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In july of 1993, 411 video productions introduced a new concept to the skateboarding world by releasing the first ever skateboarding video magazine.
411VM BMX issue 1
Producer: Josh Friedberg
Time: 45:08 min
Ads: Forward / Federal / Ride BMX UK / Fit / Mullen vdo / Dig / Vans / Mutiny Subversion VDO / Faction Mag / Zoo York / S&M / WTP
Music: Fugazi, Bouncing Souls, Egghunt so a bit punky

Profile: Dave Osato.
Day in the life: steve crandall
rookies: richard ball
wheels of fortune: mike still
contests: la revolution toronto, canada, backyard jam telford, england
spot check: department of skateboarding portland, oregon
road trip: s&m, federal, we the people featuring josh stricker, ian morris, josh heino and robbie morales
DVD bonus FOOTAGE: fbm/terrible one contest austin, texas

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: A newcomer on the BMX Videomagazine front but not in making vdo's, 411 is original a skatevideomagazine so these guys knows what's up with making quality stuff. Robbie Morales is the host and takes you to various countries like England (Backyard jam / offcourse in Black and White again), Canada (La Revolution) and the USA like a spotcheck in Porland Oregon (Department of Skateboarding). How the roadtrip with Josh Stricker, Ian Morris, Josh Heino and Robo came together I don't know but it was a hell of a trip with super coverage of new parks all over the USA and good riding, Josh Heino is nuts and he is not scared to show it to you! Mike Still is a Street and Park rider that stays in the Underground scene but that doesn't mean he can't ride, agro style and lots of crashes. Dave Osato on the other hand is looking agro but he is so technical that you have to have a technical education to understand his tricks. He plays icehockey and on the other hand he is doing manuals to tailwhips and than builds his own workshop in the backyard, this guy can do it all. The DAY IN THE LIFE of Steve Crandall is not covered well enough I guess, he drinks more than 3 cans of beer and I didn't see any hard liqueur so I think this was his day off... The ROOKIE is a VETERAN now, this coverage of Richard Ball is one of the last caught on tape before his fatal accident, we will miss you Boyley, R.I.P.
411 1
411VM BMX issue 2
Profile: Jason Enns.
Day in the life: troy mcmurray
rookies: mike rotundo
wheels of fortune: chris slope
contests: la revolution binghamtom, new york featuring brian yeagle, chris doyle, and van homan
spot check: millenium skatepark brooklyn, new york featuring john decaprio and john jennings
road trip: vans skatepark tour featuring alistair whitton, markus wilke, mike aitken, and stephen murray
main event: osiris aftermath demos featuring colin mackay, dave osato, jamie bestwick, and jerry bagley
DVD bonus FOOTAGE: vans skatepark tour footage

: The first version of 411's BMX Video Magazine put a different slant on the global BMX scene and the latest offering comes up with more new perspectives on some familiar faces as well as new kids on the block:
> There's a great profile of Volume's Jason Enns to kick things off. In between some awesome riding Jason lets us know he's got a phobia about flying which considering the number of trips he makes can't be much fun.
> Troy McMurray gets the day in the life treatment and crams a heck of a lot into 24 hours, stopping by the S&M warehouse, and then on to the US Ride office and the ramp he's just built.
> The Rookie feature is on Mike Rotundo and Wheels of Fortune is with Chris Slope.
> This year's La Revolution in NY is featured on a lot of current video magazines but is still worth checking out. Brian Yeagle, Chris Doyle and Van Homan are all featured.
> The VANS skatepark tour is featured in the current issue of RIDE and by all accounts was pretty nuts. Course you could check it yourself - Ali Whitton, Whitesnake, Robo, Markus Wilke, Mike Aitken, Rick Thorne and Stephen Murray are all present.
> Spot Check takes us to the Millenium Skatepark in Brooklyn, NY where John Decaprio and John Jennings hold court.
> The Osiris Aftermath demos with Jamie Bestwick, Dave Osato, Colin Mackay and Jerry Bagley are a treat as you'd expect.
> The DVD version also includes an East Coast road trip as an extra. RRP for the video version is £14.50 or 3100 Yen if you happen to be in Japan this month.

