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brian lewis bmx action 12 1976 issue 1 - december 1976 january 1977 (shared by Simon - download)
Bob Osborn: Before your very eyeballs are going to appear big tests and whamo shootouts, exciting coverage of the big races, zoomy how to-do-it articles, inside racing tips from the experts, profiles of the superstars, and a vast array of incisive, penetrating, and mind-boggling things that cover every phase of BMX equipment, racing, and people.
The cover featured Brian Lewis at Corona. Photo by Windy.
Tests on the R&R CR-1.
Event coverage from the California Cup at Corona Raceway and the California State Championships.
Stars interview with Tinker Juarez.
Where to boogie in Arizona and how to plan a new track.
Race Tech on how to keep your wheels in tip top shape.
48 pages.

Bob Osborn, BMX Action april 1983: The cover shot was Brian Lewis racing at the legendary Corona track. Back then BMXA cost a dollar, was 48 pages long, and had only six pages of color including the cover and advertisements. There were 10,000 copies of this issue printed and you just can't hardly find any of 'em anymore. The last one / heard of sold for $700. Boy howdy! Incidentally, we will print almost 150,000 copies of the issue you're reading right now. Amazing. Who would ever have believed it?
stanley robinson bmx action 02 77 issue 2 - february march 1977 (shared by Simon - download)
Stanley Robinson from Kings Bike Shop on cover. Photo by Bob Osborn.
Tests on the White Lightning.
Event coverage from the BMX Products,NBA Coliseum race, NBA Las Vegas Nationals, and the Magnavox Race Odyssey.
Stars interview with the Top Sidehackers Red Baron and Steve Ruiz.
Trax Be Bopping in Florida and locating land to build a new track.
Race Tech on caring for your bearings.
48 pages.
What happened to april/may ?
BMX Action june 1977: Ah, so you noticed the cover date ? And you thought (panic and terror) maybe you missed an issue ? Not so, wonderful reader. What we have done, right before your very eyeballs, is switched cover dates so that the most factory magazine in the world will retain its place on the newsstands for the proper length of time. That's right folks... newsstands ! Clear across the U.S. of A. Hot ziggety and hold your (beep), bicycle motocross is going big time !
bobby encinas bmx action 06 77 issue 3 - june 1977 (shared by Simon - download)
Bobby Encinas on cover. Photo by Windy.
Tests on the Competitor Super Cheetah.
Event coverage from the Mongoose/NBA Grand Nationals.
Stars interview with Jeff Bottema of DG.
Bmx event insurance.
Mini mx machines for all of your shorty pilots.
Race Tech on hot factory mods that you can make with Rob Lynch.
How to select the right cranks for you ?
48 pages.
neil bonds jeff bottema bmx action 06 77 issue 4 - august 1977 (shared by Simon - download)
Neil Bonds (Mongoose) and Jeff Bottema (DG) at the Speedo Grand Prix on cover. Photo by Windy.
Tests on the Suzuki GVX1 Works Competition.
Event coverage from the Speedo Grand Prix.
Stars interview with Brent Patterson.
Gearing for BMX.
Product analysis: the Superbyke Tuf Neck.
Trax: Sanctioning organizations.
Mental Preparation.
Race: Tech words to impress your buddies with.
Early Skyway advertisement for the Patent Pending version of the Tuff I.
48 pages. $1.00.
rl osborn bmx action 10 77 issue 5 - october 1977 (download)
R.L. Osborn water splashin' with the Torker on the cover.
Tests on the Torker MX.
Event coverage from the San Diego Open, Arizona Winternationals, Weinert Supernationals and OCIR Drags.
Trax: Operating a bmx track.
Race: Tech braking your bike.
Product analysis: Skyway Tuff Wheels.
Hot tip of the month: Gate start method.
48 pages.
brent patterson bmx action 12 77 issue 6 - december 1977 (shared by Simon - download)
Featuring Brent Patterson (Speedo) at the Skyway/NBA Springnationals on the cover. Photo by Windy.
Race coverage of the RC Cola Race of Champions and the Skyway Springnationals.
Tests on the 1st Red Line Pro Line and Schwinn Excerciser.
Stars interview with Cash Mathews and Mat Raymer.
Race: Tech safety inspections made easy.
Christmas guide to some of the coolest stuff.
48 pages.