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kevin collins bmx action 01 85 january 1985 (scanned by Simon 0712 - download)
Kevin Collins at the NBL Grands on the cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
NBL Scwhinn/Levi's Grand Nationals in Louisville.
Tests of the GT Mach One and CW Z3000.
Outtakes: lake jumping with Russ Tchimpke.
harry leary bmx action 02 85 february 1985 (scanned by Simon 0608 - download)
Harry Leary (team Diamond Back) at Honda Hills on the cover plus interview plus center fold. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Racing from the USBA Southern Cal Nationals in Azusa, CA.
Tests on a Diamond Back Super Viper with Harry Leary, and a Redline 700P with Scott Clark nad RL Osborn...(this is the test where they jump over Oakley President Jim Jannard's bright red Porsche 935).
Scott Clark interview.
Haro's corner (drawing).
The BMXA Readers Survey.
Freestyle How To: The Osborn twirl.
Outtakes: Ron Wilkerson on Haro.
mike poulson bmx action 03 85 march 1985 (scanned by Simon 0706 - download)
Schwinn's pro Mike Poulson on the cover. Photo by Gibey.
Bike test: Schwinn Black Shadow GHP Racing Pro 1 BMX bike.
Mike Poulson interview.
1985 NORA cup results; Greg Hill no.1 rider, Hutch no.1 bicycle and Diamond Back no.1 team.
Hutch /ABA 1984 Grand Nationals, Tulsa.
Freestyle how-to: Miami Hopper with R.L. Osborn.
Outtakes: Jose Yanez backflip.
tony murray bmx action 04 85 april 1985 (scanned by Simon 0612 - download)
Tony Murray on the cover. Photo by Steve Giberson.
NBL Heart of Dixie Holiday National at Montgomery, Alabama.
Bicross Magazine-MBK-Yoplait/IMBXF Bicross de Paris at Paris, France.
Profile: the newest member of the BMX Action trick team, Ron Wilton.
Interview: Greg Hill and Clint Miller.
Testing: Hutch's Judge Series and Hollywood Series Framesets. Mike Miranda interview.
Outtakes: Kevin Hull jumping cars.
harry leary bmx action 05 85 may 1985 (scanned by Simon 0709 - download)
Harry Leary at Pico Rivera on the cover.
Top secret harware revealed: Dale Cooper's rotor.
Spring Equipment Roundup.
ABA/GT BMX Pro Spectacular and Supernationals at Pico Rivera, CA.
GT Pro Series test.
rl osborn bmx action  06 85 june 1985
RL Osborn on the cover. Photo by Giberson. Photo by Windy Osborn.
Skyway/ABA Pro Spectacular and Winternationals at Phoenix, Arizona.
CW Z3000 Test (plus Pete Loncarevich Interview)
Freestyle How-To: Track Stands.
Chandler Freestyle Park.
Best Excuse Contest Results.
Brad Birdwell Eric Rupe Mike Miranda bmx action 07 85 july 1985
Brad Birdwell, Eric Rupe, and Mike Miranda on the cover.
GT/NBL National Series at Memphis, Tennessee.
Freestyle How-To: Kick Turn Bar Spinner.
Testing: Red Line 600C, Diamond Back Super Streak.
Racing Tips: Double Jumps.
Annual Mighty BMXA Drawing Contest.
stu thomsen bmx action 08 85 august 1985 (scanned by Simon 0810 - download)
Stu Thomsen at Honda Hills on the cover. Photo by Giberson.
Champion-Beatrice/ABA Pro Spectacular and Land of Lincoln National at Springfield, Illinois.
Richie and Ronnie Anderson interview.
Freestyle How-To: The Roll-A-Round
Test: Mongoose Eric Rupe Signature Edition.
Action Line (letter column; first issue post-"Dear Wiz")
greg hill harry leary pete loncarevich bmx action 09 85 september 1985 (scanned by Simon 0606 - download)
Greg Hill, Harry Leary, and Pistol Pete Loncarevich at the Devonshire track on the cover. Photo by Gibey.
SE/NBL Pacific Coast National at Ascot, CA.
Freestyle How-To: The Switzerland Squeaker.
Testing: Schwinn Predator Streetwise.
Readers' Survey Results
Haro's Corner.
Profile: Lawan Cunningham.
mike miranda bmx action 10 1985 october 1985 (scanned by Philippe D. 1102 - download)
Mike Miranda at "The U" in Palmdale on the cover. Photo by Windy Osborn.
D.I.R.T. (news & notes column)
Action Line (letters)
NBL-IBMXF/Murray World Cup at Nashville, Tennessee.
The 1985 BMX Action massive equipment guide: complete bikes, frames and forks, bar department, wheel department, ...
Testing Hutch Pro Raider.
dave vanderspek bmx action 11 1985 november 1985 (scanned by Simon 0703 - download)
Curb dog and new factory Dyno 'styler Dave Vanderspek on the cover. Aerial view of a track stand. Photo by Windy.
BMX Action Trick Team World Tour Live '85. R.L. Osborn and Ron Wilton.
The Wilton frame plant.
Champion/ABA Summernationals at Elkhart, Indiana.
Testing MT Racing's The Fox Special Edition.
Plus Action Line (letters)
NORA Cup '86 Ballot.
76 pages.
don mckeown bmx action 12 85 volume 10 issue 12 - december 1985 (1) (scanned by Simon 0608 - download)
Don McKeown on the cover. Photo by Windy.
Kuwahara Canada Cup and the IMBXF World Championship at Whistler, British Columbia.
Testing GT Mach One.
Thrashin': U-Hills (at Sacramento)
Drawing Contest Results.
Trickness exposed: the Ruffell hop drop.