Lance, www.bmx-test.com
: Damn near everyone knows about 411 Video Magazine, regardless if you are a skater or not. And most sensible people know that 411 produces dope, clean, and highly edited videos. so with that in mind, on to the review.
411 Bmx Issue Two is obviously only the beginning of bmx productions for 411, but even so "Issue Two" doesn't much lack in any area of the quality of the video. In fact, compared to Props Video Mag, I would say 411 is a worthy competetor, considering the setup of the video itself.
411 takes "video magazine" type vids to a new arena with actual segmented parts for each video, here is how Issue Two is summed up:
-a mix section of riders killing shit, and somewhat unknown riders that is awesome to watch.
-a day in the life with Troy McMurray, which runs you through Troy painting the house, hitting up the Ride warehouse, swinging by S&M for a minute, riding a little street and park, and a look at his lady.
-a Vans roadtrip fearuring Ali Whitton, Mike Aitken, Markus Wilke, and more - very nice. that boy Aitken, just too damn good.
-an Osiris Aftermath demo with Dave Osato, Colin Mackay, Jerry Bagely, Josh Heino, and others - I don't like Osiris, but Heino, Mackay, and Osato are awesome.
-a couple looks at some, I guess you would call them, up-and-coming/underground riders (Chris Slope, and Mike Rotundo) - good to see the "other side" of bmx getting coverage.
-a spot check at Millenium Skatepark in Brooklyn - dope park with some good "local" riders including John Jennings, and others.
-coverage of La Revolution in Binghampton, NY, with some stuff you didn't see in Props 45 and other coverage of La Rev.
-which brings the video to the last and best part that is definetly worth the video in itself - an unbeliveable profile with Jason Enns (damn, it is sick).
My advice to you is get this video if you are into watching videos worth a shit. The video is around $22 and the dvd version has bonus footage of the Vans tour. great.

Kevin McAvoy, Transworld BMX december 2002:
411 Video Magazine has been around for quite a while on the skateboarding front, and they recently jumped into the BMX market as well. They've just cranked out their second issue, and it's packed tight with plenty of action.
It starts with a short random section with some unknowns who aren't short on skills, then moves into a "day in the life" feature with Troy McMurray, which proves to be pretty amusing. Next up is some footage from the Vans team's skatepark tour, featuring Mike Aitken, Alistair Whitton, Adam Aloise, Robbie Morales, Stephen Murray, Markus Wilke, and Cory Nastazio. After that is a bio on Long Beach local Chris Slope. A quick spot check of Brooklyn's Millenium park features John DeCaprio and John Jennings, with short clips from Rob-o and Edwin DeLarosa, followed by a profile of wethepeople's Mike Rotundo. Coverage of the Osiris team demos in New Hampshire and Rhode Island comes next, featuring Tom Haugen, Jamie Bestwick, Josh Heino, John Jennings, Mike Parenti, Colin Mackay, Jerry Bagley, Dave Osato, Brandon "Punjab" Pundai, and Allan Cooke. The Vans and Osiris team sections seemed to be a little short; I definitely would have liked to see more of those riders. The final two sections consisted of coverage of the Binghamton La Revolution contest and a Jason Enns profile. So much good stuff went down at the contest, and Enns is just a bad-ass, so these sections were my favorites.
There's a bunch of commercials for the other 411 titles (skate, snow, and surf), but the bails in the snow commercial were awesome. All in all, it's not the best video I've ever seen, but there's so much different stuff in each issue that 411VM is definitely worth checking out.
411 2
Jason Enns on the cover.
411VM BMX issue 3
Day in the life: Brian Castillo.
Roomies: Chris Doyle and Todd Walkowiak.
Wheels of fortune: Chris Martindale.
Private property: Cory Nastazio's yard.
World report: germany featuring Alex Bender and Tobias Wicke.
Contests: FBM ghetto street comp, Binghamton, NY featuring Edwin Delarosa, Garrett Byrnes, Jimmy Levan and Josh Stricker. Backyard jam, Hastings, england featuring dave osato, garrett byrnes, kye forte, marvin loetterle, ron kimler, and stephen murray.

