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doug davis bmx action 01 88 volume 13 - january 1988 (scanned by Simon John 0811 - download)
Doug Davis on DB on cover, King Bros, Tuni and Tommy, Todd Blaser features, NBL Grands, F-1 Bikes, Local Thrashing "The U" and The Pitts.
chris moeller bmx action 02 88 february 1988
On the cover Chris Moeller.
NBL Lemoore, ABA Gold Cup/West Reno Nevada. GT Pro Series Team Model. NBL's Top 10 Pros.
billy griggs bmx action 03 88 march 1988 (1) (scanned by Simon John 0804 - download)
Billy Griggs on the cover. Photo by Windy.
NBL bans double and triple jumps.
The Auburn CR-20R and 1988 Haro Group One R-S2 bike test.
The other side by Spike: sequence of Mike Dominguez doing a 540 over canyon at the 1987 AFA Masters finals.
'88 Nora Cup results (Pete Loncarevich).
The best race ever: the 1987 ABA Grands.
Eric Rupe's life and times.
rick palmer bmx action 04 88 april 1988 (scanned by Simon John 0605 - download)
On the cover is Rick Palmer. Photo by Spike Jones.
Factory rosters for 1988 racing season: current factory riders, new recruits, and brand new teams. GT, SE Racing, Haro, Titan, Eagle Snacks, Skyway, Cycle Craft, World Class Racing, MCS, White Bear, Boss, Hutch, Redline, Free Agent, Robinson, SM, ELF, Auburn, Mongoose, Crit Plate, Diamond Back, McDonald's, Zeronine.
48 hours on the Skyway 300 TA. Tim Hall and Chris Moeller.
How you can start racing and win.
Redline's 800PXL test.
Vid view: Jamming with the Rad Lads, GT Demo Tape, Totally Awesome, Stompin the states, In search of Animal Chin.
NBL Hutch/Vision Christmas National, Columbus, Ohio.
RL Osborn and '88. Half lash sequence.
blaser bmx action 05 88 may 1988 (scanned by Simon John 0702 - download)
T. Blaser contorts a tabletop on the cover. Photo by Spike Jones.
How and where you can build jumps.
Ron Wilkerson superman on dirt sequence.
Extra large equipment guide.
Diamond Back Reactor bike test.
ABA Ozark Nationals, Arkansas.
84 pages.
travis chipres bmx action 06 88 june 1988
Travis Chipres on the cover.
Mongoose Californian test, Gary Ellis, Travis McGhee, Kiniyalocts interviews, ABA Chandler Nationals, F-1 Racing
pete loncarevich bmx action 07 88 july 1988
On the cover Pete Loncarevich on Haro.
5 hot jumping how to's, 11 frame shootout, 2 cool races (NBL Memphis Classic and ABA Northwest Nationals), 10 foot wall rides, 12 arizona hot shoes.
bmx action 07 88 august 1988
Mike Savage or Billy Griggs ? on the cover.
Dave Clymer interview.
Test: Robinson Pro Team model.
Terry Tenette interview.
rick palmer bmx action 09 88 september 1988
Skyway Rick Palmer with other AA Pros on the cover.
Local Thrashing Herb's Backyard in GA, GT Hybrid, NBL New Jersey, Rick Palmer's interview, Sunnyside Connecticut local thrashing, and ABA Roseville Nationals, First year Skyway 300 TA test.
rl osborn bmx action 10 88 october 1988 (shared by Simon John 1004 - download)
On the cover is R.L. Osborn (his 15th cover). Photo by his sister, Windy.
NBL Norco CA race.
Terrible Ten 1988.
Billy Griggs Redline.
7 and under racers.
The clinic: Gary Ellis on starts.
darwin griffin bmx action 11 88 november 1988
On the cover is Darwin Griffin on Boss doing a no-hander.
ABA Lonestar National and Tour of Texas. NBL Hoosier's National. Buyer's Guide. Justin Green and Eddy King's bike probes.
gary ellis bmx action 12 88 december 1988 (scanned by Simon John 0902 - download)
Front cover shows Gary Ellis as 1988 World Champion, inside front is Todd Lyons x-up can-canning in an Eagle Snacks uniform.
Feature articles are: John Tomac Interview, IBMXF World Championships, Santiago, Chile. ABA Mile High National and Coal Canyon. It has 68 pages.