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Sources: Daniel Winqvist, ...
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This zine was edited by 2Hip.
april 1988
Bob Kohl superman on the cover.
may 1988
Joe Johnson tailwhip on the cover.
august 1988
Craig Campbell fakie wall ride on the cover.
mat hoffman 2hip bmx zine 5 issue 5 - 1989
Mat(t) Hoffman on the cover.
King of Vert and Meet the Street – Woodward, PA.
Meet the Street 3 – Brooklyn Banks
Pepsi Colorado Jam.
36 pages
2hip bmx zine 6 issue 6 - june 1990
Cover art by onix.
Portland Meet the Street Finals.
2-hip Final Finals – Newport Beach, CA.
Zines of today – guide to zines.
32 pages