Brian Tunney, www.expn.com, february 2009: Brian Castillo bow-legged table cover; the cover that basically told everyone in BMX, "411 doesn't know what they're doing." I mean, we all know Castillo can lay a proper tabletop any day of the week in his sleep. Well, everyone except 411 knew.
brian castillo 411 bmx video issue 3
411VM BMX issue 4
411 Video Productions: 411VM BMX issue 04 comes out swinging with footage of a 360 double tailwhip courtesy of Rob Darden. After getting the 360 double whip on film for 411, Rob blew everyone away when he pulled it at the Planet X Games in Sydney, Australia last week! Openers melt into Chaos, as Kevin Porter, Dustin Gunther, Ben Snowden, and Joey Cobbs all grace your TV with their amazing technical skills.
Issue 04 breaks ground with three, count em, THREE of our ever-popular Day in the Life segments. Taj Mihelich, Terrible One owner and well-known Austin pro spends a day crushing the bowl at the Austin skatepark and being accosted by geriatric Wal Mart employees for using one of them new-fangled "video recording machines" in their store...
Ruben Alcantara takes us all the way to Europe for his Day in the Life. 411VM BMX follows Ruben on a tour of the nightlife in Malaga, Spain and in the process rips some of the best trails, street and parks in Western Europe.
The final Day in the Life feature starts off early in Portland, OR with Justin Inman, Rich Hirsch, Matt Puorro and Bruce Crisman. This crew of hometown rippers tears apart a few street spots in the Portland area, the D.O.S. Skatepark and what Portland day would be complete without a cruise around the infamous BURNSIDE?
Fit, Profile and Etnies team rider Justin Inman bursts on to the scene with a well deserved "Rookies" segment.
Mike Ardelean dissects the flat ground 360 in this installment of Fine Tuning.
La Revolution in Ventura, California is the featured Contest. A ton of insane riders including Adam Banton, Kevin Porter, Brian Foster, Brian Terada, Chase Hawk and Jason Enns are caught on film leading the revolution!
This issue's Main Event features the Flow Video Premiere and Jam, featuring the likes of Rich Hirsch, Ty Stuyvesant, Nick Halsey and Chris Martindale. All take part in decimating both the Skate Barn in Blaine, Washington and Andrew Ryser's personal stash of ramps.
If you're caught up with the rest of the world then you probably have a shiny new DVD player just waiting for 411VM BMX issue 04! Well, you're in luck, because this issue has a DVD Bonus contest with the "2 Hip Meet the Street" in San Francisco. 2 Hip is highlighted by the ripping power of one Markus Wilke.
411VM BMX issue 04 hits the shelves of BMX shops everywhere, and here at 411vm.com, on March 18, 2003!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2003: I'm at the airport right now. Missed my flight and have a few hours to spend before the last Easyjet flight leaves for Amsterdam. Searched for an electrical socket and found it at BK. Gross meal but I don't feel too bad now sitting at the Burger King table with the laptop plugged in. Luckily a DVD was stuck in the DVD player that needed to be reviewed for FATBMX so I have something useful to do. It's the latest 411 VDO magazine.
I've watched it before and thought it was okay. Now I'm actually typing this while the DVD is running on the same screen to the right of me. I see Taj drive his car right now with Roscoe on the back seat. Taj looks pretty sleepy and just started up his computer at T-1. He now grabs the guitar. Let me turn up the sound a bit so the whole BK can listen to Taj play. Oh shit, Taj already left for some food. I hope his food was better than mine. Anyway this issue has "a day in the life" of Taj Mihelich and also one of Rueben Alcantara hanging out at home in Spain. Two of the most stylish street riders covered in one issue.
Let's see what else is on here. There's Chaos, which features a lot of riders. That's right! We watched this with Stephan Prantl at Bike 2003 as well and we agreed that this music sucks. It doesn't fit the rad ramp/street riding at all. Puts you to sleep rather than makes you want to ride.
Let me check the menu again (I love DVD's). Commercial break. Let's skip that one and move forward to the Justin Inman Rookie interview. Great rider that deserves the itw. The Flow VDO premiere riding party, Portland Oregon session, how to 360-bunny-hop how-to and La Revolution Ventura contest make up the rest of the DVD. That's quite some footage on one disc.
I can see this be a favorite of a lot of riders because of the Taj/Ruben footage. It's always good to watch those guys ride. Damn, still have 2 hours to go at this Luton airport. Wish I'd brought more DVD's.
411 bmx video issue 4
411VM BMX issue 5
411 Video Productions review: 411VM BMX returns with a Rookie assault in issue 05! Check out newcomers Harrison Boyce and Joe Riley as they blow up in this issue. Harrison Boyce lands in 411VM by way of the great Northwest. After ruling Seattle's trails and the legendary NW cement, Harrison earns his respect in his Rookie article. Joe Riley follows suit with his Rookies article. The Haro flow rider and TransWorld BMX test pilot knows his bikes, his parks, his streets...
Fresh off his Fine Tuning article in issue 04, Mike Ardelean is back for his Profile. Mike rides for Mosh and comes from Michigan. Check out his tech style and see why he's one of today's best pros.
Come spend a Day in the Life with Greg Walsh. The Primo pro is out from dawn to dusk in a packed day - martial arts class, working at Primo, riding for the last time ever at Palace Park (please do not give these people your money to ride their park) and touring Hell on Earth.
Flatland ruler Chad Degroot represents in a second Day in the Life. Check out what Chad can do when he takes his flatland skill to street and transition.
Trespass with 411VM onto Primo's Private Property - the Primo Park. Nate Hanson, Josh Heino, Brian Foster, Robbie Morales and Greg Walsh destroy the company's private training ground.
You've heard the story a million times - the kids with DVD players have all the fun. 411VM BMX issue 05 DVD bonus footage includes the Roots Jam Contest featuring Jim Celinski, Josh Harrington, Colin Winkleman, Adam Banton, Alan Cooke and Stephen Murray.
411VM BMX issue 05 hits the shelves of BMX shops everywhere on August 5, 2003!

