowie in gut sortierten Verkaufs-stellen größerer Städte, im BMX-Shop deines Vertrauens und NEU in allen Filialen der Kette Blauer Globus. Sollte dein Kiosk bzw. Zeitschriftenhandel die ZWANZIG nicht im Sortiment führen, kannst du sie unter BlauerGLobus.de bei über 3000 Verkaufsstellen im Bundesgebiet unverbindlich online bestellen. Einfach oben rechts unter »Suche nach« 'ZWANZIG' eingeben, dann wirst du automatisch in dein Bundesgebiet sowie zur nächstliegenden Verkaufsstelle weitergeleitet. Auf deinen Wunsch hin liegt die ZWANZIG dann innerhalb von 1-2 Werktagen für dich am Kiosk bereit.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Termine 09, Ramba Zamba in der Pampa, Tanz in den Mai, Sondershausen, Maxsomenoise, Der Eine und der Kleine, Highway to Hill 09, Obey, Markus Braumann, Smalltalk Ralf Maier, Girls, T-Mobile Dirt Challenge, Martino Faschini Interview, Zu viele Atzen in Barcelona, Produktpage…
felix kirch zwanzig bmx 28 issue 28
Cover: Felix Kirch in Darmstadt.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2009: Quality full colour magazine for only € 3,50. Includes a pin-up spread too so all good. The contents:
-BMX Worlds
-IFA BMX Challenge
-Berlin Bike Bäng
-Fixed Gear in Hong Kong
-Local Support Darmstadt
-Gypsy Caravan Tour
-Josh Betley Interview
-Big in Bavaria
Not thrilled on the fixie stuff in the mag. I've said it before and I'll say it again; fuck the fixies! Just not my thing, that's all. Keep it Zwanzig Zoll.

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: BMX Worlds 2009, Red Bull Flow Combo, IFA BMX CHallenge, Maxsomenoise, Bif in Bavaria, Gypsy Carvan Tour 02, Berlin Bike Jam, Perfect Moments, Ted Vav Orman Photofeature, Girls, Fixed Gear in Hong Kong, Josh Betley Interview, T-Mobile Local Support Damstadt, Produktpage…
felix rund zwanzig bmx 29 issue 29
Cover: Felix Rund.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2009: Content list of the new issue of Zwanzig Zoll:

www.zwanzig-zoll.de, july 2010: Advents Jam, Zupermarkt Jam, Mellowpark Campus, BMX and the City Jam, Indoor Guide, Betonhausen, Perfekt Moments, T-Mobile Local Support Emmering, Two Germans in Südamerika, Perfect Moments, Marvin Richter, Czarnobyl, Bommels kleines Alphabet, Produktpage, Maxsomenoise, Girl…
tobias wicke zwanzig bmx 30 issue 30 - april 2010
Cover: Tobias Wicke.
Inhalt: Flatlandball Wittenberg, Simple Session, Stereo Bikes Tour, Zwanzig Zoll Jam at Roof, Adam22 Interview, Verletzungsmuster, In The Middle of Nowhere, Shuttersworld, Make Things Possible, Maxsomenoise, Perfect Moments, Girls, T-Mobile Local Support Mainz, Produktpage…

Adam Grandmaison, thecomeupbmx.net, april 2010: These guys hit me up months ago asking if I’d be down for an interview. I assumed it would be a one page thing, but it actually ended up being 8 pages which is a pretty big honor that I’m surely not deserving of. Thanks for the opportunity, guys.
chester blacksmith zwanzig bmx 31 issue 31 - 2010
Cover: Chester Blacksmith.
Inhalt: Guinness Rekorde, Mellowpark Update, Made in Queens, Friss Dreck Jam Plauen, Verletzungsmuster mit Sergej Geier, Telekom X-Treme Playgrounds Duisburg, Ilitispark
Forever, Shuttersworld, Maxsomenoise, Girls, Telekom Local Support Berlin, Produktpage, Interviews: Andy Zeiss, Chester Blacksmith, Rich Hirch…

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, july 2010: Just after the new issue of Zwanzig Zoll hit the market, the Berlin crew announced that they've got a new website up. But to get the real feeling of the magazine you have to pick up a copy at the local BMX shop or kiosk over in Germany. You'll find Brian "Brother from an other mother" Kachinsky featured in the new FATBMX.com advertisement. He didn't have to kill himself for this one, he just crossed up the handlebars and added some style.
What else is in the new issue? Here's the list:
daniel juchatz zwanzig bmx 32 issue 32 - october 2010
Cover: Daniel Juchatz
Inhalt: Mellowpark Trails Jam, Lords of Dirt, IFA BMX Challenge, Nike 6.0 BCN, Maxsomenoise, Girls, Lost in Sibirien, Ryan Nyquist Verletzungsmuster, The Fear Factor, Big in Bavaria, Der Eine und der Kleine, Telekom Local Support, Pool Virginity, Vans Rebel Jam 2010….