Sources: Go, Bicross magazine, BMX Plus!, Ride BMX UK, Invert, ...
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1989 Founder: RL Osborn

RL Osborn vient de mettre au point avec MCS un nouveau vélo plus approprié au street et au free. Le nom du vélo: Bully.

Bicross and Skate magazine mai 1990: Ce vélo apporte légèreté et bonne géométrie mais il est très peu solide, les pattes arrières sont trop fines et il n'a pas de tirage central.
1990 GO june 1990: Bully is introducing a second frame, this one without the bashguard. Prototypes are in the hands of the Dirt Brothers and Perry Mervar.

Bully pegs.
Invert august 1990: Pegs fresh from Bully. And the weird thing is, they are made out of very hard dense plastic, with a steel centre. A good size, very grippy as there are large studs on the surface. They'd be good for grinding too. Hot stuff.

Mike Dominguez on his new ramp in Devore, CA. on the cover of BMX Plus! april 1990.

1991 Video Slow Ride
1992 Bully products are now made by frame builder MCS in the USA.

UK distributor: Split Second Imports.

Powerforks using a cantilever front brake.
1993 Ride BMX UK august 1993: The Bully 2 frame is a brand new design for '93. Gone is the plastic bashguard and dodgy stay/seattube junction of old Bullys.
RL's sold Bully to Custom Cycle / MCS.
2002 Custom Cycle Supply owns MCS bikes, Bully bikes, Hammer protective wear. It's also a main distributor for Profile cranks, and Answer forks. Owner: Jeff DeVido.
BULLY team
Mike Aitken december 1998 - ....

Pete Brandt 1992 - ....

Jon Byers 1990 - 1991
Invert august 1991: Jon is now off Bully and now on WAL.

Craig Campbell 1990 - ....

Mike Dominguez 1989 - ....

Jody Donelly 1995-1996

Scott Freeman 1900-1992

Bob Kohl spring 1993 - ....

Mike Kranich 1989 - 1991

Eben Krakau .... - 1991
Invert august 1991: Eben Krakau is off Bully and now riding for WAL.

Todd Lyons 1991 only.

Ron McCoy 1989

Perry Mervar 1990 - ....

Jay Miron 1991
Invert february 1991: Jay Miron is off Wilkerson airlines and riding for Bully.
Invert august 1991: Jay Miron is off Bully and on GT.

Vic Murphy 1989 - ....

Cory Nastazio 1997 - january 1998

Chris Poulos 1991
Dialed flatland pro of Rhode Island Chris Poulos who just won the 1991 freestyle world championships in Denmark and the NBL Nationals in Kentucky is now riding for Bully.

Leigh Ramsdell December 95, Leigh is swithing from 2-Hip bikes over to Bully

Chris Rothrock 1989

Danny Schow 1989 - 1991

Simon Tabron january 1990 - ....