Joe Cookie, vimeo.com, may 2009: Just dug up some archived quicktimes from my 411BMX days... This one is the Mike Ardelean profile from issue #5. This was one of the strongest issues and unfortunately didn't really get out there. It seemed like we had just got past all the road blocks and were actually starting to do what we wanted with the BMX program when 411VM pulled the plug on BMX. Robbie and I were bummed that we lined up all this content for the issue and it wasn't gonna happen. We convinced them to put #5 out. They put it out through their own distribution with a press release saying that Robbie, Dave Parrick and myself would be taking over the project, never happened though.
411 bmx video issue 5

Mike Ardelean profile.

Harrison Boyce.

Day in the life: Chad Degroot.
411VM BMX Best Of 1
411 Video Productions review: The first year of 411VM BMX has come and gone, and that means one thing - "Best Of 1" is here! The staff at 411VM has compiled the very best articles from issues 1 - 4 and packed them all into one video: Day In The Life articles with Brian Castillo and Ruben Alcantara; a Profile with Jason Enns; Richard Ball and Justin Inman featured in Rookies articles; a trip to the UK for the Back Yard Jam contest in Telford, England; the Best Of Chaos article and more showcasing some of the most amazing riders and tricks to appear in the first four issues of 411VM BMX.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2003: 411VM started with a BMX production in the beginning of 2003. After putting out 4 issues they decided to get the best action together for a "Best Of" DVD. You don't really need this DVD if you have all the other 4 issues. However, if you have never checked out a copy of 411BMX before, this is your chance.
You will not be disappointed with the quality of the Best Of BMX production. It also offers more than average footage. Instead of one Day in the Life with a pro, you get 5 interviews with pros a.o. Richard Ball (RIP), Jason Enns, Ruben Alcantara, Brian Castillo and Justin Inman. Instead of one Chaos riding sections, you get all 4 of them. It's good to see the 411 crew has some international content. The Telford Backyard jam is also covered in this issue.
Rob-O starts the DVD with a little explanation and he also finishes the production with a note to get on the bike. 411's editing is very clean which makes them stand out from the other BMX VM's out there. Let's see if they can make a clean DVD from the upcoming trip to Puerto Rico.
With 4 out of 5 stars you can't go wrong. Cover Price: HFL 49,95. Please someone tell 411 that we haven't paid anything in Holland Florins (HFL) for a while.
411 bmx video best of